Schedule of Offerings and Retreats

KIRTAN 11/19 at 5pm

KIRTAN 12/31 at 5pm

rsvp required $15 donation



one on one butterfly retreat for women. come stay with sharada devi in the sanctuary of her sacred space. 

*during your stay you will receive an astrology reading and sound/crystal therapy. 

*a healing, cleansing Ayurvedic diet based on your constitution will be cooked for you daily while you’re here.

*there will be space to do art, writing, reading, meditating, music and yoga.

*you may want to take a walk by the creek, paint a picture, write a song or talk to Sharada Devi about something you need to process. It’s up to you. 

*every woman is unique and deserves special care and time to rejuvenation her soul, therefore each retreat is customized to your needs.

*there is a 4 night minimum stay a longer stay is a possibility. 4 nights is $801. For longer stays there is a price reduction depending on the situation. 

*retreats with up to 3 women at a time is also possible.

*this is not a fancy space. it is satwic and nurturing. 

Hope you come and visit! ❀️