yes. her name is heaven.

cool blue eyes, a slippery flower, sips of the water born moon. white washed sky, winged serpent slither. forbidden cloud, mine at last…crescent loop, horned moon grip. she’s as sharp as a sickle of ice…

held soft and steady. thirsty eyes. pouring…into him. the slithery one. upon her throne. floating ice. she rains inside as his secret emerges…

pinned down. the headless snake. torn open. hungry. bodiless. a love like ancient moonlight. l do remember. pulling waves. eyes filled and fed. starving hurts. where can i find her?

the death in love. an open battle. charming knives. erotic slivers. gouging wounds too deep to hide…i heard her at your door. i saw the end of a rabid bone. i took the club. i beat the sinner. her sugar lips. her opal eyes.

i’m not fooled when they switch positions. it happens all the time…

and so I kept wandering. it wasn’t over…claws in a chapel. i confess i’m a cat. he doesn’t love me. nails drug down the back of a priest. blood from the moment he said he was pure.
hot from the second he saw me. purr because i’m hungry…

i confess i’m the devil. to him i was given. but it’s not true. he’s wrong when he preaches. the devil’s just one of my dresses. i do it for you. take it off me yourself. you won’t be misled. it’s true. wings and g spots. it’s true. kissing scars…

it’s not over. it’s wasn’t enough. you’re not done. do what you said you’d do. until the holy man squeals. and he’s blistered. get on your knees and beg me to own you. cut from the cross. laid in feathers and pearls. rose petals fall from the sky…

and i sang the song of the god who still touches the animals she loves as the sunlight goes down…

dark chapel at night. eyes that don’t bother. switching it back. the cat arches her back and starts hunting the spook who seduced her…

she’s told you twice. “i know you.”
her barbed tongue licks the bowl. inside this cat in the chapel is killing for food….and outside the moon is eating the sun as he drinks her….

then the sun got on top of the moon.
the priest was a sinner. so i made him love me. he made me say I’d light his fire. i’m hiding in the smoke. covered in his cloak. the sun is inside of the moon.

then god finally came and heaven went home. yes, her name is heaven.
Sharada Devi

20 thoughts on “yes. her name is heaven.”

  1. The unpredictability of reality is always so fun.
    The probability of authentic spiritual intent will usually dissolve what glues your soul to the body..
    the more we let go the more we remember..
    feel the truth with your soul –
    touch a soul with your eyes.
    rise from the ashes like the burning phoenix you’ve always been,
    ride the wind horse in your long black shadow cloak,
    dismounted and dragging your quartz staff starry eyed with the end times –
    stabbing the black out of the old soul cage.
    tired and dread
    lied and fed
    time for bed
    never to wed
    bled for red
    and never enough.
    quick hurt, don’t alert
    love light
    more fight.
    won’t ever remain nameless –
    her might,
    such delight.
    the even flow of the un known –

    Endless love in the eternity of now…

    Where diamonds explode and heaven melts.

    Blessed sabbath yo

  2. Om namo Narayana means Vishnu is here in everyone…. They come to come to kill……to trick you into pulling over… rushing wind of metal diiamonds… death only seconds away…. where will we go mind mama…. what womb will we be drawn to? What wet fuck will we find in the alley behind the story of Him and Her. Oh more and more bullshit of power humping men who just don,t listen to her voice…… she said ” don,t kill him, he has no gun” but they are in the AI mind set programed to kill… so they pull the comic trigger. The time of the big three of over, there cult of death has run its course. Return to her womb of light….It,s just the kill murder blood drinking power pricks over and over…… what do you hear?
    She weaves her spell, she casts her hex, she dances in the dark stars…. fall down ashes of the dead ghost.
    You know what you really want, fuck and suck and and never know how slow the mind is to go anywhere but in the game of here and there. Bow down sister fuckers, hare rama hare krishna… only you know what you really want out of this. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to go…. the three sisters of time and space throw the dice. Here and there and everywhere…. wake up and breath…. death is here now. Eat the shame and let it go….. yum yum mommy. Shanti prakash aka bdas

  3. Wow!
    Everyone seems to be singing the songs of diamonds, stars and mother moon in unison.
    The heavenly choir of the motherlight.
    And the rise of Narayan!
    That was amazing.
    ” The more we let go the more we remember ”
    All of what you wrote was beautiful.
    i was looking for something the other day and learned
    that Avalokiteshvara and Ksitigarbha
    hold the The equivalent of the philosopher’s stone in the form of a pearl.
    Also that on Tibetan prayer flags, the wind horse carries the stone on his back.
    Today i am being more literal amidst all of this flowing expression.
    Happy to be basking in all this radiance.

    1. Om Namoh Bodhisattvs Avalokateshvara.
      The 1,000 armed Avalokateshvara is the one
      love the most-
      do you know the story of how he got all those arms and heads…it’s beautiful,
      and so I always remember him in all that I do when I feel hopeless or helpless to
      make any difference …and I try every day to see everyone as him…Om mani padme hum~

  4. I want to buy you the album Carrie & Lowell
    I want to apologize, for the world
    (I want you to laugh.)
    I want to
    Submerge myself
    So you can here me
    Guru, smoke, whatever ⛅️☀️☁️

    1. i love you, your hooks bright this morning
      imagined grit on my knee

      the bird’s song too chipper
      for “the man who sold the world”

  5. just read about the story of the vow to never rest until freeing all sentient beings from samsara.
    His head splitting into 11 pieces trying to understand so much suffering
    Then the gift of 11 heads to hear the voices of those in need
    His 2 arms shattering attempting to reach out to all in need.
    Then the gift of a thousand arms to reach out to all those who suffer.
    Such intense compassion.
    It is a beautiful story.
    And it makes me think about you and how you are always reaching out to everyone.
    Yes, see everyone as him.
    All of us reaching out endlessly in ceaseless service
    That is a beautiful story too.
    i also hear the magic of numbers again being spoken.
    The 11 pieces and the 11 heads.
    1,000 arms
    i have always felt a connection to 11
    and now it has proven to be even more sacred
    if thats the right word.
    Thank you for guiding me towards reading this tonight.
    Good night dear one.

    1. And Avalokateshvara isn’t a god-
      he was a person who became a Bodhisatva
      of course, I think they’re aliens but that’s
      just my take….

      still waiting for the craft or the shaft of light to take me home to him 🌸🌸🌸

      1. i was looking at an outlined image
        of the constellation sagittarius
        and with the star dots connected
        it took on
        what looked to my eyes
        to be the shape of a flying craft
        aimed in a direction of up
        and away…

    2. Yes, not a god.
      Since i was very young i
      Have had a deep reverence
      for the idea of what it means to be a bodhisattva.
      to me i understood it to be an fully enlightened being ( did not say person )
      who through infinite compassion
      sacrificed their ticket out of maya
      to stay and guide others out.
      Like celestial ushers.
      When i first heard about bodhisattvas as a youth
      it made my heart melt with such sweet awe and deep inner joy
      that such a practice existed.
      i used to say that i was an aspiring bodhisattva
      perhaps i am in the apprentice stage…

      1. Yes you are. You need to come to Woodstock NY and take the bodhisattva vow the next time Khempo Kartar Rimpoche gives it -You can stay with us- this is very important for you. Yes you’ll come?

  6. Incubus, angelically white, striking eyes of indigo blue
    Planetary lights , gleaming , twinkling in the lining of his cloak
    Settling upon my shoulders, succubus now home, deep breath I drew
    Dark space we drift quietly into, the crescent moon our boat.

    Graceful slender fingers guide my eyes to his and the truth
    His bite sweetly sinking into my flesh, instead of taking life, it’s given
    Transforming me internally to stardust, divine nectar the juice
    Primordial songs of life surge into me, synchronized from heaven.

    A glorious supernova ,golden-light world, I awaken to find
    Like liquified diamonds, pristine sands white and glistening
    His hypnotic laugh I gently hear , in the corners of my mind
    Shakti vibrating in all my being, all the while I’m listening.

    Brilliant turquoise ocean , emitting peaceful, soothing sounds
    Refuge of an orange capped mushroom keeping sun from eyes
    Thoughts of happiness and love in this sacred space abounds
    I look down at what used to be my skin, and fascinatedly sigh…

    Scales glowing and sparkling like glass facets in the sun
    He has turned us into tiny and beautiful ,dragon-like lizards
    Delighted at once, I’m consciously comfortable in what I’ve become
    For I am now a Queen, hand-holding forever , my sweet Lizard Wizard.

    Do you hear the sounds in your ears my beautiful Dakini ,dancing in diamond prisms of light? …..I know you do…….Sometimes it’s deafening isn’t it? The only way I can tone it down slightly is by meditating…so many sweet tones , harmony making love to melody ….maybe to carry me home?

    Blissfully pondering with love,
    Kamala Devi

  7. It was I dream I just had about Jared Leto🙈 ….he was the lizard wizard. You know those dreams …an erotic God-like form shows you the universe in a grain of sand and you wake up feeling very small , in a very big way…..the power of music before bedtime. 😈🌎🐍

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