Healing with Food *consultation

There is almost nothing as powerful as food to effect consciousness, heal the body, nourish the soul and elevate the spirit. Food should be treated as sacred – and so while cooking – it is wise to be intentional with your energy, recite a mantra as if it were the flame – and of course, use only the highest quality, organic ingredients. 

Sharada Devi has vast knowledge when it comes to nutrition – ranging from ayurveda to raw veganism to fasting. Here she will post recipes that she feels are foundational. Because when it comes to the roots of transformation – besides regular exercise, nothing is more important than what you’re eating. 

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Winter Recipes by Sharada Devi: $20 USD

Diet Consultation – Individualized nutritional advice based on your personal constitution will be provided. *This involves an email only consultation and you sending me a recent photo.

$75 for advice  
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Diet Consultation by Sharada Devi: $75 USD