to add to my last post….

I have received many emails and messenger messages. Please know that I made the video as a form of magic for the light (we all call the Guru -who is wise) within Bhagavan Das to awaken so he will start making some better choices before it’s too late. (if it isn’t already -I was told he will take many months if not longer to recover if it’s even possible)

I WAS NOT devotionally WORSHIPPING Bhagavan Das as my Guru. He has a lot to learn. He would not listen to me. He is with a woman who only makes the problem he has worse, not better. He is surrounded by shark, opportunist groupies. It is dark and dangerous territory as we are seeing.

Please pray that he awakens and remembers who his real friends are. It’s all anyone can do now. His true friends aren’t trying to get on stage with him for starters.

His friends would stop using him, but then again- he needs to stop using them…

Do you see what I’m saying?
The loop he has insisted on running is proving to be deadly.

The party is over. His greatest fear was to become Ram Das and be devoured by groupies at the end of his life.

I tried to save him from that. But it was a curse bigger than me obviously.

I want him to do something miraculous and

Love, Sharada Devi


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  1. Amen to that, Sharada Devi. Yes, let us pray FOR him and his awakening…for ALL our awakenings…let this be a reminder to ALL OF US. May we continue to PAY ATTENTION to all that we do…and keep polishing the brass (as “they” say)…polishing our diamond heart. Let us NOT get caught up in the distractions of this world. It is SO easy to slip into it…it’s like quick sand, but WORSE! Stay sweet and private a build strong inner strength
    Continue building the relationship between God and Self…for they ARE BUT ONE. God realization = Self Realization. May all being be free. Om Mani Padme Hum….Om Om Om.

  2. KEVIN wrote:
    Well said. Absolutely agree. Thanks for seeing through the Maya of circumstances. Praying for the true inner Baba not the spiritual ego who had made many regrettable choices. Om Mani Padme Hum 💖🙏💖

  3. Stage and fame or silence and holy name. I love Baba. The video was just was beautiful Perfect to convey the Shakti of devotion and clarity the guru!! true friends are rare. I hope after and as he heals That he will takes time to write and share his wisdom. And will network and open and reach out to his real friends. I wish us all healing and May he not feel alone. And miraculously heal. Om Gurudev Sharanam Gurudev Sarava Mangalam

    1. Mitranand,
      He chooses what he does. His biggest problem in his life is his lack of wisdom- that is why he has to always learn the hard way.

      I was with him and know him better than anyone- and so I know what I am saying when I say- he painfully lacks wisdom – because he wants all the lies to be true-

      all the promises and falseness not only that he encounters but that he spreads.

      Honestly ok. He has poor discrimination and very little wisdom. That is why, since I couldn’t stop him- this accident did.

      It frustrates me but it is the way he has always done it. Learning the hard way for sure. I was always there and have always been there- it’s just that I won’t play into it anymore. And he is suffering for his extreme lack of wisdom. So please wake up and stop being delusional Mitranand- acting as if it’s a loving position. He’s a person who needs help- MINUS ALL THE PROJECTION.

      Baba Baba Baba blah blah blah….he needs it all to END- he has problems- he has very little time left to face them in this life.

      Thanks I know you mean well. But I’m just TIRED OF IT.

      1. That is the first thing that I thought… the accident happened for a reason…..

        he was not paying attention at the same time that driver was not paying attention….
        distractions …


        People love Baba (how can one not?) and it feeds him (ego). Getting older there could be a sense of fear (where to live, income, etc.). So, now he has a new woman…with a house and income…for this she has him for his name to push herself further along. I do not “know” this, but am taking your word on it and it sure seems like it. I was shocked and really disappointed that he started a new relationship so soon after your divorce. And so many people applauding him for it…. I felt very uncomfortable about it.

        I continue to pray for him and his physical, mental and spiritual healing/recovery….

        May we all have compassion as none of us is perfect. May this be a lesson for us all…may we all keep looking inward at true Self. Ask ourselves the questions that matter…What am I doing ? What am I clinging to? What am I doing over and over again….that keeps me on the hampster wheel?

        Om Mani Padme Hum….
        Om Mani Padme Hum….

  4. Agree. Thank you Sharada Devi for being bold enough to finally shine a light on all the BS that has been going on. Let’s hope that BD can wake up alive again before he wakes up dead.

    Otherwise this may be his greatest teaching yet. It is a tricky slippery slope out there. We all think we are holy and spiritual because we know the language. Namaste, Namaste Nama blah blah blah. I used to think that BD sparked a spiritual revolution. He may have started one but where are we now as a society. A bunch of mostly fake holy yogis who want to show us how they can put there foot behind their heads. What good is it ?? It’s not real. BD said it, only God is real and he will find out. Let’s hope he wakes and tells us with his own mouth.

    I’m also tired of people posting “ sending prayers”. Usually the prayer ends when you take your thumbs off of the screen. That is NOT a prayer. Thank you Sharada for singing for him. That chant is hauntingly beautiful. I remember singing for an hour in Woodstock with you. Very powerful. We are really praying here. For us all to wake up from this dream within the dream that we are dreaming.


    1. Thank you Shiva Das. I think these words you just wrote are a testament to your strength and light. I appreciate a clear perspective more than I can even tell you. It’s such a long time ago that we met, and here you now are more true than ever. This makes me happy and brings me peace. OM Namah Shivaya.

  5. To anonymous:

    Thank you for such a nice and sweet letter! I do miss those days too. I wish none of these horrible things needed to happen but Baba was the way he’s acting now (probably ALOT worse) when I met him- I got in the way and tried to purify his behavior – to draw out the essence of who he was- A lot of people hated me for that –

    I get misunderstood and I can see why- but it just goes with the territory of my life- I don’t really expect anyone to understand, it’s too painful if I even try.

    Making the video and seeing all those pictures was very hard and very sad for me. I have so many memories. I do have to be my own person though and it’s hard when everyone just thinks of me with grief- like I’m part of a dead thing – I’ve tried to express this but am not understood once again.

    So for now I am just working on the moment. Where the love must always be….❤️

    Hope to see you both again one day. BD does not have the power to end such a beautiful thing.

    Love, Sharada Devi

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