Sharada Devi

– — –

Sharada Devi had her first spiritual awakening when she was twenty two. It was then that she knew she was not of this world but had come from the stars. Forever her life was changed and she began a very intense search for truth. She studied endless topics all around how to master the kundalini energy. This search initially led her down all sorts of spiritual paths because Sharada Devi is a chameleon of transformation and she will do almost anything to get a result. Finally, she settled on a path she could trust – herself. She decided to use all her pain and suffering to create beauty from within because Sharada Devi is an alchemical artist in every sense of the word. Her life is about shedding skin and growing wings. Everything she touches gets lit on fire. That is why she is a flame that cannot be put out. 

Because of this she is an unusual spiritual teacher whose very existence is a rebellion against the confinement of many familiar crutches. She sometimes disappears but she never goes away because Sharada Devi lives a very different life than most people. She lives behind the scenes receiving and translating messages and impressions she receives from the astral realm – which she then weaves into her creativity or uses to transform herself and others. Just like the ouroboros snake always eating it’s tail, Sharada Devi is always changing herself and destroying the old. She has been born many times in this one life.

Through her relentless creativity, she delivers an uncanny, otherworldly blend of grace, authority and authenticity about how to be the yoga, not do the yoga. She is not a fake and she will deliver.

Sharada Devi was married to Bhagavan Das for twelve years. During those twelve years she traveled around the world with him singing to God and teaching tantra. Being with Bhagavan Das was both the best and worst thing that ever happened to her. The best because she learned about her own power and the worst because she saw the truth about everyone she had idealized.  This experience however goes with the territory of Sharada Devi’s formidable yogic life. From near death experiences and beyond she has the special ability to get herself into very dark and treacherous spots and that is because it is only then that she can discover how bright she can truly shine. That is her lesson and what she is all about. She lives a fierce form of yoga.

Sharada Devi has been blessed by many gurus. She has also been guided and given spiritual transmissions by some of the great yogic masters of our time. She is a true mystic and a poet who uses the shadow to fortify the spirit. She recycles psychic trash and creates soulful and mysterious works of art.

In the Karma Kagyu lineage, Sharada Devi was given the name Drime Khandro which means “stainless skydancer.”  Anandi Ma gave her the name Sharada Devi which means “the light of the full autumn moon.” It is also the tantric version of the name Saraswati. 

Sharada Devi has had many names as she has been traveling through space and time. However, she believes that the journey never ends on earth, but spirals upwards toward the stars. Only then can we know, only then can we see who’s really on top.