light, love. music and silence.

strength of focus

life can be really hard. we go through things that aren’t so easy to get over or we ourselves have a chronic condition- physical health, mental health or otherwise.  Realizing you’re going to need to make an inner declaration- when it’s either me or this thing I struggle with- who will it be?

Did I come this far to lose my autonomy, give up on myself now?

Is surrender really throwing in the towel or is this a challenge to my ability to maneuver and realign myself so that I can not be taken down but transformed into a bigger, brighter more powerful version of me?

No direction. Feels like stuck in a pattern or a hang up.

Yoga without asana is a thing, it’s the real thing. The asanas are a tool for grounding and connecting and practicing non reactivity but the so called yoga doesn’t end there bc truly, that’s not it. 

Everything I talk about is the subtle practice the challenges the reality of what becoming a complete person, not a western person practicing hinduism but a real person practicing the authenticity of themselves- and it’s not easy as there’s no ground in this place – and everyone wants what’s obvious and marketable but we are westerners and learning sanskrit words etc does not make you adept at yoga – nothing external does – not flexibility/ not any of it. 

motherlight yoga is the way I have made sense of it all based on my experience, knowledge and practical wisdom. we do need a baseline and that’s for each person to discover. within that process of that very personal self discovery there are basic ancient truths to work with. the truth of sound moving light (nada yoga) the truth of a secret fire at the base of our spines being the light of creation. (kundalini yoga) and the truth that we ourselves are the deity we are worshipping (bhakti yoga)

so there is light, love, music and silence that form creation. we are expressions of that creativity and motherlight yoga intends to refine that truth from the inside out.

because there is something in the darkness that is feeding us the light.

we need to meet it and make it ours.
Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “light, love. music and silence.”

  1. I like the way you draw the lines
    and make the colors sing
    in patterns that express
    my soul
    that my own words don’t bring
    I quoted you,
    twice today
    without using a single word
    spontaneous art,
    copied and pasted
    spoke louder
    than words heard
    I keep putting myself back into the fire repeatedly so that I can learn to be more like the Phoenix
    & rise from my ashes over and over again
    More lightly
    Each time

    likes to pitch its fit at lasso~ing
    around the ankles
    but I’d rather learn
    the art of hovering

    I used to try to follow all the Little foreign rules
    of expected perfection
    But it began to I feel like they were only created by men with power who wanted to control those who doubted their own forgotten limitless~ness

  2. i love that last line, “there is something in the darkness that is feeding us the light”, feel it, as pain in my heart. squeezing a tear behind my eyes. the squeeze. must be what the hidden figure, compels. the invisible draw. (me to you). when the hidden figure isn’t missed, the pain is basically nothing- just a reminder. of what it’s all for- a chance for, love, despite all the signs of loss… seems to come back, when we do. I guess I need strength, or something. I guess I’ve been taken care of, to make it here. something poetic, etched into the stone, of my heart, echoes, silently, til we are both heard, as a beat, on and on.. “hope you’re well and sleepin every evenin,” so you can dream the light, that keeps going, til it finds you again. i’m comin down the road, and will meet you in some small place.

  3. write a lot of poetry
    in between the lines
    in doorways
    where things get forgotten
    as changes shift
    it’s where I seem to find myself
    when daily
    seem blind
    reminding myself that life doesn’t always

    So Be Kind

    Be creative
    in your mind

    And let loose
    & Be ,

    The Wind
    Like Hanuman

    Take a shift

    & embrace it
    & then find
    once again,
    Set Adrift…


  4. dribble dribble
    daily scribble
    what a difference a little one’s
    2 years make ,
    a basket wise r
    hoop shots
    weaved by short stuff
    first words
    best enough
    right ?
    can’t change the day, ese
    hands ? up
    that’s what tantra is
    isn’t it ?
    weaving the basket, with out loosing it

  5. “Be yourself, no matter what they say.” – Sting

    “Ya know — Sting is right about that.” – Patrick

  6. There’s something here causing resistance,
    Always around + gone in an instant,
    I keep climbing up an endless tower,
    She said she’d be back in about an hour,
    They want me to be myself but won’t let me say the words that could send me to hell

    This old boat is barely sailing,
    Water’s coming through the boards and the mast is flailing.
    The sharks are swimming by, the sun is going down and it’s almost night

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