Words are not enough

What is alchemy?

Have you ever seen the queen of the jungle?

Why is tantra so confusing?

Comprehension is variable.

What is alchemy?

Have you ever seen the king of the mountain?

Why is tantra so confusing?

Perception is relative.

Most creatures are here to be creatures. Humans have a crossroads within both their body and their mind. It is created by karmic circumstance.

It is very difficult to cross the barrier that currently separates and creates duality and weakness. Therefore the jungle has no queen and the mountain has no king.

Why then did you come here to shuffle back and forth down below in the world of loss and cages?
Because easier is not always better. Just as what is beneficial can often be scary and painful. Look around and see that independence is not able to co-exist with conformity. Nonconformists conform together, it is imaginary.
The rest of the way you must go alone.
(I tried to teach you about poetry and light and instead you shook in the dark still praying for me as if I were real.)
Sharada Devi

14 thoughts on “Words are not enough”

  1. You are the face of the “jungle queen”. and for all the reasons that “life” lets us down, I have to be a mountain king. To show you a glimpse, when I feel a painful opening. It is painful because I know you, feel you drawing upon your face, in my darkness. feel being the word, silence being the sound. because in those painful moments alone, I want you to know that you have shown me something I will never say. So that I can be there with you, in the end, holding your hand.

    1. I am glad you heard something I have said all these years.

      Not beyond the words but between them like darkness moving between sheets.

      Where poetry and babies are made.

      Only God can do this.

    1. 😂😹😘

      also have you heard of lurkers?
      I read all about them and I have them.
      like a dog has fleas.
      it’s not something I like to encourage.
      (or scratch at)

      because it’s dark in a dark way.

      Silence is like shampoo at that point.

          1. Haha! You don’t always get what you pay for!
            I have become more suspicious naturally…
            look A LITTLE closer at the IMPORTANT parts.

            Lurkers, I’m serious. I read about the whole scene. It’s a syndrome imo. And I find it contrary to the message.

          2. they like reading interactions between others and some go to online stalker status continuing to obsess on their object of interest…

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