when the blade falls and god steps aside

The edge of the blade does not care about death the way I do not care about God. These bodies touch like the wind touching space. My eyes melt like the sun into the earth. An invisible species dances in my head. To the sound, the sound of wind chimes hanging from this tree. I move. We move. Sharp and precise around the hole we will fall in. Inhaling each other, tasting for blood. A morning lost without you. The night comes and he hangs his head. She is simply how  I speak of blades. He is the thing I effortlessly cut. When the moon falls their bodies glide, across the bed of water into the middle of the forest. The silver screen where he found her, light. The corner of a room where she said, “don’t go.” Little sparks of magic, drops of blood. I worship his breath. I don’t belong here. Possessed by a luminous fire too bright to see. His eyes become the holes she enters. I am on the inside. God was just the ink. A dark color enters from the floor and lies down between us. He doesn’t have a body, just a pulse. A dark color moves into me. I was in his head, he couldn’t get me out. We were lost without the doubt we felt for each other. We were alone without the isolation our bodies caused. I imagine where we might go now, tongue groping for itself in another. How we might say the words again, that I love you. That none of this matters. How we might try to pray to the dark body again. I believe I have found what I’m looking for. The nothing you wear around your finger. I believe you have covered my face with your hand. This forever we feel as the forest engulfs us is when the blade falls and God steps aside.  Sharada Devi

9 thoughts on “when the blade falls and god steps aside”

  1. A hero struck down must get back up.
    Hercules is stronger than the blade. Is what I learned this morning. This is a test, this body, these circles. I don’t worship the dark body. But dive into you, like a bird. Accepting the blade, the one who gives it it’s power. I love you, the pulse, expanding. Where a broken heart is the bed we made. Where night falling, head hanging, doesn’t stop him from rising, “quietly before the sun.”

    1. I have seen –

      a body of light
      a hero rising
      quietly in the dark.

      invisible power
      cannot be divided
      or defeated.

      you are one with the sky.

  2. Things cut. What power do we give any thought worshipping anything at all? The power we give it. That is identification. Nothing wrong with it. Everything right with it, as long as identification with it is.

  3. It’s been said to never fight darkness because there is no need to. People want to when they freak out.


    Just flick the light switch on. Voilà. Darkness is gone. Flick it off: it’s back. Able bodied light switch operators know about this incredible phenomenon. It happens every day.

    Fears arise in darkness and light. Love doesn’t care about darkness or light, because love is all there is. Not just Hallmark Card love. Fierce love.

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