Sharada Devi is an artist in every sense of the word. Her purpose is to make everything sacred through the transformation of perception and approach. She is a lover of all that is underneath, around and above, namely God.

Sharada Devi is an unusual spiritual teacher who has spent decades refining the message that she lives. Through her own creativity, she delivers a uniquely powerful combination of grace, authority and authenticity about how to access and express the deeper parts of ourselves. In this way, the true message of yoga can be embodied as we travel the path of the spiritual warrior.

Sharada Devi is a musician, a yoga teacher and an astrologer who has been guided and given spiritual transmissions by some of the great yogic masters of our time. She is also a poet who not only has tirelessly traveled the world singing the praises of God, but she has lived the essence of this music through her words and actions.

Sharada Devi will show you that she is always living what yoga really is (which is) the embracing of shadow and light until only the truth remains, (which is) love.

This love that we all already are, is perfection.

That is her message.