Woman King

I just want to say we are only going to get what we give. We can only save ourselves. We are in a serious situation. Human life brings pain. We hurt ourselves and therefore others. Imagining we can be elsewhere either within or without we set all sorts of crazy wheels spinning. We must stop the mind, mouth and feet. We need space to see what we are hiding inside ourselves and what we run from is this. The hells we create within because we become afraid of what we’ve disowned. I own it all. Your black and mine. We are eternal golden flower star children. You should not pretend to remember. You should take a dive and find the truth about you. Why you are as you are. Act as you do. Pretend as you know better. And we skillfully maneuver the skeletons so as to exist and find security. Underneath us however- and rattling our dim lives- are the bright flesh and blood of these horrors. We made this happen we always do. It’s not going away without you. There is a visit required. There always is. It’s the worst pain ever to see what we’ve done. How we could hurt ourselves secretly for so long. Masking our lives with mediocrity. In servitude to this denial you do not stand a chance. I understand only one thing. The odds are we are stuck. The truth is, reach both lower and higher. Ok?

I am your friend bringing poetry from both sides.

Space. Effort to let go. Unravel. Consistency. Body clock. Raging machine. Do you know, it’s late. Nothing happens on it’s own. Effortless striving. You’re in a current, downstream you’re headed…where everyone goes. Over the edge under and back again. Recycling human heads. Defeating human hearts. Space. You. To find the sky with no worries. Bondage. Family and home.
Fumes. Seat belts. Terror sleeps.

Ritual. 3 points. Trident. Thoughts. Words. Actions. Ripples. God head. Masturbation rites. Fools of passage. Gates. Locks without keys. Inside. Space inside. She walks inside. These halls are long. Entering and exiting dreams and shadow deaths. No one really means it. Talking to a mirror. Blood hound. Dog rock. Baby will grow big and become like you. Destroy you.

Will you ever love you.

Come here. When you love God you love me. See. Big head with no skull. Socket empty. Bone yard dry.

 You are endless burning light.

And I am saying this is it. You’re in your mind’s bed. You’re making moves. Your words. Your proof. Your secret thoughts. Deeds of heroes. You fill the sky with signs. Omens fall. Ignore. Create the deepest furthest closeness. My love. Welcome home. Star fed.

It’s as hard to live as it is to die. Gray incubation. Gray handshake. Gray hug. Gray eyes. The colors never move. Murky water body. Come here. Listen. Break away. Break out. Crack the shell. Space is all you need. Space for you to find the bindu. Enter. Accept. Suffer wisely. Space I give you. All you need is less of this world and more of this earth. Space. Halo. Spinning divine. You are your thought. You are your word. You are your action.

That is how you become free to fly.

The direction is clear. You must penetrate yourself to the core. Burn to the ground. Shoot through the crown. A star is born from your body of stains. Pure light is a current of space. There are words buried. Thoughts unhatched. Deeds left incomplete. Aspiration abandoned.

Where did you go. You are the tongue of this flame. Disappear from here to be here. Come. When you empty your bags you are God.

I just heard this song called Woman King.

I don’t know anything else about you.

Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “Woman King”

  1. Have enjoyed “Sam Beam” for awhile. Haven’t listened to him in a few years. Thanks for stirring my memory.

    Hibernation Mode, that’s where I am. My thoughts, my words and my actions. Paying attention to these so much more these days. I feel sticky when I am around people now. I don’t want to talk and I get tired of hearing people talk about things. I drove a friend to the airport yesterday and all she did was talk, until I became really tired of hearing empty words without substance, so I kindly asked her to refrain from talking. She asked if I was alright. I said yes, but I need silence while I drive. That was my truth. I asked for what I wanted. I did not need to comment on my judgement of her or what she was saying. It sounds small, but actually for me, it was big. i typically do not ask for what I want. I have been a helper and giver most of my life. Nothing wrong with those, BUT, I am becoming more and more aware of ME and the whys (of my thoughts, my words, my actions). WHY do I stand at the window watching to see when Nicole will leave the house, so I can go downstairs without running into her? I don’t want to talk to anyone not even to say Hello.
    Every time I bump my head or body part, or trip, or cut myself by accident…I know it is not an accident. I stop myself…and ASK what were my thoughts just as it happened. What is trying to get my attention. ALWAYS. PAY ATTENTION.
    I am alone a ton these days. I pushed myself to go with friend to Santa Monica for some Sophia Code event a week ago. I just went to the solstice gathering but not the workshop the next day. I stayed alone walking along the beach from Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Beach Pier and back. I was just observing everything going on around me. I do that a lot.
    I am tired. I am also okay with that. I know I am thinking a lot about why I stayed with someone for eight years when it was less than mediocre. I am more than this….I see that time has been wasted. This time I am with me and trusting me…all the way to eternity.

  2. In shadows
    of tree realms
    she was born,
    Watching crows
    Float in the sky
    She sees what
    Can be.

    To the heavens
    she reaches as
    As her hand clasps
    Upon nothing,
    A smothering
    Of darkness,
    against her skin,
    The closeness of

    A feeling as heavy
    As the bottom
    Of a teardrop,
    Being pulled
    By an oily string,
    The woman tends
    Her life loom,
    watching the
    Of her destiny

    Threaded years
    And stitched days
    Measuring the labor
    fabric length,
    Questioning it
    Instead of
    wearing it.

    When all along
    The fibers
    Inside her
    are made from
    The truth of the
    She seeks.

    But she can’t see
    It for looking for it.

    Untie the knots
    Of your mind
    and a
    Strong woman

    Hush and hear the whisper of the wise Goddess Tree….

    Wake up
    and let go,
    When You are
    Already made
    From this
    Cosmic Universe…
    Grasping for
    Stars is not what
    You need.

    Open Your
    Center Eye
    And Ye will
    See. 👁

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