Authentic spiritual community is a rare and precious thing. The screen can never replace the human touch, the transfer of light from eyes to eyes, from aura to aura. Nothing is more powerful or more needed today than the healing power of humans creating and growing together in the name of God.❤️

Here we offer guidance, direction and lifestyle foundation for a kundalini awakening all within a spiritually supportive and uplifting environment.

Here we practice compassionate presence in all that we do. Offerings include yoga, meditation, kirtan/chanting, satsang and more.

This support is for every level of awakening.

Phoenix, Oregon is a small town and so classes are small, informal and personal which is helpful.

We also offer week long retreats – one or more times a year. 

This is not set up like a business, it is a humble and sincere operation. 

Our aspiration is to be Light Workers in this world – which means to be of service to others – and so we do all that we can to make that happen within our means and yours. 
It’s a group effort where everyone is unique, special and appreciated! ?

Om Mani Padme Hum