watch this: my friend is a bird


Infinite star singing the song that nobody hears. I wish I could sing you, sing you to me. Inside of me infinite light. I wish I could sing on my own, this song that I hear in the silence of eyes. Starlight alone, your eyes, heaven through me. Up above spreading wings…alone, feathers and light. Awake in the bed, sky falling from eyes. Did he hear, angel sun, the last song. I sang from a screen, lost in my heart. The last song inside me, did you hear? Don’t you want to see me in the trees? I’ll come to you dark beautiful death. My friend is a bird. Sharada Devi

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          1. Still nothing. OMG. Padme Devi was just here and we could not figure out why it was not working. I asked her if we are in M.R. She thought we were!!!!

  1. It worked for me a few hours ago.. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🔥seriously so good and I’m really I’m not just saying that. 🤘🏼🤘🏼
    I wish I could go!! I may be able to make it.. but still not sure..

    1. Thank you as always for being there
      on this ground, within the darkness,
      inside my heart. As the light of her
      open Love. ♥️☀️♥️

  2. (I am posting this email I just received because it’s helpful for others to relate and it encourages communication and deep self expression)

    Yesterday.. I just wanted to write something that I meant. I guess I’m still in over my head on the process. Maybe he would have appreciated the truth that I ate this morning. I almost made it.. I just have this bill so I have to work today.. and I almost passed out or puked or passed something this morning. I got the carb bar and the caffeine. Yesterday I wrote that last comment and decided to sit and wait for the time when I was deeper in process. With nothing to do and no comfort.. suddenly I’m breaking down.. I couldn’t believe it. But relieved, though it was just for me. Maybe that’s okay. Me crying, listening to that beautiful om mani padme hum choir. The sudden realization that I feel so alone does it.. and just letting myself cry after kind of laughing because I do have myself.. which isn’t the worst company always.. I should be nicer to me.. thought there is the one, the monster who started to come out.. and there I was, I’m back in that bad acid trip a year ago the last time I really cried and where I feel I’m just lost and confused and actually feeling things.. and mostly just distraught. All I could do was crawl into bed. Hope for another time like the good trip.. And then hours later I cry again because I miss my mom I think.. I know she’s suffering. ahh but what can I do about that? Sell myself out once more to them? Still not the right answer.
    Looking, trying, waiting, praying, wishing

    1. Well, here’s how I feel now well, like I said, I ate yesterday. And then I thought hey why not make it worse, just kidding I ate again but just a little bit of some liget fruit or whatever. Almond butter uhh yeah I’m not really sure what to eat but I felt amazing after and Orange. Believe it or not this all was probably still too much my stomach and been churning a lot. But even with that . I couldn’t believe that after only not eating for two days and then jumping back to eating and feeling so much better. My digestion is getting better which is seriously a godsend and I just feel better. My next plan is to do like 2 days off 3 days on and increase days and then yes make it happen. It’s honestly kind of fun because it just confirms my intuition and makes me feel great. Sd you really do know ur stuff. Maybe you could be a part time diet planner for people who want to try fasting and clean eating🔮🔮

      1. In response to Pablo, What do you recommend for someone who is primarily of vata constitution? I did a 10 day spirulina and afterwards felt really deprived of heavy, oil and fatty foods and would find myself eating jar of peanut butter and sticks of butter everyday. Thanks

        1. Sorry mate I don’t know much but.. I will say that it’s good to lead into the fast with the best kinds of foods less and less maybe cut out meat because it takes forever to digest and makes you go mad. At least it makes me mad.. like hella addicted. I just stopped because I have the worst digestion and it really helps to not eat meat.
          Good luck mate wow

  3. The pain comes and goes. NOTHING is permanent. Alow the feelings always. We have it all. We have great potential, too. Let us tap into that all powerful one. The lows, the downs, they are the resting spot. That cold dark place…but there always is that crack of light that seeps through. BE THAT LIGHT. That light is IT. It is within. The power is within. RISE UP and OUT of that DARKNESS. Be there, but know better than to stay there. REALLY. We are the light of this planet….let us hold each other up…..and see the light within each other. Let us reach out…… AND hold that light up…for all to see. Feel alive. We have an opportunity here. Touch that greatness from within and DON’T LET GO of IT. Stay with the beautiful parts of being alive on this planet. Don’t get sucked too far down…… LOVE TO YOU SHARADA DEVI….. Always and forever…. Your Chandra MaMaManiPadmeHum……..

    1. I love all of You so much.
      Dear Sharada Devi, I don’t know why I continue to be amazed at how much in common everyone has in this reality. The pieces of the puzzle may change from person to person, but it is the same game! Same energy. Different amounts. I really don’t know, like all of us, making things up as we learn and grow and interact and CREATE! Lately, I have been feeling in a sort of limbo of uncertainty, but like I gathered from what you said feeling what it’s like to be ok with that uncomfortableness. I am so so glad You posted this, examples are crucial. You asked me how I am, and here I am🌸💖. Creativity has been a savior for me, lately and I feel like I haven’t even begun to know of what that really means to be creative. I’m searching. Painting, sewing, singing, dancing, making decorative “costumes” out of free “scrap” leather. Like You said in the video about not caring what people think and the whole cage thing. I was worried about what people would say my being labeled by myself as vegan. “Vegans don’t wear or work with leather”, believe me I thought hard about it and continue to question things. Yes, these items are considered “worldly” but, I feel good about using my imagination and seeing it manifest with my hands and/or with the help of others. This unusual energy needs to be moved somehow in a positive way. Anyways, my heart is Yours. If You need me, I am here. 💙⚡💞🌸💖🌹
      Pablo, I feel you emotionally lately. What you said about “Looking, trying, waiting, praying, wishing” is part of life, for sure! Thank You so much for sharing Your emotions, it’s inspiring and I hope Shane is reading it. 💙💖⚡🍃
      Chandra Ma! Holy Mother “let us hold eachother up….and see the light within each other” Om Mani Padme Hum has been a very prominent mantra for me for the last few weeks and have been trying to play the Imee Ooi version and singing it as often as possible without bothering others. I just thought right now that maybe I should just keep it up and if it is bothersome, someone will let me know?
      Let us all create something beautiful from within our hearts, yea?
      I hope everyone gets to come to Mount Shasta!

  4. some time to heal for all. Bhagavon das and Sharada devi, such bringers forth of light, now separated. Myself feeling the loss of the two together, have been processing. some time to heal for all…. some time to heal for all….. may we all be happy, free and at peace

  5. I am so tired. Tired of this mad mad world, especially the idiotic chaotic bullshit with guns here in our country. I am tired of a lot more than that. I am tired of the people spouting their “truth” and sick of marches (even though I know there are “good” people who mean well) and campaigns “me.too.” I am constantly invited to stand up and join in. Let them hear your voice, I am told. I have stopped. I am done. Voice? Story? I am done telling my story. That story is over. That book ended and was released a years ago. I gave up television 11 years ago, stopped all magazine and newspaper subscriptions, too. After the last presidential election I really came to the complete truth that USA’s democracy is bullshit. I am done. I have been cleaning house for over a year, getting rid of all the crap I don’t want/need. I have been cleaning my FB friends out regularly. I have modified a lot in my life, and will continue. I am not far off from packing up my house, here in Santa Cruz, and selling my property in Rhode Island. John and I are REALLY seriously considering living off-grid 6-8 months out of the year. I am writing a new book…. the book titled “Shut The Fuck Up.” The book of Silence. I am done. Om Mani Padme Hum

  6. Watched a YouTube video by a woman from indiana who had been living out of her car for a year. She said she had to go back to Indiana when her grandfather died. It reminded me about Shane because she spoke about how when we go we leave behind a legacy. I miss that guy already. sorry for the loss nd thank you Sharada Devi for you. One Love

    1. Hi Jesse,
      I miss him. I love him. I get so mad at him.
      Saddest thing I’ve ever known. Sending you love. I feel comforted to know you’re there.♥️ You’re very solid somehow…

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