Pac-Man sucks

Do you understand how important it is to learn how to die? 

After you accomplish that, you enter the in-between where everything churns and if all goes well, you’re born again. 

In the big picture that’s the birth and death of the body.

In the immediate picture you need to learn how to do it in life.

This ranges from second to second – to year to year- to chapter after chapter.

Your life should become an interesting, poetic and beautiful book that would inspire anyone who read it to also transform themselves.

Use the past to make now work. Let go of the past that drains you and keeps you entrenched in its habits.

It’s an art to die. It’s the exact same as creating – but in reverse.

So everyone must be an artist in their life, sifting through the past for valuable remnants – and burning the useless for more fuel – for the fire of life-

death must come first in all its fiery anguish. Fear is the battle. The fear has deep and deceptive roots.

This is a game, just like Pac-Man. Don’t stay at the beginning only eating the apple and getting caught.

No, get to the banana and fuck all those little wicked monster ghosts who used to catch us in corners and suffocate us – for their demon food. 

No, empty that screen of its dots, it’s demons and it’s it’s fruits. 

Win this. Because Pac-Man sucks. 

Sharada Devi 

5 thoughts on “Pac-Man sucks”

  1. What’s more important, chomping on the fruit and ghosts running scared, or eating the dots and completing the level? Are the Fruit bonus points just awards, trophies, yearly bonuses and promotions we seek. I’d rather just cruise around at will and skip out on those (although sparkling!) forced incentives. UGH, Pac-Man is a game of survival, sitting idle and enjoying the breeze really isn’t an option. And each level gets faster and faster, kind of like we are heading these days.

    Anyways, I liked Ms. Pac-Man better…at least the mazes changed throughout the game!

  2. Die BEFORE
    NOT after
    Just die

    All that

    Worrying about
    Too much happiness

    Worrying about
    Too much tenderness

    Worrying about
    All of us people

    Worrying ourselves to death

    Die before

    I devise another word
    About dying

    Devise no word.
    What about
    Da “wise”?
    No word??


    [Be HERE
    After you
    Die BEFORE]

    Boom. Your mind just exploded. Didn’t it.
    ADMIT it. ?

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