When The Sun Moves Northward: Mystery of the Crucifixion and Resurrection

an excerpt I just read

Crucifixion and Resurrection:

“With April comes the glorious idea of resurrection. The disciple leaves the dim and sad places in which he has been keeping vigil, and moves into the splendor… The Easter season is the ecstasy of the year, culminating in the great Feast of Resurrection, celebrated throughout Christendom on Easter Day. Then follows the purely spiritual and occult vigil of transmutation, after which the disciple, retaining firmly the place he has reached while the sun moved northward, repeats and recites the lessons he has learned, resolutely aiming at being born into a still higher state of spiritual life when again the birth month is reached.

The Easter season perpetually illustrates and commemorates that freedom which will be obtained by man at the end of his pilgrimage, when he has acquired all the knowledge to be obtained by human experience, and has cast off the last vesture or sheath of the spirit. When that freedom is obtained, the spirit will have finally left the Tomb – risen from the grave – and matter will know it no more.

At the commencement of this great Feast of Resurrection, the Hall of Learning is full of life and activity. The Teachers await their disciples, looking with hope for those whom they have prepared, trusting they will have the courage to embark on this great enterprise.

This is no longer any warfare on that battle-field where the Arjuna of the Bhagavad Gita fights his lower nature and his evil passions. That battle has long since been fought and won by the disciple who is strong enough to enter upon the Easter feast, and take his place in the Hall of Learning.

This wonderful palace of wisdom was built, and is preserved in the ethereal space that is within reach of the spirits of men, by the initiates who are followers of the Christ, and remain near the world of men to teach and help them. All are bidden to come here, all are helped to enter; but only a few are able to do so. Those who can pass through the doors at this season feel the divine airs, and become aware of the Great Presences….

The whole object of the preparation and suffering lies in this miracle of transformation and transmutation. Here is the supreme mystery to be entered into by the disciple while he remains man. Destroy no thing, but make all things good, all things beautiful, all things desirable.

Remember that hate is the destroyer, love the creator and builder. Take death and make it life, as you take evil and make it good. The divine cannot be tarnished by evil any more than gold can suffer by contact with fire. Spirit can no more become matter than water can become one with fire. Gold is purified by burning, and the divine does but throw aside all that is not absolutely itself.

As it passes through the fiery ordeal, Spirit, when it identifies itself with matter, sweeps it away as water obliterates fire. It must long to become one with the fire, before the miracle can be accomplished. The spiritual part of the man must so recognize the darkness and death of the physical, must so completely and willingly enter into it and transform it, the inevitable ill, into a thing desirable, that it shall dissolve away, and vanish in its character and quality as that which is ill or evil.

So, in entering the Tomb, the Christ of the world, the Buddha of the world, the Krishna of the world, destroys the Tomb itself. His supreme spirituality is stronger than that which would hold or bind him, and his supreme Love changes its nature into that which does not hold or bind.

It is useless to attempt to understand the true meaning of resurrection until the previous ceremonies have not only been entered into, and fully understood, but their ordeals endured. In this manner, the story of the year follows the story of the life of the ego, the “one who walks.” Until the winter is experienced and endured, the green leaves do not come. Until the lessons of human life have been learned, that which lies beyond it is unapproachable….

Those who have passed through the Easter Ceremony once can never hurt or kill or give pain anymore; and with each season that they pass through it, do they penetrate more and more fully into its glorious depths; they grow in strength, and become vital and irresistible forces in the world….

In the deep place of the animal soul is darkness; it is conscious only of material things, of passions and desires. There is no knowledge in it, even of the phenomena of earth life, save by the help of the senses….

But it is in this deep place of the soul that the spirit sits shrouded, and it is here that is the quick spring of love and life eternal. Here, within every man, is the Tomb, the place of darkness where the miracle takes place, from which the spirit rises, in which the spring of life and love bursts forth. Taste of this spring, bathe in it, asking no questions, but simply drinking of it, and the hunger for knowledge and longing for light will pass away. These desires of the spirit, which fill it with restless craving, will pass away, because illumination will have been attained.

The water of life will so gush forth that you must give of it to others, and in so doing, an unutterable joy will arise within you. You have now all that you need and more; enough for others; enough for the whole world. You have achieved the miracle of the resurrection, you have made the greenness spring forth within yourself; and in so doing, you are making the earth green about you, and bringing the joy of new life upon the world.

In the school of love there is a pledge to be taken at the very door, before you can enter. This pledge, already taken in the ordeal of the Feast of Love, must be said in the heart of the disciple at the Easter Feast.

“I will Love.”

You no longer desire love, or ask love, or look for love. You give it.”


“The ancient symbol of the cross shows the joining of Spirit and Matter through overcoming the limitations of each. That’s what we celebrate this time each year. Love is greater than separateness. Love is greater than fear. Love is greater than death.”

Sharada Devi

8 thoughts on “When The Sun Moves Northward: Mystery of the Crucifixion and Resurrection”

  1. Thank you for posting this.
    Easter has always evoked a very powerful feeling of deep love for me.
    Embracing the mystic symbolism apart from all the frivolous display that come with the social pageantry of the celebration.
    to say – He is risen – and fully feel in your heart that it is possible for every one…

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. LOVE IS GREATER THAN DEATH. Amen.


    SO this morning, I woke up thinking about the devil. YOU CANNOT GET RID OF THE DEVIL. I think that was it. I think that is true. You can’t get rid of the devil, but you might be able to to make him disappear…and not give him the HEADLINES. That devil likes approval and to be in the spotlight. Front page news. We humans are good at keeping him in the forefront. The less we pay attention..the more he will try to get our attention, but at some point, he will get tired and disappear. As soon as he sees we are weak and stop believing in God/good he will sneak back in. Just don’t feed him. Don’t give him even a tidbit of what he wants. Sure…acknowledge him…but tell him that you see him but you refuse to put up with his antics. Bottom line…tell him to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Just remember, THE DEVIL WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR completely, so it is best to keep your guard ON. That is the most important thing you can do….one little crack in your armor and he will slip through and you will have fight and crawl your way back, IF that is even possible. Everyday remind yourself to stand tall and be strong. You have to for your own sake. And …remember… YOU are stronger than him because you have the Light (love) that shines upon you and IS you. Remember this….ALWAYS.

    1. The idea of separation- viewing anyone as an enemy is very limiting. This is what I have been talking about- for so long.

      The devil is in you. Period.
      And nowhere else.

      And to pull those roots in order to stop the pain of this delusion/illusion will take
      the clarity, compassion and wisdom that comes with great suffering in this life-

      because we can’t see the “devil” and it’s a very secret bondage we serve. And twist and lie- it’s so deep you will need more than your own power to uproot. The devil must actually become God. But for real, not just in theory.

      Alchemy is tantra. I think people do not know what tantra is. The devil isn’t out to get you- you’re doing a good enough job sabotaging yourself already/ which these delusions- the ignorance of imagining you have more figured out than you do. It’s what happens to all of us. You are where you are because that’s where you’re at. I realize that.

      That devil is in cruise control basically until some transmutation takes place.

      It is not simple. Not your death or the devil or how you can actually grow out of old patterns.

      It is not a hobby. It is a serious encounter. A lot needs to come together,
      until the devil turns to light and you stop trying to strategize…

      until then, yes it’s true. Don’t water something you don’t want growing- (the devil included..) this applies to us all.
      Sharada Devi

  3. I know the devil is within…I have made friends with the most evil part of me….I married it and bore a dead child. I have gone down the darkest paths of suicide and self destruction too many times to count. Enough to know I am not going there again.
    I am not feeding and watering the devil any longer…this is the point of what I wrote actually…that evil within….I have gone so fucking deep into my subconscious and unconscious and cleared out a lot, but it is an ongoing never ending feast…
    I have killed and repented…and will probably kill and repent again….

    1. “I am not feeding and watering the devil any longer”

      We have been warned by countless holy beings that self deception is the worst enemy of all.

  4. When you say that alchemy is tantra,
    my understanding of tantra becomes less obscure.
    Using an analogy that is, for me, more easily absorbed. More of heart / faith / soul perception.
    Like when you said –
    “it’s something you’ll need to catch, beyond the intellect. The heart knows the secret language “

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