Your life can be perfectly yours

To “just be” will require “right effort. To “let go of effort” will take discipline. The eightfold path can be counted upon for its wisdom. The masters never became masters by just “being” without much (right) effort leading up to that. This ease of life will be contrary to how badly we want to strive after things. The question is why are we striving? Usually the striving has a fear base. That is wrong effort and will only lead to more fear. To move beyond that into a state of effortless being will take precision. It will require and lots of practice to “let go of efforts and just be.”  It will take a complete and fearless commitment to a type of surrender we may not completely understand. But in our bones we know this road we cling to with all our wrong efforts leads to more trouble for ourselves and others. You will need a lot of discipline to re-train your mind to be in the space of “let go and just be.” That is why a spiritual teacher, satsang and a personal structured practice is so vital unless we are once again deceiving ourselves- which is a great snare in this day and age. Everyone imagining with all the new age slogans being thrown around that they’ve arrived somewhere or have attained something more than they have. By attainment I mean- a level of consciousness that is capable of discriminating where they realistically are in the process and therefore able to move most effectively in a progressive way forward rather than circling in their karmic loops which is typical.  It will take a huge heroic (right) effort to become one who truly can “let go and just be.”  Purified, sanctified and lightened of the dark tendencies to self destruct in the wrong direction. Tamasic “just being” will take you there. Satwic “just being” takes a level of purity. Purity is only sustained through precision which will require (especially early on) some rajasic energy- which is frictional and creates heat (tapas fire) this happens with discipline fueled by right effort (among other things- like a teacher, satsang and daily practice)
So when I say it’s tricky to simply say “Let go of all your efforts and just be.” It’s true.
A person whose striving and ambitious will feel much different hearing that then one who lies around kicking back all day.  This is the reason for the eightfold path. Relax and realize there is work to be done. While not pulling too hard, lest we make the knots harder to untie…
The reason why I gave the practice that I did a couple days ago on this blog is because I want to help and inspire- is because my only hope from here is that it will draw you closer to your own true nature and you will then eventually realize these truths for yourselves. I only preach what I practice. I can do no more than that. I can only speak of where I’ve been. And even in the midst of these statements, I must remain aware that I myself am limited by my own ignorance. The greatest fall will be when you imagine you have risen to a place you have not. The greatest protection is humility and an open heart/mind. The mind holds tight to its own righteousness only when it is feeling defensive- which has its roots in fear. No one can take from you what truly belongs to you. So an open mind and heart can be very helpful. I am not religious. When I refer to Buddhism it is because I view it as a science rather than a religion and I tune in to its essence not any superficial dogma that may be attached. I also refer to Taoism because of the basic premise of “You are enough, just relax.”

“The Eightfold Path consists of eight practices: right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi (‘meditative absorption or union’). These practices started with understanding that the body-mind works in a corrupted way (right view), followed by entering the Buddhist path of self-observance, self-restraint, and cultivating kindness and compassion; and culminating in samadhi, which re-inforces these practices for the development of the body-mind.”

“You might think Right Effort means practicing hard, but that’s not necessarily so. Do not forget the Middle Way, between extremes. Don’t force yourself to endure extreme aesthetic practices or push yourself to exhaustion. If your practice becomes a “chore,” that’s a problem. Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The Fourfold Right Diligence is nourished by joy and interest. If your practice does not bring you joy, you are not practicing correctly.”

The Buddha taught that practice should be like a well-tuned string instrument. If the strings are too loose, they won’t play a sound. If they are too tight, they will break. Practice should be nourishing, not draining.”

“When you think of Right Effort also think of the Five Hindrances. These are:

  1. Sensual desire
  2. Ill will
  3. Sloth, torpor, or drowsiness
  4. Restlessness and worry
  5. Uncertainty or skepticism

These are five qualities that interfere with Right Effort. The Buddha taught that mindfulness of breath, body sensations, feelings, and thoughts will overcome the hindrances.” (That is the practice I gave.)

You also need exercise. Sedentary is bad for the body flow and will keep you stuck in your head totally disconnected from the reality of your body. It’s like the temple needs the windows open every morning for some fresh air. If you don’t know this or feel this, you are disconnected. Please exercise daily for an hour and apply adequate effort so your body feels alive.

The basics of proper diet, adequate sleep and enough exercise cannot be stressed enough.

Your life can be perfectly yours is my point.

Love, Sharada Devi

13 thoughts on “Your life can be perfectly yours”

  1. Satya🙏🏻 Yes. When we are humble we may continue ❤️ Thank you for sharing the teachings that ring so true to the pure heart. I love you and pray you are healthy. Keep shining ✨🌈💖

  2. “It’s so beautiful. The energy is so nurturing and gentle. How are you?
    Thank you for these beautiful reminders. It is such an invitation to authentic living and loving.”

  3. Right effort that it is serious, is gentle. Brings tears to my eyes- I need to feel presence securely, so I can let go of reactivity, or defensive tightness. So I feel presence supporting through my body and connecting as much as I can feel- I was practicing this in bed this morning- how it touches everything I touch. It is life, not killing ourself. Hands as an empty bowl, letting water pour out, now, essential. Important, like that picture of Sweetheart.

  4. Anything that flows, is because of this, support. Any thing, needs help from presence, or it’s importance vanishes.

  5. Yes, I also am grateful for hearing truths spoken here.
    If one were capable of attaining all wisdom by just existing,
    We would be born as fully formed enlightened beings.
    But as we are not, the gift of example and being taught becomes a blessing.

    ” No one can take from you what truly belongs to you ”

    Sharada Devi, you said that to me seven years ago. It rings just as true today as it did then.
    Your message continually remains the same.
    This is one of the many reasons that I trust what you have to say. Why I am encouraged.
    Because you do not falter in your conviction to be a living testament to striving for perfection and purity.
    Your sincerity does not lessen as a result of time or circumstance, as always –
    resolute and unwavering in your pursuit of guiding others with compassion and love.

    Thank you

  6. My negative mindset feels relentless. But when I remember it’s only a negative mindset that deserves a warm, virtual hug that won’t let go, it stops, if only briefly I’m thinking now, and says “I was just checking in. I’ll be back to get another hug from you sooner or later.”

    To witness and keep touching upon the negativity with steady reassurance. To stay present. To get on with it because after awhile it doesn’t feel as much like work. That’s a possibility.

  7. Riff:

    Staying present means HANGING in there, being in your body, being in the presence and forgetfulness of all the important attentions and all the important distractions of your life. You happen to life and life happens to you. Meet life always. It’s all there is. Always.

  8. If you could know, I reach through the phone.

    Shakes me to my bones, heart aches the more.

    One more tremble, before we close the door.

    Oh no, feel me once, all the way,


  9. “You are enough, just relax.” – Sharada Devi.

    Ah. The Tao. Yes.
    But this is brilliant, this quote. Because: (I’m gonna tell y’all WHY).

    We are taught and we learn –because it’s all so cool and all so depth avoidant– to be a brand, an image; something to sell. A glamour thing. Ah. So BEAUTIFUL! That’s all well and good but it’s all appealing to a need, a selling point, an attraction. It’s all business and marketing. The mind scramble in all this is that we need to sell our wares and we need to make a living! So selling an image (that is satisfying to customers) is necessary. But: when you are WITH yourself being by yourself, or you are with yourself being with other people — you are who you are. That REAL you is ENOUGH. 💚💪🙏

  10. I have no idea how to just be with right effort. I conjecture based on just a bit of evidence that I can just be — with balance. That balance can be set to imbalance with just a micron of extra weight on one side of the scales. Either side. The scales need to be balanced. It’s ongoing 24/7.

    *Oh my god the effort!!!*

    Maybe I don’t look at it that way though; all that freaking out about effort (after I look at it that way)..I can just nip it in the bud. But guess what? Nobody is perfect. What’s perfect is that “nobody” is that way.
    Don’t change!*

    *tricky wisdom. 😉😂 Take with a GIANT grain of salt.

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