(where this joke will go)

there is a distant sound that i remember, there is water seeping in under the door. there is a moment i must catch, there is a wall of glass about to fall, there is the suffocation of silence filled with noise, there are windows with no faces. there is something i must do. then there is you who appeared from out of nowhere and me who keeps disappearing under these waves. there are words i cannot hear and eyes i cannot see. there are your golden hands that leave the sun. a beam or a current. i still cannot find you. under water, noise, barrier waves, time that took the lightness. i have imagined another land above here. over this ocean of sorrow. and there i live as i’m dying with you. words are floating everywhere, i grasp at what i can. silvery tails slip by quietly through the water in your eyes. and i remember more than just the sound, there is warmth under the light that i float on, there is another body in the distance. a face without a house, a window without a wall, an ocean without a wave. i have taken many things as mine. i have given myself away to you. goodbye as we leave, slowly as we must. as softly as an unnoticed whisper. there is the end of grasping. and where we go we cannot know…(where this joke will go) sharada devi

8 thoughts on “(where this joke will go)”

  1. This poetry can’t hold-up what you’ve said. I can feel the tears forming, with nothing to say, to let the joke play. Til it falls back on me, the wave of dreams, that can’t be held-up. Crashing inside, as I walk through this, that I can’t hold.

    Poor Sweetheart angel

  2. Poetry can’t hold anything, not even me.
    Songs can’t last, everything goes…
    into the chalice of laughter and tears.

        1. Yea, the inside one…I get confused because she’s so funny and sad all the time.

          Also, I want to be a chalice because this world is cold and I can’t make it.

  3. where will it go…
    as far as the illusion stretches
    amongst the content to be joyfully miserable wretches
    over the heads of the humorless crass masses
    the flamboyantly ‘spiritual’ lads and lasses.
    around the corner where the smirks are bent and quirky
    lurking through keyholes
    where the voyeurs are peeking
    hiding and seeking but never actually speaking
    swept soul(fully) across the floor
    artfully seeping beneath the door
    under the carpet to be seen no more
    laugh laugh I thought i’d die, it seemed so funny to me…
    said it before and i’ll say it again
    it bares repeating, like an over used mantra.
    the Lila is so hilarious.
    not just god only knows.
    have been
    in stitches for days
    at the way it all plays
    when trying to punish (some)
    while still holding out for praise
    i always knew the punchline
    way before the joke was even finished being told.
    it’s an age old story,
    S(he) who laughs first, laughs last.

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