More of a nobody every day

I am nobody, just like God.

These thoughts of me I wear like clothes. They are not me.

I could be free from myself, there is no other bondage.

There is no name for God, or me. None of it is real. That’s why everyone’s looking and nobody sees – “God” or “me.”

There is a place here and yet it is secret. Where there is only space, light, love and peace.

Everyone, including who I used to be – is stuck in a parallel dimension searching for the light and yet there is only one way to enter the secret place – which is unique for each being but always the same is required – you can’t do it by being told or making a proclamation – you must be ready – to finally exist and disappear simultaneously.

To end the fantasy of you- who is a prison separating you from nothing – which is what you are. To be refined by the friction of karma and to be capable of processing in a way that changes the identification for good.

I had imagined I was cursed because it’s been so rough. But now I see the light and only because I am finally becoming nothing – and becoming more of a nobody every day.

I have no advice but what I know – it’s only the love that I can share by being less of my imaginary self and more like a hollow force of nature – just balancing daily on the edge of what I must endure to attain yoga. It’s not a joy ride. It’s not a gesture or a reaching, this love- it’s just a state of existence that’s impossible to embody as long as you are you. It’s not the same every day. It is like riding on the waves of the ocean where annihilation is a given sooner or later.

For a very few, there is no choice. Life is a message, a choice how to move. There is nothing more than that.

Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “More of a nobody every day”

  1. you, your message, I feel it breaking upon my stupid heart, and it lights up my face that makes me laugh as I reflect upon it and feel pain that I am talking about myself, and the cycle repeats. if not for you maybe I would be stuck in it, and go down, and pop up for air! air, that

  2. Hey all you spiritual, yet real people

    I don’t have any expectations one way or another as to whether this comment will be published on Sharada Devi’s blog

    Rotsa ruck (that’s “all the best” to whomever or whatever it is you are engaged with — playful or sarcastic well wishing: take your pic).
    Yes, rotsa ruck, good luck — an old fashioned racist well-wishimg — with all your spiritual stuff. With good intentions like that so undisguised there is actually no disguising anything. Americans used to say that to each other over in Japan, during ww2) with your spiritual stuff.
    I’ve learned a lot on this blog, but my time here has come to an end. I’m too dependent on this blog, believe it or not. I hope each and every one of you, including the one who runs this blog, Sharada Devi, find what you are looking for. In the end though, we find what we are looking for because who we are is revealed anyway. How one is perceived is based on the perceiver.

    Take care, be real, ok? The world needs your tough love more than ever. Being real is where it’s at. So CONTINUE to BE REAL.

    1. Hi Patrick. I am not looking for anything in particular. Mostly, just being IN the moment. That is really the most difficult of tasks. Not to think about a future or the past, but RATHER….right here….NOW….where I am in this very moment. When I can stay in the present, I feel good (mostly) (usually). I have not perfected the habit staying present with each moment. And I know how important it is. In the present, I don’t judge (myself OR others), I am just here. There is no PULL this way or that way. Even with meditation, it only goes so far.
      The other day I can honestly say I think I was completely present for at least 50 percent of the time. That might not seem like much, but to me, it was A LOT. Of course, I went to bed REALLY early that night because it was exhausting to keep catching myself when I would veer off track and start “thinking” and “planning” or “regretting some past action or word.” Part of it is about letting go of liking and disliking (aversion and desire) (AGH!!) (the culprits of suffering!!!!!). That’s it. I hope you come back to the blog without the “dependency.”

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