how every Phoenix is born

I wrote this story about an ancient bird….

There is a mystical bird called a Phoenix.

This bird rises from pain into light.

Anyone can feel pain, but not everyone can be freed by that pain. As if suffering were the source of this bird’s salvation, this bird burns and burns and burns its earthy feathers away. For this bird, the sky isn’t high enough. The Phoenix must go through the sun to the other side where other Phoenix’s live. 

For this to happen, this bird needs wings made of flames and a body made of ice. 

For this to happen this bird must know that death is not the end but the answer to it’s  prayers.

This bird has been alone for a very long time. Not knowing, not remembering – just thinking maybe it was a hawk like the hawks who raised it. Because of that the Phoenix, before it’s memory is kindled, is one of the darkest birds known to man.  

You may ask how this bird finally remembers and enters the fire of salvation. 

When all of its attempts at being a black hawk are exhausted. When failure and rejection become its friends. When it has nothing left but a little spark in its heart to depend upon for light. That is when it goes to where the fire began. And the more pain it feels, the longer it stays. Burning burning burning the lie that was forged from the start of this baby bird cracking out of an egg (that wasn’t even real) Into a world of gray skies and predators.

What the Phoenix was taught by them wasn’t true. This lonely little bird had nothing in this world to remind it of who it was meant to become. To find it’s way back to its home it would need to rise up from ashes created by its very own body and go into the heart of the sun.

Who can do that all alone? Who can kill everything they know with only a vague memory of faith? 

The greatest bird ever born from the pit of death and suffering. That is who.

Because this mystical bird had no way to make light in the world of darkness but to offer its body to the hawks and give its heart to God. 

For in the end, there was no difference. 

And all the other Phoenix’s watched from a land beyond the sun- waiting for their ancient friend to fly through the portal and be free. 

Which it eventually did, because that’s how every Phoenix is born- covered in a rainbow of flames. 

The End 

Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “how every Phoenix is born”

  1. UGH…I don’t seem to have the strength to “rise up.” I am tired, lonely, bored and feeling like the insecure teenager I used to be. How odd, I think. Why now? Perhaps because I have lost so much recently and am disgusted by most people. I know I must be unhappy because I find fault (unspoken) with everyone. I am sick of the divide and arrogance of people. Perhaps I am the arrogant one. I just don’t know. I have been crying a lot lately, alone. I don’t tell anyone about my unhappiness, because I don’t want advice. What’s wrong with feeling unhappy anyway? I am sick of everyone talking about how important it is to be happy. How can I be happy when there are so many dying sick people and animals around the planet. Continuous war and inhumane actions. The planet is heating up and nothing changes. Life on this planet is turning into a hell. I want to rise up, but perhaps I am not ready. I have flown high in the past but I am just in a very dark place right now. I have the beach, the animals, the forest and my cozy artful nest. That is enough for now. Perhaps my light will shine brighter someday.

    1. there are ups and there are downs.
      it’s the transiting of our planets that determine these shifts in life. self mastery is about knowing how to burn rather than rot…

      and transmutation is an art.

      1. knowing “HOW” to burn….

        changing into another form

        letting go of what was handed to me….

        sleeping on pine needles, leaves and earth – being cold without extra blankets
        NOT in
        my comfortable silky soft bed with fluffy pillows
        or hot black coffee upon waking…
        cold river water wakes me up
        not the ordinary way
        will they catch me here and throw me out or arrest me?
        I will be gentle and quiet
        so I can have some more uncomfortable nights

        1. “the uncomfortable night” is the the human life. It’s all action and no words at this point. Even if action is inaction it’s still got a point – Light. Fire. We are not awake until we die. That is how we burn. When we truly want to be alive, rather than just keep thinking and talking like a robot imagining ourselves to not be (running a program in the dark) – I believe we will find out.

          God Love is ?
          Devotion is not knowing but going anyway.
          Trust because what else do you have?

          There is no avoiding anything. Things catch up. That’s why Hanuman is important. That’s why we have created a Hanuman Temple in Phoenix. Oregon-

          We all need to be braver, stronger and more determined than ever- to truly know the light that we are. We need to be simple and clear and let go of everything that does not serve the highest aspiration. This town, burnt to the ground a year ago. And we bought a beautiful 120 year old building that was spared and we have turned it into a Bhakti yoga temple . I would like to rise from the ashes, I would like to remember only LOVE.

          We are now on a hinge. Life has no other meaning but what we give it. Nothing else matters but how we let go and how we give.

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