I wrote a whole blog in my sleep last night. I read the entire thing on a screen in my mind right before I woke up in the dark early morning. It was really good writing -too bad I don’t remember any of it…

I do remember thinking that I wish you were real so I had someone who could strike back…I guess I’m really into conflict as a deep psychological spur to my creative process…always rubbing those thighs…who wants to live without heat, be like super mister or miss cool all the time? Not me. I mean, actually I am cool all the time but in a really hot sort of way…hahaha!!!

you know who you are🔥

Bhagavan Das said something to me just now and I replied,” that’s a good line, I like that.” He said to me, “…oh, yes she does…she wants to get her hands on those inner thighs of you…”
(I have admirers💋)

That really says it all. And I’m in both compliance and agreement. Bhagavan Das says I am flirting. I don’t think I’m flirting -I think I was just born as the essence of what a “come on” is- the embodiment of the act of flirting- not an action but a presence- like it’s an invitation to get warm. I have a lot of one liners too-just like a guy at a bar- they all work for me. I get everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I am the creator of one liners- and mine are poetic and make you feel special – inner thigh style-like nobody has to know we went there…ok sweetie?

Also I am 100% sincere. The surge of the mystic is that someone else should be the cushion. Soft and obliging with holy words and cooing. Nothing matches the player if there isn’t a field, catch my drift? It’s a tight handshake- the agreement we make to destroy each other. You call it flirting Bhagavan Das? I call it the strategy of the Lady on Top- we all know who she is- silky thighs, butcher cleaver and all!

And I just write and ramble real subtly to distract you while I head for that goal- your head!- and possibly elsewhere depending on my mood…hahaha…and I don’t mean to be redundant or boring- cliche -like a tight rope walker always getting laid- but no, I’m supposing to make you see my heart in all its many soothing layers- while I fix my sights on that target moving slowly up my leg like a hungry little flea…See? There isn’t anything but this love so Big and Ready -and it doesn’t matter how you label it or express it – it’s real- and my inner thigh just said so! Swat!

What else is there to talk about? I’m tired of talking, let’s DO the word! Let’s drink that poison- drown in that intoxication of the jubilation of annihilation! But, no…you think I’m just another player- and don’t know that I am actually running the gamut – THUNDER THIGHS THAT BOOM! Hit the earth! BOOM!!!

I’ll shake you HARD! Go ahead, get inside…I’ll let you win for a minute…time is on my side remember? And do I prefer the ones with the warmest hands? No! Think again. It’s a riddle straight to the middle. ZZZ =THE END. No more letters…no more words…just the touch of ZZZ. I didn’t say XXX- and that’s because mine is a whole new level- a different floor…AFTER the after hours- was that elevator going up or down? Were you looking when you pushed the button??? Hahahaha. I don’t think you were…

Who cares, I’ll take care of you…
just spread on that butter because I’m hungry. Why is Bhagavan Das always wrong I wonder? Oh! I know – because I’m ALWAYS RIGHT! But I move to the left like a sidewinder- so it’s confusing. Like I said, THE GAMUT.

Read between those lines. The words spoken from between those thighs. Peach Heaven and The Queen has arrived with the Pie…

My Mom emailed me this morning about my blog- and said she thinks you may think I’m serious -and she thinks it’s so funny. Hahaha!
You see? A Peach doesn’t fall far from the tree…

This is how we talk to each other, it’s the best way- undressing in this dance of mimes- words can mean so many things- but I think I’ve made it quite clear that we only stumble because we don’t mean it when we speak them. Heavy handed my letters to you, solemn with each whim of the pen. I see you before me and I write the whole story- everything and everybody that I am, I eventually step on and mostly just squash even the most well meaning guts out -inevitably, you will be beneath me – and sooner than you think. Thunder thighs rule this roost. And I know we can’t always say it like we mean it. And I see that my adorable flirting and inherent implication is like a girl child picking a flower for the boy child she loves…but boys don’t usually love flowers, but isn’t she just darling anyway and isn’t that why he loves her…thats ME. I’ve got all the bases covered for whoever you are. Just order me up online- however you want it dished out- we’ll get you there, no problem…

so my hungry, vicious, climbing fingers pluck the chord of THE COME ON- and it’s the sound of two yearning hearts touching – which is only if you open your ancient soul and hear me COMING ON TO YOU in the peace filled silence of the innocent gift of my eternal windswept love…

its that rush of blood to his cheeks as she hands him her life in the form of the rose that tells her how sweet the sound of two hearts touching can someday be…and it’s that same rush of blood that makes me lick my lips!💋

the inner thigh of the softest skin…
the sun could be rising soon…
there is no time to waste my beloved.

When I woke up up after reading the blog -I woke up inside of a dream and I still had an oval around my head. The quiet murmur of my lover lying next to me still sleeping inside the hue of my body sent me right through the moon roof. Then the chamber door opened and a clear chilling light came through his eyes and so I came back down. “Tinderbox, who turned the knob, why won’t you just forget I’m here?” And in the whisper of the lullaby’s shiver I let him in once again- because there is a promise that I made long ago to those deep blue tears -dripping from the depth of his being-the searching light -quivering waves of me-upon the ceiling of this sea- the night churning urchin, under these blankets- saved by this body of our mingling stars, under this milky soft water of together forever…

because we cannot breath when we are apart -sure it’s a little codependent- this eternal
love -hood…and so then, we also feel that something or someone is drowning as we lie here together…hahaha – so sexy the gamut…and as you can see, I make it so that we’ll never be wrong! No, BD, I’m not flirting again- I’m just delivering the dream…honestly.
Don’t, don’t, you want me? Don’t you want me baby? Admit It.
You know the song…

I think this is it. I’m in this dream and you are my big magic dragon who lives by the love sea. And I’m the fire coming out of your mouth and we own this dream. It’s finally ours…
why wake up…

The secret of the smoke is that someone else should be the fire. The secret of your roaming hand is that it needs somewhere warm to go…so I can be like that picture with footprints in the sand and the person was having a hard time and they thought God left and abandoned them -and the voice was like “No, look at the footprints in the sand- God didn’t let go of your hand- God was carrying you…”

So sweet.

Well, THAT’S ME. SWEET AS A PEACH. Have a little trust, peach lips…

come into my dream and I’ll fade into you faster than you can see the color of my three eyes…I’ll spin red spirals into your every crevice and roar of mad heat…because In my dream dragons can roar by the way…and I have an entire herd of them- or maybe it’s a legion- and in my dream I’m always smiling and wiggling my hips because it gets the job done the fastest. It’s called efficiency -plus I’m a workaholic- GOAL oriented- and always the first one to arrive…

so you can call it flirting if you want Bhagavan Das, I call it mimicking Godhood…just like that hooded cobra sitting behind Buddha when he got enlightened. I am Buddha’s Cobra.
The Lady on Top just waiting…

Sharada Devi

8 thoughts on “THUNDER THIGHS”

  1. Day of the Dakinis, they have come, look up in the sky, they fly in the clouds. They tell me things like “shut up and listen” Just go headless, it’s really more fun, you don’t exist anyway. She sings my song, you can hear her in the tone of my voice. She is in me like the sea surrounds the dome, pump the trump stupid.
    This is the edge of falling into total chaos, the beast is ready, can’t you smell his breath? Who got to do the boggie woggie? The demons are here all over the place, look at the faces of the walmart people. Yin loves yang but can’t find him anymore, just keep looking out of the prision window of your own soul. Shake it hard and harder, break out of the cocoon. Stop and stay in the pain, she is the way and was always the way…… talk to the tree, buddha did, she told him what to do. Snake it up your horney hole and free the sea and float like a lotus. Let her carry your bones before the vultures swoop down and feed on your old meat ball. Just suck it up and sit still……. is this it? Wake up to the real dream, this fake world is nirvana. You are under her feet, be SHIVA.

    1. Gifted rug
      Pulled it out from under
      Amazed and dreaming
      Awake and cut
      Pain pouring in
      A stage with no lights
      That gun isn’t loaded
      Don’t bother
      Middle East leaves
      Crazy free
      For today
      Play on

      Hair curled and matted
      Hanging down
      Howling winds
      Heavy love
      One true
      Until we meet again
      Soul traveler
      Mind unraveler
      Valentines blood
      Hurricane floods

      Down the road
      Up the hill
      Flying below
      Riding still
      Blind folded
      International holy man
      Gods amputee
      Feeding the lost souls
      They’re everywhere

      You have the heart
      Just open it up
      Break it apart
      And put it together again.
      Stump the trump
      Don’t bump
      We need the fax from gods
      Not the political blobs
      Leave it to beaver
      Mother with a cleaver
      Neon hotel
      Next stop
      Bottom of the cup

      Steeped in my bed. I stay strong. The path is ever winding. So many people on the other side of the glass. Just like you and me. Spread me across the universe, land me in the cosmic hearse, no need for a trailer hitch.

      Not alone
      Nothing more
      Play on

      I know I can find the girl from the clouds
      Just look up
      There she is
      Up there
      Running the platform
      Shifting the sands
      Growing the ocean
      Rocking the forest
      Heating up the desert
      Decorating the peyote
      I’ll never look again
      The pain is incurable
      A black never
      On a white laser
      Seared with passions promise

      Birthday cake
      Window lake
      It never ends
      No ones worth saving anymore
      Rattle the halls
      Tear down the walls


      Sun moon stars
      Sun moon stars
      Sun moon and star

  2. no lights…the black out eyed the sky…
    her hesitation telegraphed the desperation…
    butting her head against the walls of my disavowed parts…

    just love me…to make me more comfortable…like when my cousin hugged me at that bar…i loved him but went to pull away after a few seconds…and he held me tighter and pulled me deeper into him…and i felt it…it broke my ego completely and i cried…

    such a beautiful and peaceful funeral parlor…the light speed needed to write interrupts the muse and scatters all contemplative thought…the same hologram transfixing the spellbound eyes of the dead cites derision with the living…as nature above descends and darts and bats its playful wings…

    sunny sandcastles of hazy affect perfect the misty morning in a youthful memories distance…

    forgoting to make the offering before i spoke to her…the sadhana lacked priority…
    poverty didn’t stop the drinking of tequila before sunrise…

    the religious plea bargain perfects the silence of the muffled slavery cry…
    the living dead illuminate with gentle passing touch…
    FINALLY someone who will TALK to us….but they’re already dead…

    can the whoosh as the witch dress parts the air…accelerating straight up into what you can’t remember from dreaming…or was it sleeping…stir your wakefulness…finally…

    will your life curse the seekers of truth…and turn them into the sensationalistic purveyors of injustice…denying the ugliness of reality…denouncing allies…embracing enemies…

    1. She will never let go. just so you know,
      it’s a pact beyond death to us part.
      slither down, melting the freeze of night
      into the open arms of her sunrise smile.
      love doesn’t leave or see differently
      the space between bodies that glow.
      nowhere left to go,
      so lay your head on my shoulder…
      so drop your heart in my lap…
      of course there is no seeking
      of course the curse is a hoax
      it’s just a lonely hand
      reaching desperately for
      the knob…turn and open
      because the truth
      isn’t out there
      and you know
      as white on white would say,
      “I got you right where I want you”

      So Love every day as a limp
      loves a leg. We’re stuck
      moving this thing into

  3. Hisssss
    sizzle and slap
    ZZZ & Zap
    tender reptilian trap
    softly softly
    what’s that I hear?
    a slight slither
    a come hither
    strike lightening
    fervor heightening
    yonder She lies
    Devi known as Thunder Thighs
    larger than life and all that that implies
    Surrender you must
    without compromise
    a message from Momma
    it must prove that she cares
    the lilt of her laughter lingers still in the air’s
    no pretense no lies
    nothing left to justify
    The Holy peach that once was in reach
    is now baked into pies
    hand delivered with Love
    courtesy of
    She with 3 diamond -hued eyes
    if I shed my skin
    will you let me in
    I come without guise
    you can see where I’ve been
    peach juice trickling
    down my chinny chin chin
    your most ardent admirers want more than a thigh
    it’s an all access pass they clamor to win
    can’t you hear their plaintive cry
    Is there room for 1 more
    Can we even the score
    you see truth in love is the goal
    only wanted a piece of your heart
    and maybe baby
    a fraction of your soul
    Be the word that’s seldom heard
    let silence intersect the dialect
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    or maybe I haven’t said enough
    Am I being too perverse
    whoops! this is not how it was rehearsed
    I’ll be the chronic dissenter
    I’ll be the angel in the outfield waiting to catch that high holy pop fly to center
    Strike 3 you’re out
    no worries you see
    It’s the call of the wild
    it’s the way the cobra’s styled
    which way did she go
    when she annihilated her ego
    don’t be sad for the loss
    welcome truth at all costs
    simply the row you must hoe
    You know how to howl right?
    You just put your jaws together and blow

    1. Thank you Radhe for your words of
      clever hope and aimless clarity…
      the muse of the maddening moment-
      wears a cross and a five pointed star.
      isn’t it funny?! telling the truth,
      like its a lie…funny!

      1. laughing laughing
        while we ebb and flow!
        🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊
        Have I told you lately that I love you?
        🏵 ⭐️ ❤️ ⭐️ 🏵

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