This is what I believe in ☀️

The sanctuary of the mother light is the ideal we are dedicating ourselves to manifesting. This sacred space will be beyond just another place to go and meditate, attend a workshop or do a private retreat. this land will be a refuge. for animals, humans, nature spirits. Whoever is in sincere need, will find what they are looking for here, that is our intention.

Sometimes we don’t even know what it is that we need and so we offer the silence and the safety. We offer animals to feed, a garden to cultivate, nature to commune in, spiritual practice to engage in, and a supportive atmosphere of like minded souls. Here we take away the distractions of everyday pressures and social anxieties. This is not a glamorous retreat center in a desirable location. This is an isolated, spacious homestead that offers its simple, abundant love. We do not posture or assume position here, we try to be real. We aren’t practicing the proper way to do yoga, we are becoming yoga. Beyond religion and prestige.

I know only one thing after all these years of spiritual exposure and striving- and that is this- it is a physical thing. Everything is stored in the body, old memories and stuck emotions must go through the body, this is the only path I see. The body is the rainbow. We live in this vessel of flesh, mostly caught in our heads, trying to be someone we are not. Which only taking us further from our hearts no matter how much we pretend otherwise. This body of ours is a divine mystery containing the memory of all experience not only in this life but in countless lives. It is animated by a magical essence that defies any explanation. That essence is the mother light or God.

We need to clear the congestion and stagnation, revive and rejuvenate the body and all else will follow as we are already holy by default. How that process works though is unique for every individual. Yet it always begins and ends in the body. This is why I practice kundalini yoga and consider living, high vibrational foods to be of utmost importance to effect consciousness, this includes the potions we cook up to eat. This is why pranayama and mind training are essential. The breath alone controls the wild mind and this mind of ours is creating everything we experience. We are that powerful.

It’s clear we all have something very beautiful to offer and it’s also clear that the subconscious mind can often sabotage our best intentions and undermine our motivations due to conditioned habit patterns that do not serve our highest love. We must serve our highest love, that is what gives us the light. The only thing keeping us from self mastery is that the subconscious mind hides itself from us while dictating most of our actions. The fact that we are not in control is the first thing that we need to kindly admit to ourselves. We access these dark recesses through the therapeutic use of engaging the body through the various practices and techniques taught by the sages throughout time- and then, it is only a matter of time that we end the servitude to these debilitating patterns and recreate ourselves in our highest potential- one step, one day, one breath at a time. We can do this. We must do this as representatives of a new order for the benefit of all who suffer as we are not separate from anything or anyone.

Support is fundamental as is environment. Like any recipe, it is an equation that get results. This is why If you want to come, to this retreat, to stay on a personal retreat, to live here and learn, to transform your life so that it has a meaning that is clear in your heart, if you want to serve a cause that is a universal necessity at this time, the sanctuary of the mother light is the vessel that your body will become. We must start on the inside, with the physical body and we must end on the inside with the physical body. That is the meaning of birth and death. We are the thing that bridges that gap by our creative force and how we use our will, set our priorities- how high we aspire. We are now in the realm of becoming and preparing, clearing a millennia of karma, actively engaging compassion. This takes purity. A purity that isn’t as simple as it sounds because we all must find that in a different way.

We offer this sanctuary as the catalyst for that vision of you sure to manifest given the love, light and space it needs to grow. We are of this earth and cannot bypass that fact. We are made of the elements. We need the earth to become heavenly, this I know. So we have this humble abode in our possession that we doing our utmost to purchase. We do need help- ranging from seva to donations. We offer what we have to you, should you be someone searching for a grounded, directed and true practice to heal and expand your being.This is a basic ashram without the stipulation of religion but with all the heart of devotion. I hope you come see for yourself how much we all have to give each other.  This is what I believe in. Love. Sharada Devi

For information on staying here, working here, donating your funds/time/skills, or attending the may 17-24 retreat please email or see: ❤️

Soma of the Mother Light Retreat with Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi


7 thoughts on “This is what I believe in ☀️”

  1. 💠
    i am so drawn in to and inspired by this post.
    i want to look at these photos and re-read your words over and over again.
    – intuitive magnetic response
    – visual magic
    – optic poetry
    There is a healing that is stimulated just by the colors alone…
    💛 🧡 ❤️ 💚 💙 💜
    “Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.”
    – Khalil Gibran.
    “Green was the silence, wet was the light… ” – Pablo Neruda
    The essence of the rainbow transcends the limits of the medium through which it is conveyed
    – me

  2. No one delivers it like Sharada Devi, lest we forget the diamond in our faces, piercing our rough, light of the motherland,
    simple and true as the day wanes and the wolves come out she doesn’t move, where are you.

    Silence and wind, pain cold and quiet beat of god.

    Shining face of knowing, waiting. Breath given, taken, her dancing before the scene. Beam of tenderness for the little flower and all that returns.

    1. this made me want to cry, with nothing to say and only love to feel, appreciation for you and the way you don’t leave a mark like I do…and paint walls quietly and peacefully, without complaining…because you know the walls in my world never end…

  3. Her life of compassion for all that have to pass through hell
    and carry the demons hence. There is no escape,
    Thank God for you 🌸

      1. We all know we’re going to die and that we have to take this life seriously.
        I watched an eagle in super slow motion. That is what it feels like- free as long as fate is accepted-
        beautiful, unstoppable, coming for me.
        One hand in the grave and the rest in the air. Feeling tone seems too great, until I let it fall.
        See my face in your light, bring me through life.

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