You can do this

The best thing you can do is focus on the here and now by focusing on your breath. In and out and nothing else as it enters and leaves the nostrils. For at least an hour or two a day. This isn’t controlled breathing, just the natural breath however it is. Don’t think of Krishna, don’t think of anything. The mind will slow down eventually if you watch that you do not grasp at the thought but simply let it be. You can’t make it go. Do not entertain any thought.  When you find that you have, just return to the peace of your breath. The thought is only a cloud in the sky. Clouds pass in their own time. Do not let your mind leave your body. Your body is communicating, quietly in many ways. Pay attention to the subtle feelings there without reacting. If feelings rise, let them be there without needing to feed any story. Do not try to control anything -but that you stay totally still, non reactive and are observing the breath as it enters and exits the nostrils. When a feeling arises in the body focus your consciousness there as if it were a flashlight. When the feeling dissipates, go back to the breath. Your body holds the karma. The body is the place all the astral energy manifests. This is why certain spiritual practices are so powerful at transforming how we might experience some powerful karmic purging physically. The mind wants to leave but should not. The mind should slow down and root itself in the breath and subtle feelings that the body will reveal little by little as the mind relaxes. It is basic and the most powerful thing. It within your grasp to do this. Do not even say a mantra or a prayer. Do this and only this. At the beginning and end you can say a prayer or mantra but not during the practice described.

Yes, support is helpful and group energy is potent when everyone is moving in the same direction. I am working on this right now, what I can provide within my new circumstances. I don’t care about being popular, I care about being real. It’s the only relief that endures.

The emotional ups and downs and the mental craziness can just be used as fuel for the fire of tapas. Tapas is the sitting and watching of the breath. Tapas is the frictional space between now and when the mind’s wanderings, whims and seductions subside. That is purification. The deepest psychological problems are stored in the body. This is why you must do this, it’s is the yoga of a well lived human life. Supernatural things are possible. But the catch is, there is no way around it. No loophole or bypass. That’s it.
*You need exercise also. The least you can do is walk for an hour. Silently and consciously focused on your steps and your breath. This is not to replace the practice described above. It’s in addition to. The food you’re eating matters too, but that’s another subject. Keep in mind to stay balanced.
Be a Buddha. Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “You can do this”

  1. There is definitely a lack of integration between body and mind.
    My mind is much more active than my body. In all ways.
    I had finally gotten a handle on being able to fall asleep earlier and being asleep for at least 6 hours.
    But then in the past few days, the cycle has become disturbed.
    Due to my overly sensitive nature.
    Allowing myself to be exposed to something that bothers me.
    You have talked with me about this in regard to my chart.
    And I can see how, even after an absence, it still stirs up…
    I have also noticed a tightness in my arms for a while now. Especially in the elbows and upper arms.
    Like being bound up . Feels like blockage. I call it “jammed up”.
    Maybe like you say, it’s held karma…
    Finding balance is pivotal.
    Peace and balance.
    Body and mind.
    What sounds simple, can be hard.
    I will try to do this.

  2. I can hear the birds, after reading this. I feel feelings and breath, reminds me of a lyric I heard today: “Pain of my own making
    Cut short by eternity”

    The song goes on, “Just keep tagging along
    Until the feeling is gone
    Amazed by the haystack
    Needle to oblivion

    In a daze
    In the doorway
    I stood crying for what was
    In a trance
    In a taxi
    In the dark
    At a distance
    I see everything at once
    Feel the wind
    Through the window
    And I’m overcome with love
    Inter-dimensional, no obstacles
    Mountains and dust.”

    The flower needs you

  3. I have been super aware of everything inside of my body. When I go to bed at night…I lay still and feel the rushing of the blood and my heart beat. I feel my skin more acutely than ever before. My sleep has been incredible every night for over a month now. I am falling into deep slumber and have memorable dreams every night. I no longer am having the night sweats which used to wake me up. My morning walks are longer than usual -upwards of two hours. My neighborhood is quiet now. No line up of cars going to work in the morning, none in the afternoon. I have been enjoying my early morning stretches. I am cleaning something new every day. Yesterday was my refrigerator. It was not the chore that it used to be…it was actually a lot of fun! I used just water with a little lemon…and it smells so good in there. I then started setting up my deck, wiping down the chairs and rearranging my large rock and shell collection…disturbing a few spiders while doing so. Full of gratitude. Thank YOU Sharada Devi for these wise, heartful, deep posts. I read and reread. They feel good in my heart and all over.

  4. The deepest problems, psychologically, are stored in the body. As you have said. Sharada Devi. Yes. And if we are present as much as we can be present, all is revealed. “The truth’ll out,” as we say in the country. All takes place within the movement of this thing Einstein *basically* said was an illusion: time. He said it was “time w
    is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” I see this every time I get up for my morning coffee. My feet hurt in a way they never used to!
    All problems are stored. I like this insight. It’s up to us to plan for the future WHILE BEING totally present. Can we do this? We can! Must we be so two, however? You better b’lieve it. 🙏

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