May my love be yours ❤️

This is a video of me and Bhagavan Das talking about the twilight…it’s on YouTube also. Putting all the videos we made out to the public again. It wasn’t all for nothing. It never is. Time will tell us where we are and only in facing that reality will time set us free from this illusion. The illusion and the clinging hurt us. To lose one’s identity is a huge calling but the time will come when the final crutch must be kicked away. Nothing is in our hands but faith. Faith in yourself and the one you lost who is also yourself. Love has a way of erasing and filling all at the same time. I hope I can fill my own empty shoes one day. Until then, may my ❤️ be yours.

☀️Sharada Devi

24 thoughts on “May my love be yours ❤️”

  1. thank you Sharada Devi. Wise & true words. It is a difficult path and not easy. I keep trying to loose my identity but I always find it again right where I left it……

    Blessings to you!

    Shiva Das

    1. You always were funny.

      Nobody else can be the glue.

      When push comes to shove.

      What will it take.

      To see, nobody left.

      I guess I’m still here.

      Who is nobody?

  2. Your love is the love that I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

      I think you’re on MY team.
      It’s a small team,
      but it’s BRIGHT☀️

      BC IT HAS TO BE.

      You know that I know that we know…
      these reminiscers better wake the F UP!


        1. OWN THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!


          Fuck people. They suck. ☀️❤️

          (if it’s not obvious by now)
          ? send

          1. OMG OMG OMG! ?????


            He’s F’ing as REAL as F.

            He’s the BEST!

            everyone else?
            Just a p****

            it’s funny and rude.
            but I mean it too.??

          2. I like that part about the silent protest. That’s exactly what it is. I think I learned this long ago, I think I might have been less of a baby than I’ve been lately when I was like 14. Not sure what happened.. doesn’t matter.

            That duct tape. Genius. being all worried about it, just perpetuating my Grandma’s fear- It’s silly.


        2. Garuda! That video you attached… about not dipping your toe in the water like a little B…was FABULOUS!
          It reminds me of Castle Lake where most just stood at water’s edge…dipping their toes in… or going half way…or dipping and then getting out. I think the water was 50 degrees or so. Only two people dove in with me and we swam all the way across the lake and back.
          Let’s dive in to this life…without fear!

          1. Yes! I feel like doing it now!! You’re either coming together or not living and it is nice to have a place like Mt. Shasta to do it. Thanks for your enthusiasm!!!!

    1. Reposting these videos is answered prayer for me. I have missed Sharadadevi and Baghavandas’ talks immensely. Through them (in Shasta), I touched the light and it forever lives in me. I don’t have many spiritual minded friends here anymore…Michelle moved back to NYC and another friend moved as well. So these videos are incredibly nutritious to my soul. Thank you Sharadadevi!

  3. Hello from NY! Thank you for your truth and courage. Perfect timing, the arrival of this Is.

    Staying put, no more running, doing the terrifying work of turning toward the pain. We think we know what purification and self emptying are and then God laughs. Thankfully She takes our hand.

    Deep respect always and would be amazing to see you someday.

    Blessings always


  4. L♥️VE these photos of Motherlight Temple.

    So happy that you succeeded in creating a “Dedicated Space“ to embody your enduring devotion.

    Faith and resolute determination.


    btw ~
    Are the ? Autumnal ?recipes able to be clicked onto and opened to read ?

    1. Thanks!
      Yes we really did. We bought this commercially zoned property- and have created a temple in the big front room- and there is a secret (and beautiful) attic w high ceilings – that we are currently converting for private retreats (up to 4 people at once so I can cook etc and it won’t be too much)

      Pablo is living in a cute little vintage trailer on the property also- and we are only a couple miles from Ashland and not too far from Mount Shasta.

      So just trying to tie up all the loose ends.

    2. what ratio of herbs to water do you use in the infusions ?
      Tablespoons to cups wise .

      I made oatstraw using 2 TBSP to 2 cups water, but it came out looking kinda light colored.

      Tastes good though

      Am going to make kitchari using your recipe from the Taos retreat.

      1. I ounce dried herb to 4 cups water-
        boil water pour over herb (use 32 oz mason/canning jar) – stir a little and pour more water/ (it goes down when it gets wet) put on lid- air tight- make sure it seals.

        Wait min 4 hours to drink – up to 12 hours.

        I sometimes use 1.5 ounces dry herb-
        Nettle is same – but stick w I oz max.

        Obviously strain before drinking-
        Room temp- hot or cold –

  5. Glad to see the videos are up again. I found them to be very helpful during some rather difficult times in my life. Both you and him cut through the bs quite effectively. Real spirituality and truth is desperately needed more than ever. Will get a reading soon. Alot of Bill’s at the moment.glad you are able to make your dream a reality 🙂

  6. Hey dear Sharadadevi….

    I have been watching all the old videos and am wallowing in them.
    Have you thought of doing a FASTING retreat? I have tried fasting on my own and I have found it SOOOOO difficult. I am a strong person, but my appetite is KILLER. Years ago when you and Baba put these videos out, I started doing the spirulina fasting…forget it. I lasted a day. Then, I thought…work up to it…just do organic salads for a few days then go into it. A friend of mine did a 30 day water fast. She said the same thing Baba said “the first three days are hell.”

    1. Baba had never fasted in his life until he met me. A few months after we were together I put him on a 40 day juice fast- he lost 40 pounds and it changed his life. He had never really thought about things like health/nutrition until he got with me- bc it’s one of the main things I’m focused on- I also put him on the spirulina fast. I have done multiple water fasts and other types of fasting as well. When your body is used to it, it’s not hell. If I stop eating – now- it’s not too much of a big deal for me. It’s a blood sugar and/or toxicity issue – bc the body is switching from burning glucose to burning fat (that usually takes 3 days to transition)
      – and it’s hard if you’re body isn’t accustomed to fasting- or you are very toxic/ bc all the toxins enter the bloodstream to be digested and then you’re also entering the process called autophagy. (where the body basically eats it’s own darkness)

      There are different types of fasting for different body types as well. (from an Ayurvedic perspective)

      AND, of course, food isn’t the only thing we can fast from.

      That being said. Yes, I want to do this- because it is my belief- that before ANYTHING happens as far as spiritual transformation – the body needs to be taken into consideration – bc it’s the vessel that you’re using to elevate your consciousness. Also, we need to live as long as possible- and fasting as well as eating properly- is the primary way (besides exercise) that we can extend our lives, maintain youthfulness- and also avoid the diseases of old age.

      This life is no joke. We’ve been wasting time. We need to get back on track in a big, bright way. That’s my plan. We really need to take this to the next level- spring is the beginning.

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