Sharada Devi archive

Sharada DeviI spend a lot of time on stage and so a lot of people know who I am but nobody actually knows much about me at all and I like to keep it that way. What I mean is the “resume” that everyone looks for that I won’t give under the context of being Sharada Devi. Not because I haven’t done anything that merits recognition or credibility or because I have nothing to offer but because I refuse to be validated by these things or by other people’s merit increasing my validity somehow.

This is just me writing the truth, as it is in my opinion, the very best that I can. Nothing else matters but that I stay honest and human.

I’ve done a lot and I’ve been through a lot. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve met a lot of people – it does not make me who I am. I make me who I am by what I do with my experiences. It’s much deeper than face value or name dropping or credentials.

So I won’t get specific on purpose. Presence alone is my resume. I am doing my best to be real – not to be somebody valuable enough for you to respect. I know it’s out of line with what works and the status quo. I know that it won’t get me far in most people’s books of who’s who, but I don’t care. I won’t do it to you. I know who you are when I look in your eyes or hear your voice – and that’s all I need to know. I’m tired of the yoga VIP club. I’m tired of the guru posturing and spiritual materialism. Honestly, I’m tired of my name – of this picture of me – this special, spiritual me…what a joke.

I am in revolt against it all. I offer who I am without any proof or semblance. So those wary of me can stay away (and they do) but if you too have the calling to finally be nobody at all…so much a nobody in fact that you light up the room with your smile or your tears – then you know who I am already. I’m just like you.