Mother Light Bhakti Yoga Temple

Mother Light Bhakti Yoga Temple is located in Phoenix, Oregon. Here, we have created a love filled temple for the practice of devotional yoga through divine song, dance, silence, poetry and art.

*The human body is a yantra because it is the temple of God.

*Chanting the mantra opens the sacred door of the heart.

*Tantra is the path of pure, true love.

The Motherlight is the grace we attune to through devotional resonance so that we can embody that radiant love and create from the space where the two have become one ❤️


Kirtan/satsang – 4-5pm every Sunday.

Kundalini yoga and meditation – 5:30 pm every Thursday (indoor class size extremely limited)

* MUST rsvp through contact page to attend.

*$10 per kirtan or yoga class
monthly unlimited membership $40