Winter Retreat 12/29-1/2 w/ Sharada Devi

Hari Om my friends!

The 3 most important things in life for true happiness:
Serve, sing and rejoice in the divine!

You need to feel it, to be inspired. That’s all it takes to live in grace.

At this winter retreat we will go deep within to access:

Inner joy. Spiritual rejuvenation. Community love.

We will practice what brings lasting freedom:

Bhakti Yoga. Nada Yoga. Kundalini yoga.

Meditation. Mantra. Pranayama. Kirtan.

We will kindle the sacred spark with:
Creative sharing. Authentic communion. Fire puja. Kali puja and more.

This is the year for bright new beginnings!

It all comes together when we do! Hari Krishna!

A spiritual gathering has the potential to set things in motion for you like nothing else can. And the truth is, what you receive cannot be written or said in words.

So come! You will be so happy you did!

Together let’s honor our lives and those of our ancestors. Let’s intentionally close the chapter of last year and start the new year with a love fest of pure Mother Light magic!

$216. $108 to reserve spot. Does not include food or accommodations. *Affordable accommodations nearby.

Make the move! Make new spiritual friends! Make magical love within!

Yoga is you! is Have fun! Be Free to live like you were born to live….like a Phoenix rising!

Practice the Presence!

God is the way to begin and end!
Hari Om!

*retreat is 1/2 full already.

*reserve your space today.

*location is in Phoenix,Oregon which is just a few short miles from Ashland, Oregon.

Pilgrimage To Mother India; The Sacred Journey of a Lifetime.

It is believed that by going on a spiritual pilgrimage one gets freed from all the binding karma of the past and can attain moksha or salvation. It is the ultimate declaration to God that you mean it and you’ll do what it takes to make it happen. Yes, it takes an effort, financially, physically and emotionally. It also takes an understanding of the power of devotion and a deep trust in the guiding light of the magical Holy Mother. Miracles can happen, obstacles can give way, your path can become more clear than ever. This is worth everything. I really hope you’ll join us! 

Our pilgrimage will look something like this.

Meet at accommodations in Delhi.

Stay in Delhi overnight then head to world famous Rishikesh (also Devprayag) for a dip in the Ganges. Rishikesh is a wonderful place to adjust to india!

Then we will visit Bodhgaya, the birth place of Buddha and see the bodhi tree under which he sat to attain enlightenment.

Next stop, Kolcata, (City of Kali) – to visit the sacred sites and most powerful Kali temples in the world.

Then we will visit Varanasi (City of Lord Shiva-  and the most powerful place in the world to visit if you wish to attain liberation.)

Next (and final) stop will be to spend time dancing, celebrating and singing with Lord Krishna in Vrindivan. 

From there we return to Delhi to head back to USA.

We will visit holy sites that will forever change your soul. We will pray, chant and meditate on the Ganges. We will receive the darshan of Kali Ma. We will spend time at the Manikarnika Ghat (cremation grounds) in Varanasi, the city of Shiva – and the oldest city in the world. 

It is believed that when one makes the pilgrimage to Varanasi in this lifetime and sincerely worships Shiva there, then liberation in this lifetime is possible.


Date- This will be a 3 week trip. Exact departure soon to be announced.

The cut off date to reserve your spot to join us is 11/1. We will be limiting group so sign up soon!

(the below does not include the round trip plane ticket to India- It also does not include food and small daily expenses) you must attain a visa and have a passport to enter India. No Covid proof of vaccine is required.) 

$1500 includes, accommodations, train fare in India – and all the details of the spiritual pilgrimage taken care of. 

Om Mani Padme Hum. 

Om Kreem Kalikaye Namaha.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Jai Shree Krishna!


Sharada Devi 

p.S. the destinations on this journey may be slightly adjusted as we plan this.

Light Worker Retreat w/ Sharada Devi 8/4-8/8

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali

Bhadra Kali Kapalinini

Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri

Svadha Svaha Namostute 

There is only her. We are made from her seed and blood. There is only through. There is only light. 

I send you this invitation because when we invoke her, we become one with her.

She is the mother of us all who, when in her grace we are protected, lifted, vindicated and transformed. This retreat is about Her. How she is the root power of our being called Kundalini. How she is the source of love, peace and fulfillment. There will never be another way but by her grace. She is all form, all sound, all color. She is the Tao, the lifter of the veils. She is the beauty in all that you create. 

She is the mirror. I said to her, “Everything is for you.” And immediately she replied, “Everything is for you.” 

And I understood everything all at once and I was grateful for all my pain and suffering and how I was only imagining it was coming from the outside. This is her grace, her merciful way of teaching us to be more than just this little, often troubled human.

If we can love her deeply and understand this. Everything becomes divine. Through Krishna, Kali said,

“And when you see me in all, and see all in me. Then I never leave you and you never leave me. And when you, in this oneness of love, love me in all that you see. Where ever you may live, in truth you live in me.”

I send you this invitation because this is how I serve her. I serve you. This is how I love her. I love you. This is my devotion. You are Kali and we are one.

You honor my life with your presence.  It’s a humble offering. It’s real, it’s genuine. It’s just a few days of collective devotion to the Mother Light for the benefit of not only our lives but the lives of our ancestors who live through us. For the lives of all who are suffering right now. We are on earth to be the Light Workers. We are connected to each other due to karma and dharma. 

Om Kali Maha Kali Kalike Paremeshwari Sarva Ananda Kare Devi Narayani Namostute 

“I bow my head to the goddess Kali who brings everlasting happiness.”

For more details see previous post

Light Worker Retreat

Divine Mother Kali is our true mother. I know how hard life can be, I understand the challenges. That is why I have made it affordable by doing it here. I have made it personal, this is my humble home and my temple to the Mother Light. I have opened my heart to this world and I trust that the blessed children of Mother Kali will hear me and come love her together. It is a divine formula, it is a calling you will have heard in your heart. It is a light you will have felt in your tears. She hears, she listens. She loves you dearly.

Kali Ma is the fire in your eyes. She is the sound of your breath. She is the thump of your heart. She is your creative genius, your inspiration and your refuge.

You will be happy if you put her first in your life.

You will live in grace if you surrender to her divine will.

Just put your love for her at the heart of your life and let all your troubles go.

You are chosen for more in this world. You are chosen by her love that works through you.

I am offering this retreat because nothing is as powerful as joining forces with others to create the collective atmosphere where healing breakthroughs and dramatic rises in consciousness can occur. This is for Light Workers who hear the calling.

Here at Mother Light Yoga in Phoenix, Oregon (a few miles from Ashland and not far from both Crater Lake and Mount Shasta should you make this a pilgrimage) we have a humble, yet intensely powerful Kali Temple. Supported by the presence of Hanuman/Neem Karoli Baba and Avalokateshvara/The Karmapa – We worship her as the sacred yantra – for the kundalini shakti to rise – so we can experience who we really are.

*8/4-8/8 $216 (food/lodging not included.)

*$108 to reserve space
*only a few spots left – send PayPal or questions to

Nearby you have the affordable option of camping at Jackson wellsprings which also offers mineral hot springs and pool.

or staying at Ashland Commons which is a really cool hostel with a nice kitchen.

The town of Ashland has so much to do and also so many great, healthy places to eat.

So I invite you to join us in a few weeks to enter this divine sanctuary in trust and devotion. To let everything that holds you back go. Because you are made from the Mother Light Love and nobody is more important than you! ❤️ Om Kali Mahakali!

Nourish The Goddess Within

The spiritual nourishment of the body, mind and heart is all we need to be happy, content and fearless. When the soul is fed, the light of the kundalini goddess rises and expands. It is in this way authentic breakthroughs in consciousness can occur and healing on all levels becomes inevitable.

Food is everything, food is love. Neem Karoli Baba said to “feed people.”

This takes the right food. This takes a group effort. This takes spiritual support.

Every body has divine spiritual capacity. What fulfills this capacity is the kundalini goddess that sleeps coiled at the base of the spine. When the time and circumstances are ripe, the energy awakens. By the grace of the Guru, that time could be now.

Whether your kundalini is already awakened or you aren’t sure. We are offering a retreat from 8/4-8/8 in Phoenix, Oregon (a few miles from Ashland- more details below) where you will learn the practices that ignite, nourish and invoke the kundalini goddess. These practices are accessible to all at whatever level you are at and include meditation, visualization, pranayama, grounding and elevating postures, mantra initiation, sound (naad) invocation, chanting and more.

Authentic spiritual community is a rare and precious thing. The screen can never replace the human touch, the transfer of light from eyes to eyes, from aura to aura. Nothing is more powerful or more needed today than the healing power of humans creating and growing together in the name of God.

Each person is rare and unique and will be treated accordingly. If you are not sure if your kundalini is awakened, that can be accessed should you decide to join us in this sacred and joyous community effort!

August 4- August 8

Phoenix, Oregon @ Mother Light Yoga.

Phoenix is just a few short miles to Ashland and only about an hour away from two major spiritual vortex’s in the USA – (Crater Lake and Mount Shasta)

In Ashland you can camp at Jackson Wellsprings which also is a hot springs and it is very affordable.

Ashland Commons is another place you can stay during the retreat. It’s a really cool hostel close to downtown and with a big kitchen you can use. .

The town of Ashland has tons of organic cafes and there is a great food co-op with a huge prepared food bar as well.

Ashland also has a really fun downtown which is right next to Lithia Park where you can zen walk in nature near the creek for miles!

If you have any questions or want to sign up : email

$216 retreat tuition. (does not include food or accommodations but some exceptions may apply)

$108 deposit to reserve your spot.

?a list of places to stay, camp, eat and so will be provided for those who sign up.

I hope to see you soon!

Om Mani Padme Hum ?


light, love. music and silence.

strength of focus

life can be really hard. we go through things that aren’t so easy to get over or we ourselves have a chronic condition- physical health, mental health or otherwise.  Realizing you’re going to need to make an inner declaration- when it’s either me or this thing I struggle with- who will it be?

Did I come this far to lose my autonomy, give up on myself now?

Is surrender really throwing in the towel or is this a challenge to my ability to maneuver and realign myself so that I can not be taken down but transformed into a bigger, brighter more powerful version of me?

No direction. Feels like stuck in a pattern or a hang up.

Yoga without asana is a thing, it’s the real thing. The asanas are a tool for grounding and connecting and practicing non reactivity but the so called yoga doesn’t end there bc truly, that’s not it. 

Everything I talk about is the subtle practice the challenges the reality of what becoming a complete person, not a western person practicing hinduism but a real person practicing the authenticity of themselves- and it’s not easy as there’s no ground in this place – and everyone wants what’s obvious and marketable but we are westerners and learning sanskrit words etc does not make you adept at yoga – nothing external does – not flexibility/ not any of it. 

motherlight yoga is the way I have made sense of it all based on my experience, knowledge and practical wisdom. we do need a baseline and that’s for each person to discover. within that process of that very personal self discovery there are basic ancient truths to work with. the truth of sound moving light (nada yoga) the truth of a secret fire at the base of our spines being the light of creation. (kundalini yoga) and the truth that we ourselves are the deity we are worshipping (bhakti yoga)

so there is light, love, music and silence that form creation. we are expressions of that creativity and motherlight yoga intends to refine that truth from the inside out.

because there is something in the darkness that is feeding us the light.

we need to meet it and make it ours.
Sharada Devi

Tapas – it doesn’t matter if you’re cold already

It doesn’t matter if you’re cold already 

What matters is that you understand the urgency of the situation.

Every day we wake up, born again but alas, still blurry…still doing what we are programmed and commanded to do- by our families, jobs, conditionings, karma…endless ways we stay in the comfortable prison box.

But I say get up. In the dark early morning – and face the shock that ultimately is inescapable anyway- face it. Die by your own hand. And do it daily.

Face the ice water bath. Get fear out of the way. Command yourself. Reprogram your nervous system.

Personally, I sit submerged under the ice water and do tummo meditation- it’s how the (real) yogis – dissolve the ice around them in the Himalayas – by becoming the flame. I do it because I’m obsessed with death and I’ve been traumatized repeatedly in my life – nothing works like the nonverbal messages we send out subconscious mind- nothing works like getting down to the bare bones of the problem.

We all face the same problem. We forget our power to burn through the lie. The truth lives within us as a flame.

This flame burns in your cauldron. You have to give it a reason to burn more brightly.

It’s you. No one else can do it.

I’ll offer you simple things. Like courage and reminders – of who you really are. 

An an inextinguishable flame in a world of (false) warm and comfortable darkness. 

But it’s going to take some (real) tapas to shine like that. Sharada Devi

Pac-Man sucks

Do you understand how important it is to learn how to die? 

After you accomplish that, you enter the in-between where everything churns and if all goes well, you’re born again. 

In the big picture that’s the birth and death of the body.

In the immediate picture you need to learn how to do it in life.

This ranges from second to second – to year to year- to chapter after chapter.

Your life should become an interesting, poetic and beautiful book that would inspire anyone who read it to also transform themselves.

Use the past to make now work. Let go of the past that drains you and keeps you entrenched in its habits.

It’s an art to die. It’s the exact same as creating – but in reverse.

So everyone must be an artist in their life, sifting through the past for valuable remnants – and burning the useless for more fuel – for the fire of life-

death must come first in all its fiery anguish. Fear is the battle. The fear has deep and deceptive roots.

This is a game, just like Pac-Man. Don’t stay at the beginning only eating the apple and getting caught.

No, get to the banana and fuck all those little wicked monster ghosts who used to catch us in corners and suffocate us – for their demon food. 

No, empty that screen of its dots, it’s demons and it’s it’s fruits. 

Win this. Because Pac-Man sucks. 

Sharada Devi 

May my love be yours ❤️

This is a video of me and Bhagavan Das talking about the twilight…it’s on YouTube also. Putting all the videos we made out to the public again. It wasn’t all for nothing. It never is. Time will tell us where we are and only in facing that reality will time set us free from this illusion. The illusion and the clinging hurt us. To lose one’s identity is a huge calling but the time will come when the final crutch must be kicked away. Nothing is in our hands but faith. Faith in yourself and the one you lost who is also yourself. Love has a way of erasing and filling all at the same time. I hope I can fill my own empty shoes one day. Until then, may my ❤️ be yours.

☀️Sharada Devi

…really in my F’ing way.

I ask myself  

Do I really want to get this ball rolling?

Then I sit and stare at the wall. 

I’ve been known to stare at the wall for days. No joke. I won’t even change my clothes. There’s no mirror to show me who I am. There is nothing. There’s just me, the ball and these walls.

It’s just so much to ask. 

Maybe I should look in the mirror.

That fucking ball. Makes me tired just knowing it’s there.

How did I become this person. I suppose there’s no self, whatever they say – why not? I’m willing to give believing it a shot. It hasn’t worked yet.  I really believe that I’m nobody, which keeps the ball asking…”move me, won’t you move me?”

God, daily, it’s all just too much. Nothing doing something – SOMEHOW. ALL THE TIME.

I have two really stupid dogs I’m supposed to love. I can take cute pictures of them – I can edit. But it’s just me showing you what I want you to see. 

The truth is, they fight over the same worn out pink bunny all day, every day. They bark like idiots. And they beg for food that they know they’re not going to get. They both have their balls that they covet but are too dumb to play a game of fetch with. It’s painful. They clutch these little rubber balls in their mouths and sit there fixated- staring at each other’s ball for hours. They won’t exercise. One time I drug them around by their leashes with my electric bike. Omg. That was bad.

Then there’s Jingle Bells who sits in the tower watching it all – It’s rare that my cat gives a fuck – but when she does, those shadows better watch out. 

And this is it for me. And I shut them out. And when I’m supposed to be meditating, I start writing with no purpose in sight.

Does God really have a “plan” for me?

It’s hard to believe, but like I said, I’m willing to give it a shot.

But my mind. And the ball. And the walls that I watch like they’ll move if I’m still – are REALLY in my F’ing way.


Sharada Devi