Winter Retreat 12/29-1/2 w/ Sharada Devi

Hari Om my friends!

The 3 most important things in life for true happiness:
Serve, sing and rejoice in the divine!

You need to feel it, to be inspired. That’s all it takes to live in grace.

At this winter retreat we will go deep within to access:

Inner joy. Spiritual rejuvenation. Community love.

We will practice what brings lasting freedom:

Bhakti Yoga. Nada Yoga. Kundalini yoga.

Meditation. Mantra. Pranayama. Kirtan.

We will kindle the sacred spark with:
Creative sharing. Authentic communion. Fire puja. Kali puja and more.

This is the year for bright new beginnings!

It all comes together when we do! Hari Krishna!

A spiritual gathering has the potential to set things in motion for you like nothing else can.

So come! You will be so happy you did!

Together let’s honor our lives and those of our ancestors. Let’s intentionally close the chapter of last year and start the new year with a love fest of pure Mother Light magic!

$216. $108 to reserve spot. Does not include food or accommodations. *Affordable accommodations nearby.

Make the move! Make new spiritual friends! Make magical love within!

Yoga is you! is Have fun! Be Free to live like you were born to live….like a Phoenix rising!

Practice the Presence!

God is the way to begin and end!
Hari Om!

*retreat is 1/2 full already.

*reserve your space today.

*location is in Phoenix,Oregon which is just a few short miles from Ashland, Oregon.

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