Healing with Food *diet consultation

There is almost nothing as powerful as food to effect consciousness, heal the body, nourish the soul and elevate the spirit. Food should be treated as sacred – and so while cooking – it is wise to be intentional with your energy, recite a mantra as if it were the flame – and of course, use only the highest quality, organic ingredients. 

Sharada Devi has vast knowledge when it comes to nutrition – ranging from ayurveda to raw veganism to fasting. Here she will post recipes that she feels are foundational. Because when it comes to the roots of transformation – besides regular exercise, nothing is more important than what you’re eating. 



These recipes are ones that I have created and are based on Ayurvedic wisdom. You can obviously change or altar anything to suit your own preferences, taste or bodily reaction. Food is intended to create balance and harmony in the body and mind. Food is meant to be a vessel of healing and is a transmission of love.

Winter Warming and Grounding Recipes

$20 donation for 4–6 recipes  (*currently unavailable- please check back)

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Winter Recipes by Sharada Devi: $20 USD

Diet Consultation – Individualized nutritional advice based on your personal constitution will be provided. *This involves an email only consultation and you sending me a recent photo.

$75 for advice  
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Diet Consultation by Sharada Devi: $75 USD