this immortal coil

Conscious suffering is the awareness of God. The bounds of this mortal coil would have us wrapped around the roots of our pain, serving the seeds of it’s obvious demise without paying attention and so intentionally avoiding the actual tree that we’ve grown from these roots. The tree of life is us. The body can be sanctified or objectified, deified or trashed to hell- this thing called tapas or conscious suffering bleeds out into all aspects of life, everyday we write the book. How we deal with our human suffering in whatever way we’re dealt the hand is the angle of our victory and nothing on the outside that you might judge as the authentic attainment means anything at all. Character development means going all the way down to her face at the bottom of the coil, the coil that lies wrapped at the base of your spine. While she’s asleep, which means we are, someone needs to awaken and say, “wait, I can see there is light at the end of this tunnel…” the light is Shiva who waits for his serpent to become the winged Goddess and rise up from the base of the spine into the heart and merge at the third eye, experience cosmic unity through the crown of the head where he takes her and enthrones her as himself, they are not separate. The path of bhakti is the immortal coil generating bliss at the command center of the human heart where all is seen, known, and accomplished with courage. Unlike the mortal coil, this immortal coil isn’t stuck at the base imprisoned by the grid of mundane duality. Unlike the mortal coil, this immortal coil is free of the flesh’s fears and bound by no man alone. This immortal coil is the omniscient God whose fleshy feet touch this earth and wash the dishes, whose sun kissed eyes bless everyone they look at and whose immaculate voice is the rarified tonal beacon of god’s promise. And we know it and we’ve seen it in those beings who move us and change us forever by merely a smile or the touch of their hand upon our head. The kundalini is the spiritual path and the weaver of tantra. The kundalini is the fiery serpent Goddess who rises. The heat in the spine is the upward radiation of her purifying prana, there are blocks in the nadis and there are three knots or granthis in the spine. These knots are Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra- and these deified focal points of congregated energies correlate with three different chakras areas and specific realms of our life, our being cycle and our past. We can bypass nothing. There is never a loophole because she won’t allow you to wield a power beyond that knot before you’re qualified and so it’s a protective device inherent in her greatness as a protection and karmic adhesive. The kundalini as the sleeping mortal coil roots herself deep in this world where she remains desirous and unhappy- thus when she is awakened and not consciously nourished by spiritual association, behavior and lifestyle adjustments- she is a poison more uncontrollable than any- a fury with vengeance- and this is only because she’s stirring your darkness with more velocity due to the fact that she is no longer sleeping but awake and thrashing like any trapped serpent would who knows the way out is up. The kundalini gets trapped because of these blocks and imbalances and these three knots are not easy to pierce because these knots are held tightly by our karmic bondage and so when we are not consciously suffering and therefore surrendering and adapting to the difficult circumstances this struggle may bring- this struggle intended for our evolution- we only make things much worse, create even more intense karmic bondage and that’s because these are the rules of the game.

Everyone does not have an awakened kundalini obviously and how do you know if you do and if so, how did it get awakened? Symptoms of kundalini vary from individual to individual and
the symptoms change depending on where the prana is being directed- a heat rising up the spine, a rocking sensation in the body are two very basic universal indicators, the rest you can research on your own. You can be born with kundalini awakened from prior life spiritual practice, you can have it awakened by a master,
it’s always astrological determinant- Rahu Ketu along with planets such as Uranus and Pluto can help show predisposition. It’s also inherent in the genes as to the current your nervous system can withstand. It is raw sexual power- it’s the wattage, the voltage you are born with to a certain degree that pretty much shows your electrical capacity in this lifetime. You can’t jump the circuit and the kundalini is self regulating.
You can go on forever in the kundalini prison camp- or you can suffer consciously as the price and solution to all needless pain. You need it or you wouldn’t have it- what you do with the ingredients for your karmic soup is up to you- and if you’re wise you’ll recognize the blessing and do something bigger than this little so called life we tend to accept as “doable, tolerable, I’m happy, that’s life.” Yeah right! It’s not life that feeds anything but servitude- because you never broke down the walls of fear that hold you captive.

Humans literally have a mental illness as a cosmic disease that makes them compelled to seek a boss, a prison camp of their very own, ways to hurt themselves to hide the real pain and other people called friends and family to support and reinforce the mental illness. We need a strict government, a coddling mommy and yes even a rich Guru to tell us what to do, how to be an acceptable person- so that we can be certain our prison camp of government, religion and family is secure. Please! A true Guru is all you need and only if you think so- because if you don’t think so- you don’t yet need- and a Guru is only working for the Goddess kundalini in you anyway- clarifying, supporting and encouraging her rise to Shiva. Devotion to the Guru strengthens the kundalini because ideally we see the Guru as the embodiment of the deity and this embodiment is representive of Shiva who is her destination- and so by externalizing this attraction that is actually occurring within strengthens and inspires kundalini Shakti to purify purify purity and rise! The Guru symbolizes everything that is liberating for her and she becomes extremely magic in the presence of the Guru when you have potent devotion. The Guru is her vessel for you and can’t you now see the magical equation and God it’s never about the individual person- even in the form of the Guru- it’s only about the grand spiral, this immortal coil- who spins within the Guru tatwa making immortal Gods out of mortal men.

The red Goddess is the supreme focus of life because she is the path to him who is Shiva the white. When the two merge, the minds and hearts of Guru and disciple, of Shiva and Shakti- God is made.

Tantra Bhakti Bliss Boom.

The one who ever was is now.

Time Immortal.

You may be experiencing her ascent because you are ready at a soul determined evolutionary level- and because the earth is in a magnetic shift that is accelerating this transmission- it’s getting really hot inside and out- and so remember, like any smart game in maya’s world, the higher the level, the harder it becomes to transition to the next level. This is absolutely only thing that is real. The kundalini is the ONLY thing real about us. The enduring spiral that is God is what comes into the body and what leaves the body- the place we end up at our time of death is totally contingent on the hole the kundalini most easily can pop out of- and for most humans it will be the anus or genitals at best and this is the reason people defecate and urinate the moment they die- the energy leaves and they are now bound in the karmic realms of where those chakras lead- like a doorway- sexual misconduct or repression-same problem- survival fears- sense pleasures -all the ordinary issues of this mortal coil- they lead to realms that are lower than the human realm- hell realms, animal realms etc. We came to earth to realize that we are Christ, Krishna, Avalokateshwara- and this means we came here to release the shackles of selfishness based on fear and to live in our hearts and flip on the switch of our God given halo. Everyone has wings and when the kundalini rises into your heart you can feel the etheric wings open and begin to lift you from the ground of this heaviness called gravity. The grave is a heavy reminder of what we haven’t yet done. What we haven’t yet done is let go and let God. Let go and let God is conscious and thankful suffering that you can blame on the kundalini but this Goddess has merely opened another door into a new room of you with many skeletons waiting in the closet. She has always been there for us, she never leaves but she haunts and she spooks and she triggers the ascent of the demons we hide so that when they peep out of their holes she can kill them. We may not like it, but until we are awakened into the Mother Light we are possessed by things -things which are not us-and we feed these things and they suck us dry and leave us hollow in the worst way. The divine serpent kundalini as the immortal coil is more wrathful than any demon could ever be- if she was not wrathful she could not fight fire with fire. These blocks poison us like a serious infection would and the poisons that emanate infect our entire lives as the face of various uncontrollable horrors-addictions, abuse, chronic illness etc.

We say “don’t writhe” while she’s doing her work but instead be aware and therefore thankful because the astral detox is over much faster that way. We say stop reacting and have a better attitude because your new shine will come faster. We say create merit because merit enables us to meet the people and circumstances that will nourish, fortify and help to purify the kundalini. Kundalini is a magnetic force and one kundalini activates and stimulates another kundalini- so people with awakened and potent kundalini power awaken our kundalini and stimulate her actions and therefore her ascent into self mastery. All siddhis, all supernatural occurrence, all psychic phenomena, all spiritual realization- all the sadhana of the masters in whatever tradition, including Christianity is solely based on the enlightening power of the risen kundalini. The kundalini is the power of enlightenment and she alone grants liberation. She is the Goddess of wisdom inherent in the electrical lightening rod of this erected serpent. The serpent then enters the heart realm and grows wings and rises into the euphoria of heaven. Rahu and Ketu are the path of the serpent. The caduceus is the healing staff of God- the caduceus is the solar and lunar nadis wrapped around the sushumna nadi- or middle path. The middle path is yoga, liberation and what the Buddha meant by taking the middle way- he did not mean- “take it easy on yourself-a little of this, a little of that- don’t be too extreme” – no he meant “tantra is the way.”

Middle path: The sushumna exists as the central channel that is the intended path for our greater evolution. The eclipsing of duality creates neutrality which is release from samsaric delusion of separation when we merge at the heart and ascend into the thousand petaled lotus at the crown at which point the Mother Light is activated and floods us with God soma and the descending kundalini can finally fill the chalice with new sanctified spiritualized blood- the bound serpent who used to be us as the acting out of confusion that we were a fearful, dying ego is now the humanization of deification of everything we came here to do. The ring of Dharma now sits upon your head as a crown of saintly light in this dim world and you prosper as God regardless of anything external because the kingdom of heaven is within and you are now walking amongst men as heaven on earth. Amen.

We have met here on earth in a time of utter darkness and this darkness was caused and is propitiated exclusively through the shaming, perverting and destroying of sexuality. Sexual energy is the fuel for enlightenment period. Sexual potency is the glow of Christ’s halo and what allows a yogi to fly. Sexuality and the purification of it’s focus which is God and it’s function which is Godhood. The sound current is the vibration of kundalini’s light and therefore mantras given though initiation are the most effective way to cherish her awareness of her divinity so that we might surrender and she might break us out of our self imposed energetic prisons that are called chakras, where our karmas reside depending on frequency. So those of us that have had difficult lives and yet seek a higher power should strive to remember her grace through sacred mantric language…

and when I talk about the planets and corresponding deities – Rahu Ketu Saturn Venus Dhumavati Kali Shiva etc- it’s all about the kundalini and how she behaves while she’s attempting to liberate you from samsaric bondage. Kali isn’t ugly, if you see her as such-black death and drooling blood it’s all about you and how she’s facing you from the inside out. The universal Mother is all love and only love. We are the problem when we fear the mercy of the Mother Light, whose light hurts because we’re hiding in darkness. We all hide and that’s part of creation. Ramakrishna said, “Kali is always playing hide and seek with herself.” And so I say it’s all beautiful and lets change our perspective when we forget that- but I also say let’s not pretend there are not consequences for our actions and that we can make progress by spiritual bypassing meaning looking for loopholes as a way to avoid the inevitable need for change and expansion of courage- whether through environment, circumstance, unhealthy disconnected relationship, hiding behind others as an excuse- and the list goes on. How long will we exacerbate the problem we so cleverly and skillfully build our day around and ignore?

And I realize I can come on strong and I do not think I know it all. I’m doing my best. I fell to earth, I got sucked in, I’ve paid heavy prices for whatever I’ve done, I made the vow, I’ve learned the hard way for the sake of all- and so I understand the treacherous confusion and the feeling of utter hopeless- no way out of this mess- bondage- stuck in a bad place- and how long it will take us to get out isn’t a magical equation- freedom is always in our reach- it’s all in your head, these excuses…

we can only be helped to move forward when we actually take a step to move forward. I say this because I see so many people who seem to love God more than this world and yet the fear of the unknown is a bit stronger than the love and this phantom fear and so stops them dead in their already well worn tracks. What I’m saying is that I believe that you are not stuck where you are, you actually want to be there for whatever the reason and- if you aren’t happy- and you and your wife or husband are living in opposing realities this could be something to look at inside yourself because this husband wife dynamic is the Shiva Shakti of your internal dynamic as well- and maybe instead of thinking that money or children are the bondage you’ve been dealt- maybe this bondage is something greedy or childish inside of your conditioned head. Or if you feel that material or circumstantial issues binds you to the prison of an office or abusive working environment -it’s not true- you should do what makes you feel fulfilled and alive no matter what the dull sacrifice, it’s not worth the price you’re going to ultimately pay for making the safer, fearful tradeoff for now. This life is your creation and self love and faith in yourself alone will move every mountain, every time.

It’s hard to watch people swim around in a gold fish bowl when they probably don’t need to. And I’m not butting in, people tell me their problems every single day and want my help- and what can I do but try to help- yet it has been her lesson to me also- I’ve come to learn time after time that it’s not help- meaning getting unstuck- that people really want- because that makes me “mean and unreasonable” it’s 100% of the time so far- just coddling, reinforcing of dependency and more mommy attention they really want. It’s such a kaleidoscope prism of strangeness, facemaking, role playing and projection I feel I’ll go insane at times- but no, I breath deeply, take the heat and persevere…what else is there?

And in the midst of it all and because of it all- I get disliked by many as the serpent won’t lie to herself anymore…and yet I go on and on strengthening my resolve because that’s all this is, “become as strong as steel and as steady as stone.” And I’m there for you even though it feels totally futile to me- because what you don’t know will actually hurt you. What you ignore is a lie, compulsive lying is ignoring the results of your actions and pretending it’s someone else’s fault or problem. What I am saying is that the kundalini both blesses us with the light and curses us with the light as well. Whether it’s a blessing or curse depends on attitude, altitude and agility.

If you have the good karma of having an awakened kundalini you might consider my words because she will destroy you out of sheer endlessly devoted love -and it’s true. She must kill the thing that stops her and you- from her’s and so your’s- Beloved. That’s why they all say, “die daily, die while still alive.” Because that’s what she requires should you have peace- surrender and submit to the fulfillment of your own liberation. We only fight ourselves who come as the other. Choose the right “others” in your life should you move up or down the chasm of the snake, the axis of ecstasy requires a leap of quantum proportion.

This is all I can keep saying, this world is a powerful wielder of supposed beliefs, confining philosophies, none of which are true. Satsang, communion, proper lifestyle adaptation and the blessing of the Guru are what it takes as far as I can tell. Like I said, I only can speak of myself and without the grace of the Guru I would be dead. How do we find, meet, know, realize, understand, accept, surrender, and merge with the Guru? Well for me and most, you must see it to be it. Human form allows you to magnetize God in action. God in action is none other than the Guru’s hand. God in disguise revealed is the Guru’s eyes and God as protection and remedy is the Guru’s presence. Physical presence of the embodiment of kundalini’s grace is the Guru. It’s not words, it’s their electrical current that rose and so will make yours rise. It’s as simple as that -stay there, stay still and stay patient. Trust and devotion- there’s never been another way in any tradition ever- and your spiritual purification is dependent  upon the electrical voltage of the Guru’s kundalini and is sustained by faith, trust, devotion and commitment.

How many of these tantric adepts with such powerful kundalini presence are there in US? Only a handful that I am aware. How do I know this- because the kundalini acts as a gauge, a barometer and she can immediately tell the presence and determine the vibrational condition of any awakened kundalini that comes into her proximity. This is really about the Goddess’s having a conversation. Whether or not you hear it is dependent on your subtly. I talk to people out of body- physically all the time and they tell me everything they won’t say to me in an email or in person- it’s telepathic and we all do it- astral travel, remote viewing, ESP- we all have these abilities and it’s because of and dependent upon our relationship to the Goddess within us. Basically when you embody her in the highest sense- and she isn’t all kinked up in your lower chakras- and therefore your ego has been sufficiently subdued- she does everything and knows everything- you are merely her dancing glorious body. You don’t have to be perfect but relentlessly flowing- meaning actively purifying- and you don’t have to have a throne anywhere but in your heart. Goddess kundalini is the creative power of life- she writes the great words through us and she sings the great songs through us- she invents and inspires through us and she carries us through across the stormy sea into the pure land of bliss.

Ramakrishna said there are three prime ways to create as God creates- procreation-as the physical act of baby making which involves very limited awareness- or creating beauty through art which she loves to do- or creating ourselves in the image of God- becoming God- who she actually is.

Couldn’t we then aspire to become this deity simply by moving out of our own way? Couldn’t we then create the inspired art of the coming golden age by being the vessel of the muse through poetry, music and dance? And in this way couldn’t we then transmute all the sludge of humanity’s useless, disowned ignorance into sublime and radiant testimonies of the beauty of life? Couldn’t we just really become the divine art? Aren’t we willing to let go and let god and so “simply be” here as me? A solid death brings a buoyant life and not vice versa. Spiritual death, being born again means rising from death’s ashes. Being baptized in the holy waters of soma is what I mean. Resurrection in the Mother Light.

If we could die now, we could finally begin to breath deeply and truly live for the first time. We could finally see our life and feel and smell and experience the Goddess through her vivid colors and her music- we could hear her laughing in the wind and we could recite her poetry deep into the silent night. We could dance like a gazelle, we could glide like satin upon this rough world no longer a furrowed victim of gravity and no longer lonely, but finally Beloved.

Om Namah Shivaya means,
“shut up and do it.”


Om Kreem Kalikaye Namaha.

Sharada Devi

3 thoughts on “this immortal coil”

  1. “Shut up and do it”
    The teaching of the blue throated One.
    I am seeing lapis and turquoise and realize that there is so much work to be done as the timeless hour keeps getting later and later. It feels like my throat is the blocked chakra that needs to become healed in so many aspects of becoming set free. I suppose it is linked to 7th / 8th house issues and Pluto…?
    I love to sing and do sing often, but it has always felt like there is something restricting full on release. Lately i have been singing or chanting mantras internally instead of vocally. And wonder if that is not as effective as creating the sacred sounds out loud? Actually, i have been keeping more and more silent these days.
    focusing on less literal / head and more open / heart – but the throat is right there in-between.

    1. Manas Japa- meaning silent repetition is the most powerful form actually. You’re probably silent because of your father- men- and the secrets you keep and the self censorship that has been required for you to survive…
      but don’t you worry, we’re going to change all that come June- you just ask Kamala Devi- she knows- she was as quiet as a little mouse but not any more…she will be there in June too…✨❤️✨

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