Where everything is music

Pablo has come to stay with us. A couple days ago I was talking to him and I asked him, “What do you want from being here?” And he replied, “I just want to live with you the way we lived at Mount Shasta.” Later I saw Garuda and I said, “I asked Pablo what he wanted and he said he wants to live with us like we lived at Mount Shasta.” Garuda replied, “He wants the three jewels.” Yes. It’s true. And everyone knows it on a deep soul level.  It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s beyond any terminology, it’s just the mystical reality of our soul and when we touch it we know. We become alive! When we are at Mount Shasta nobody wants to leave. I remember one time a woman was talking to the group on the last day and she said, “I really don’t want this to ever end. I can’t even imagine just going back to my real life in Portland.” In our lives we work with what we have available to us now. We don’t wait for anything or anyone. We don’t pine for some distant land. We don’t give our power away to something outside us. We work toward what we can do to create the environment that we envision – and yet we also create that ideal to the best of our capacity in this very moment breath by breath, step by step We make the most simple and obvious improvements- within ourselves, within the world around us. We honor whatever condition we find ourselves in- and we take positive action right now-  working with the resources available. Those resources are material and they are also beyond material. Aspire and hold the vision. I talked to Pablo about personal responsibility and the big vision. Meaning what’s actually doable now rather than what do we put off waiting for some fantasy moment to arrive. I told him the story about our “goat vision” and how we were like, “yes I see it now…let’s get goats, they’re so cool, they look like aliens…we can milk them and they can run around…” So I went on Craigslist and we went to get the goats. The farmer man thought we were insane as we loaded two female goats into the back seat of a Prius – they were bigger…and louder than we thought! They did not make it easy. They ran away. The neighbor farmers had to help us catch them and return them. We could barely touch them- let alone milk them! This was not fitting into our pretty, cool goat vision! Because the space between here and “there”  can be a real awakener! We want the “vision” but do we know what it’s going to take, and how bad do we want it? Well, it turns out I did not want the goats enough to do what it would take after all! And so I look at all my “visions” this way and I say, “Is this another goat vision?” Simplifying and getting down to the bare foundation of wisdom – is what works. Make it a very strong foundation and you’ll succeed. But it can be tricky figuring that out! What matters, what’s the basis of life really? Its only impractical if you aren’t willing to do the ground work. If you are willing, it’s 100% achievable. In Mount Shasta we got very simple and basic for only a few days and it was life transforming. Why? Because all the useless was removed and the truly holy essentials were all that remained. The three jewels. And daily we worked within that grace. Together. The food, the beds, the focus- all very basic and yet undeniably profound in the accumulative effect. Because all we need to do is remove the clutter, the noise, the static. In Mount Shasta the real you begins to surface- you hit the inner reset button- you get a grasp- many cry meaningful tears. They cry these tears because the love is manifesting tangible soul flow. That is the real life every human has the right and ability to live-  if you want it, if the vision is worth the effort! We all have our individual lives- and within the days of these lives we must make the most of our existence- by doing our very best to come back again and again to the truth of our being. Not being righteous, but being pristine in a way no book can teach you. I woke up yesterday thinking about whirling dervishes and the dionysian dance. I was thinking about the mystic Rumi who would swirl and spontaneously recite his poetry to God. Rather during the ecstatic moments of becoming his poetry during his swirling he would spontaneously voice his inside God song. He believed that his human body could become a portal between this world and the other worlds. He believed he could be a gateway to heaven. He grew up in a strict religious family. He rejected it all and went his own crazy, insane way. Because that’s what greatness is and does. Greatness is not a perfect follower. Greatness is a perfectly creative leader. Yes, you’ll have opposition and people who may even consider you blasphemous- God forbid you go “against the rules” and strike out against the lies that bind us to shadow! To be the wildcard in a deck of monotony is to be unpredictable, unique and to do and say things that are unexpected and even controversial. The bottom line here is spirit! Mischievous, fun, curious spirit! Whatever and whoever God is to you- (the one everyone is so uptight worshiping) I DOUBT this God is as boring as the rules that incase him! OMG! It can’t be this drab and pretentious. To be mystical is to be a divine wild card. Maybe even a trouble causing coyote. You just have no choice in the end but to trust that relationship with your inner muse – to follow that lightning bolt sparkle to the next high wire- to see not a big picture- but a HUGE picture of how funny and sad it all is. An open heart is a refuge of exquisite madness. An open heart holds nothing out and fears nothing, especially it’s own desires.  So after all is said and done. After everything I’ve been through- I’m going to do it MY WAY. Why? Because I trust that inside relationship to my sincerity so much – despite the shadow of confusion still swirling- that I’m going to raise the stakes and reach for an outrageously fun heaven. Where spontaneity rules supreme because purity is being whole NOT being obedient. Being free is being peace.Rumi said- “There are many roads which lead to God. I have chosen the one of song, dance and music.” He also said, “Whoever knows the power of the dance dwells in God.”

(It has been said that Rumi would fast, he would meditate-  and then he would dance and sing to reach a state of unparalleled enlightenment.)
The key here is to understand what the dance really is! How to really hear the song and become the music. Life turns us into this when we don’t let the rules and regulations stifle our spirit until we become just another compliant citizen of consumerism. Become as soft and effortless as the brave, whirling butterfly. Break out. Cut to the core. Set your sail. Lay your cards on the table. Risk it all. Be the heartbeat of your OWN sacred song. Don’t just say it. Don’t just talk about it, do it! The three jewels might as well be called: THE MUSIC, THE SONG AND THE DANCE. Because it is the VERY same calling with certainty. That’s all Pablo really wants- just like every one of us who hears the flute inside the wind. Just to be the free and wild beautiful God. That’s what we all want! And it is not too much to ask. Get bare. Make it doable. Touch the power of God. Fall into a place where everything is music. Sharada Devi💕
listen to this Rumi poem:
☀️Mount Shasta Mother Night Retreat
Aug 5-11.  ☀️$540 total includes food and accommodations ☀️$108 deposit balance due 7/25 ☀️ email -motherlight108@gmail.com

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  1. This makes me so very happy to hear.
    I know that Pablo has been wanting this to happen for a long time.
    Every since 2018 when the idea of creating The Mother Light Sanctuary was first put into action ,
    He gave everything He could , in loving devotion ,
    with the intention of helping , make that ideal become real.
    Pablo is one of the most pure hearted beings that I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
    My heart is singing and dancing and full of Love to read this today.

  2. Amen, sister. Crazy! My father used to say that they drew a wildcard when I was born! Then later in life was called a wild cat! I felt like a black sheep of the family because I chose to go a different route. Then that wild cat ate the black sheep. Far far away from family. The best thing ever. Family play games they don’t even realize. The expectations, guilt that can arise. It’s not for me. Don’t expect me to do anything. I don’t expect anything. I don’t do well in cages, never have….no fences either. I do weeds. I don’t do lawns and pristine yards (my landlord knows this well).
    Simple, open air, countryside…connecting with nature…respecting all life forms. Contentment and gratitude for all things great and small. Everyday I am blessed with my dogs and beaches and redwoods. I have gone through tunnels of burning pain, to come out on the other side.
    I can hardly wait to live in Castle Lake again. I just hope someone will swim across it and back with me again. Matthew and Olivia went with me. It’s 50 degree water and it awakens the spirit…it’s invigorating and real. Talk about breathing technique…that is the REAL pranayama….
    Om Mani Padme Hum
    Om mother father god hear me now….I am forever a part of you in this intricately woven fabric of universe.
    Thank you Sharada Devi for bringing us back together in magical form….

    1. I like your vision and weed philosophy!

      I didn’t know everyone else didn’t swim too?- I think we’ll have to do something about this- the cold water immersion is like a death and resurrection all at once! Shambhu is coming- isn’t he the one that took everyone to the lake?? And then he didn’t even get in?

      I haven’t heard from Olivia in a long time…I could email her I suppose..Mathew lives in Europe…

      1. SharadaDevi,
        Most dipped and walked out a ways into the water…but I go far out…first time to the middle of the lake because it is not a good idea to swim so far away where no one can see me. So that is why I like to swim with someone. Matthew was the book guy.
        Anyway….I am a deep sea diver….I go far and in cold waters….I swam naked in Iceland, too, when I lived there. It was a dare. HAHA! It was in November a long time ago. Another thing that is fun is the Hot tubs at Stevens Hot springs in Weed, CA. THey have a cold plunge, but I like to go up further to where the water is pouring down…I can swim staying in the same spot because of the force of the water. It is THE BEST. Most can’t handle it because THAT water is 33 (or so) degrees.
        I hope there is at least one swimmer who will go with me…but no worries if not…I can still go far out and enjoy.
        Love to you all…I hope to meet some peeps who have been on this blog OR at the Guatemala retreat which I could not make happen…..

      2. Shambhu did gather everyone to go to the lake.
        He even drove some of us in his car.
        And he did immerse himself as did many, in the very cold water.
        The first year, we as a small group, waded out as deeply as possible .
        Some of us farther than others. The rocks were slippery and a challenge to get a foothold.
        I remember being in up to my shoulders by sitting/ squatting down
        Shambhu was farther out , as were others.
        It had been my notion that we were going as a group for an immersion in the lake,
        like a version of communing with Ganga Ma – not for a swim.

        Shambhu was also mindful of keeping us on track time wise so as to be back at the sanctuary
        for what was next on the schedule/ program.

  3. the time is now,
    to come together. Can you feel the pain? your heart? mine wants me to let go of lack of support around. Mine says, “Endure!” as the waves of lesser,
    break. “Taste the salt, taste the pain.” I will not stop there. I will grind it in until it is ash, because that’s where my face is shining, and my heart can feel, the pain of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON4TQJ9bP-E

    1. Yes, I can feel and hear the pain.
      Pain is- separation from the harmony of GODS ROOT SONG.

      Pain is the blabber I do to try to make sense of the senseless. Thank GOD, you’re my therapist!

      We must plant the seeds. That’s why we dug yesterday and in all passing lives.

      Something will grow of this love pain for sure!

      Although I dwell in the turbulence at times,
      I am always aware of the oceans final song.

      The one sound overall that feeds our soul that indescribable grace that is like SUPERGLUE to the LOVE that really is just always there like these f’ing Oregon clouds!

  4. sorry, I think I was talking to Maria as the embodiment of the absent satsang, in that last comment. I meant to make the last period a comma, because “This is Far from Over”.

    1. You you you,
      Are the embodiment
      of something I can’t define
      though daily I try as you know…

      in the whirlwind of sound and fire…
      the wolves howl as the deer dance in the moonlight. The owls watch and the trees seeps deep below it’s roots to make us strong…in the memory, before we were ever broke…our hearts by any lesser thing.

      Like you told me this morning what the crazy Christian Yerba mate cult guy said,

      (something like)
      The tree doesn’t break because of God’s authority, not its own.”


    2. Dear Garuda,
      I am truly wanting to understand what you are saying to me .
      What’s your meaning … – ” Maria as the embodiment of the absent satsang ” ?
      and ” my heart can feel, the pain of you ” ?
      The time is always now, as far as i feel it.
      i smashed that clock, it’s gone for good. and i threw away my watch way over half my life ago.
      So , do you think me to process a heart of wood ?
      would you please be a little clearer with what you seem to want me to know.
      You did post it twice, ( song wise ) so it must be an important 🎯 point that you are wanting to make, don’t leave me adrift on a sea of confusion…

      1. Dear Maria,
        I asked him what he meant when I saw this.
        He said the only part that was about you was the absent satsang comment-

        The rest was not directed at you.

        Enbodiment of absent satsang- he basically said this- “she’s been around from the start and is never around but on this blog- I’ve only seen her once in all these years. So if she really meant what she said, she wouldn’t be the embodiment of the absent satsang.”

        I said, “well she has her reasons.”

        He said, “that’s ridiculous.”

        I said, “I know but people are going to have to want it for themselves and they just don’t, not enough I guess.”

        So that’s what happened and what he meant.

        That’s why I am offering the retreat at the lowest price ever although the actual cost of the center has increased and I am paying a non refundable deposit. Plus absorbing the cost of food/per person accommodation charges as well. There is no hope otherwise and it is the least I or anyone else can and should be doing if they’re really a part of the movement that all the talk is about.

        So that’s what he meant. He’s a big believer that “where there’s a will there’s a way.”
        And he’s proven it and it’s true.

        1. P.S. the only reason I’m writing back is because he said he isn’t going to…and i know you’ll keep waiting and checking…

    1. everyone listen to Pablo’s song of ascension click his link!

      This place is on fire!
      Beautiful courageous🦋

      I have the harmonium supposed to arrive today…and I got another mic and stand…
      because like Garuda said,

      “This is far from over.”

      Nothing can break us, stop us, strand us.
      Silence us!

      (as you know, I’ll keep talking FOREVER,
      Just BE MY STAGE 😂🤣💕🔥☀️❤️🦋🌈

      1. Yay! I did forget about that fire you talked about but I remember. Actually I did write another song, well, i didn’t write it, I heard it in a dream a couple of weeks after the last shasta retreat. As unbelievable as that sounds, maybe it’s possible that I heard it in some way before, who knows, but I recorded it the moment i woke up at like 4:30am.

        The dream goes, i was on this street that was uphill, and there was this kind of freaky man coming down the street singing this song to me. He was freakier than Tom Bombadill, and more mysterious. I never posted it, and only got around to uploading it a year ago, there’s other videos from around that time, i was going through a phase.. anyways.. https://youtu.be/bb_PIYqloNc

        1. I like that, it’s COOL!

          I think we need to do something
          BIG with GOD’S ASHES.

          There is a mysterious movement in that place of soul that connects us all…

          we should dance around this circle of fire.
          deep in the dark night dream and we should become prophets of that place…

          and call and call and call.
          and wake everybody up
          and burn and burn and burn
          the rubble of our makeshift prisons!

          We should be free in the astral dome.
          Where that ash fills the air and where God
          WAS the fire that burned God!

          Divine, Say yes!
          GOD SING GOD! 🔥

  5. It is really interesting (not just in the academic sense, but in the seeker sense) for me to participate with you guys on this blog. You have a beautiful community in it, virtually, and outside it, in nature.

    Someday maybe we will meet. Or maybe we won’t, in person, but in any event, the more I read and write on this forum, the more I realise that its relationships are their own reality belonging to themselves and needing no leaning to any judgment. Clear? 🐒😝🌈

      1. Ok. Understood. At least you are being direct and honest. We can agree to disagree about this, but in the end whatever the “relationship” is, cyber or in the flesh, the choice is understood and so are the judgments, and so are the decisions.

      2. Ok. I gotta deal with some unpleasant realities of my own health now, in my own life.

        Peace to these cyber relationships. Peace and two sidedness, and peace with regards to people’s decisions. No bullshit. Ciao!

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