Wet rain

I’m getting bored. You seem to be so infatuated with yourself, its hard to compete. I’m not an internet fantasy. It’s stupid, it’s worthless, I’m a person and I’m real. Just go back to Jedi porn and your make believe thighs of steel –

You know, your Eden with popcorn -where Adam met Eve…before HE came along….just another horny snake dangling from a tree and he said,
“Hey sexy Eve, why not eat ALL of me…”

I would have too if I were her…it’s a no-brainer really…

because Adam seems a little uptight, and just a little soft. And you know you thought the same thing, don’t lie….can’t set your woman back on track? Poor naked Adam, just another closet case….not much has changed since then…women scream for the snake and not the sucker- in case you didn’t know that….so be careful when you bend over….a gay frog, a glazed hog. It all tastes good right?

Counting backwards…
although it wasn’t for numbers not 1 and not 2. And it wasn’t for them, and not me and not you…

So I am feeding the light from the dark shadows- and places that I will never defeat…feeding you back to yourself…

then God asked me why I wasn’t eating -I won’t touch anything -I’m just some weird and inappropriate monolith. It was almost too late anyway. Why should I eat? Nothing’s for me.

But I know because he’s red I can push him, higher and deeper than most. I can breathe on you. My hipbone is grinding into the earth and I’m not sleeping again. Flesh burning bright, eyes basking in the glory of the coming of God. I’m awake most of the time…

And the earth was like the shoes I wore, useless to me now. Is anyone listening? She asked me when I was born and I told her December 19. My mother didn’t make me though, I came on my own and I have proof. My proof is you. Hooves pounding the ground for more of my suchness. A burping ballerina. Stop acting gay ok? It’s a real turnoff…mommy bled a heap of moons…and some just got in my way, that’s all…

leather and whips and a soft spoken gaze. There is a XXX theatre on the corner between heaven and a virtual hell. She’s laughing at you,
you idiot maker. Pride in the corner, two men in a stall. That’s what happens in places like that, someone’s gonna bend you over. And you know it too don’t you?

It’s limp. It’s soft and the bread basket is full. You did it again. Mockery. Slamming fists into the pavement. A gate for unbelievers. Find someone else to screw. The big dog just said NO. You think it’s all nonsense don’t you. You think I never talk about myself. You think my tusks are dull. You think I’m a mess in masterpiece eyes. You think I’m stepping on big man feet. You think I’m a bunny who hops like a charm. You think I’m the bitch with 3 eyes.

You think I’m talking to you right now, don’t you? Well I never sleep. The voices are ALWAYS in my head and I really do think you SHOULD be afraid. This whore is a maiden that every mouse lays. So sorry to tempt you, crawl back in your hole. Mommy made dinner down deep in your sister. Sister Fucker, that’s what he said. “Get those Sister Fuckers away from me.” and he was enlightened. So what can you expect me to do for you?

So suck up the morning, the goats are bled. It’s all kosher now. I made virgin stew…so don’t worry. And nobody knows our little secret. Not yet…

And don’t get so creeped out guys, you know the way I am by now. You know the pace I set. You know the gleaming horse I bet. You know I’m drawing paradise. You know my love wears no disguise. That’s her address,

Wet rain.

The morning dew runs down my leg and I’m just God uncovered. So really I can say anything- because virtually sin left such a loophole. I broke the daddy rules for you. I drowned myself in a shallow pool. It’s all a blast of who fucks who- and whose first- and really I do have the most money -just like I have the most pain. It’s a self serving crock -It’s a groaning young girl, it’s a fag down on his knees.

It’s me turning over the table of bloody dessert.

I’ve got something for you in my pocket.

I love you. I won’t lie. Stick around and see, how you can make or break a saintly bitch like me. I’d love you to try and I’m ready in bed.
My place of war. My place of Red.

Did she really just say all this offensive shit?
Yes I did. It wasn’t hard.
So please roll over.

Get it?
Sharada Devi

7 thoughts on “Wet rain”

  1. I knew it, (getting bored)

    https://youtu.be/JCO92__Zn-8 -let’s b real;it’s hilarious, isn’t it?! It is!
    i’m over the mooon,
    and its comin out my eyes., you are melting my face
    wet rain?
    where is it?!

    i like the part about the big dog.. intriguing
    This is the brink
    that cuts through the hydra,
    and it tickles the sun!

  2. Got it
    Got it good
    Just like you said I should
    right between the eyes
    can’t wear any disguise
    I’m not invisible like I thought
    I got got
    heart pounding
    head reeling
    if I faint where will I fall
    only to the ground
    it’s closer to the hole waiting for me to climb into
    maybe I will find a sense of wholeness there
    might have called but I don’t know your number
    you said numbers mean something
    but I guess that I am too dense to count with any accuracy
    high to low with one easy blow
    light and breezy as the autumn wind blew in
    now struck down again
    hiss, strike again
    your secrets safe with me
    keep the cats in their bags
    who am I any way
    just old mother hag
    am I feeling sorry for myself
    don’t worry, I will rally
    sorry if I woke you
    I know you need your sleep
    got caught in such a state of whimsy and elation
    thought I could trade the old black sadness that had me in it’s spell
    that old black sadness that i knew too well..
    thought I could trade it in on a shiny new glee
    almost forgot that I am no-body

    1. Mother Devi,
      As soft as a newborn cloud
      your mother light
      is singing loud
      of my mother Devi
      I am so proud!

      You’ve rained inside
      the tears I’ve cried
      you’ve made the madhouse
      who is this goddess
      Mother Devi
      and won’t she rock me
      with her thunder!!!

      my love like lightening
      she strike’s my match

    1. “The moth don’t care when he sees the flame..the moth don’t care if the flame is real. The moth and the flame have a sweetheart deal…” beautiful song.
      love the sexy song mother Devi-keeper of
      the sacred fire..

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