transforming silence into grace

silence is golden. saying nothing can sometimes heal. words are sacred. use them wisely. you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to listen. so be wise. spiritual things are of an unspoken nature. thoughts are powerful,

yours and others. don’t worry about what their thoughts might be, about you. be silent and reflect upon yourself. listen to the subtle voice deep within you. the spirit communicates from above and the soul communicates from below.

for your silent presence to heal, your soul and your spirit must unite. this is a process that takes time and patience. you have no business with the business of others. we are in no position to judge unless we choose to pollute the silence with ignorance. words are magical creators. in the silence of presence all transmission occurs. that is why association is more powerful than people realize. paramahansa yogananda said if you want to advance spiritually you must only associate with those who are further along the path than you are, with people you aspire to become like. otherwise, he said- it holds you back and it brings you down. but when you are in the right association you will feel uplifted and inspired. you will be purified of worldliness. this is a relief to any lover of god. this is not by the words of anyone, this is by the purity and magnetic pull of their silence. silence is in the aura. it is a cultivated golden light some would call soma. i would call it god’s love. 

so there is nothing and nobody to conquer, not in actuality. there is only the silence to realize. the practices and the lifestyle needed to cultivate silence in the body mind and heart are only understood when our priorities are aligned with our dharma. to choose quality over quantity is a good beginning. to create space transforms silence into grace. 

sharada devi 

7 thoughts on “transforming silence into grace”

  1. Hong-Sau Hong-Sau Hong-Sau

    Lead me from desires to contentment, from restlessness to peace, from ignorance to wisdom.
    Heavenly Father, make my soul Thy temple; make my heart Thine altar; and my love Thy home.

  2. All the Reflections/Happy

    I give up everything
    not just for flashes of happiness on your face,
    or to avoid sadness on mine. Both of which I work for, every difficult morning
    and half-lit night.
    I regularly give up my own, reoccurring mind, which you have flown.
    For soul, somehow embodied!

    Let me be clear-
    Gentle, I miss you like water misses itself.
    We have seen a lot, but not a stronger force. God,
    what I’m saying is, all the reflections, that lead nowhere.
    Don’t take you away.
    Not while I’m here.

    A rose, by any other name they say,
    would smell just as sweet. So too, 
    your face comes to me
    in light. Though all the reflections change, ad nauseum- I know you don’t like that word, but
    we see through. One thousand and eight times,
    or whatever it takes
    to make your bed grow
    deep in my heart

  3. The Great and Loving Silence

    Again and Again

    So thought the thought itself
    Which arrogantly thought
    It could do
    As it was interrupting

    And IT thought IT was doing this Even as IT could not stop doing this

    Which is kinda strange when you Think about it

    But it could not interrupt It

    This Great and Loving Silence

    It only THOUGHT it interrupted
    And continues to think it interrupts
    That Great And Loving Silence

    Which Ultimately has
    Infinite Patience beyond Infinite Patience

    For the devotee
    For whom less than total 24/7
    Is not enough
    Who realises
    This is it

    Less than 24/7
    Is the reality
    To be transformed

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