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Mother Light Yoga

We are sorry but the studio is CLOSED due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Come visit the new studio of Michelle Garner, also known as Sharada Devi.
A sacred space of unique prosperity.

Mother Light Yoga is the the refinement of the essence of creative self expression. It is a fluid path of flexible relationship. That relationship begins within each individual, because how we meet ourselves is how we meet the world. When I say meet, I mean see, actually see. I mean accept, actually accept. Deeper and deeper forgotten parts of our wholeness. Our being human. Mother Light Yoga is not exclusively or even primarily about the postures our body can assume. But more about the willingness of our body to open and to flow in whatever place it finds itself, stiff, angry, or even afraid — because it is in that place we embrace with honest courage that we transform something that was bound into something that is now free. In that freedom we create and therefore transmute the shadow into the light. The two are never separate even though it feels that way. This yoga is about relationship and how we spread that light that is the essence of love. That love is the root of peace. Mother Light Yoga is the oceanic path to peace. The breath, wave after wave is the movement of the sacred creative intent of God. How we breathe is how we move. How we move is how we feel. How we feel is how we embody the truth of what yoga really is.

And so I will not say how to be or what to do. I will not say how to twist or how to turn. Rather I will offer you the space to meet your creative muse. That is what you are to me. That is what we are to each other.

I have opened this humble studio as a beginning, a birth into a new world. The new world we live in doesn’t have to be easy, but we have to be real. To be real creates waves. More than ever we need to remember the ocean we rise from. I have created this space to remember, to remind, to release and to realize the Mother Light we know to be our one and only friend, our soul. Our soul who lives in everyone as the Mother Light!

Offerings will include: (by Zoom or safely in person)

• Yoga and free flow
• Meditation
• Mantra
• Kirtan
• Satsang
• Astrology readings
• Poetry
• Creative sharing and more…
• Much more!

Studio Contact:

781 North Bayshore Drive,
Coos Bay, Oregon

(541) 815-3709