There is only one action

I ask myself what does it all mean? I ask myself from the deepest place. And I lay in the dark pre-dawn room waiting for the light to rise. Do I believe in what I am doing? What exactly am I doing? I go down a silent list of my basic outline as a human from the place I am aware. Humans have always been this way. What are you doing? Do you really believe in these mantas you chant- in any of it? The answer was no. Then the answer was obvious. It is not the techniques that mean anything, it is the connection that is important. The connection to my own voice and what that mantra symbolizes. Our experience of anything is only a byproduct of ourselves. How we churn and assimilate is everything. This moment is very important. Everything I touch sparkles for my attention. Once I asked that question so deeply, the meaninglessness of nearly every action became very clear- THERE IS ONLY ONE ACTION. In every single move I make- will I believe in God that is absolutely saturating this place? Me, especially. Will I believe when I have been cut off,  ostracized, penalized, betrayed? Will I believe when other humans become my problem? Will I believe when the trash strewn along the forest road sends a panic through my body? Will I believe when failure seems to be my mastery? Will I believe from a source so much deeper than my surface insanity- enough to remember and blunt out the stupid waste of thinking about useless things- problem solving, solutions to outer affairs? Do I believe in myself basically- whatever and whoever that is- minus all the turbulence of a world perfectly as it is- as it has always been, which is -in the process of purifying.  It is not purified, it is in process. That is why we are here. It is not meant to ever be perfectly as we wish it to be. You have a voice, don’t ever let anyone drown you out. However, to attempt to use that voice to effect the outside will only create frustration if you expect results. Because as it stands, this world is perfectly as it is. Meaning, every moment sparkles for our attention as a being and as a species. I believe in getting close to home. I believe that home must be at the core of myself. To get there I must pass through much misconception which will cause suffering, frustration and upheaval. It goes with the territory. I am not here to correct or enforce the law upon another, because judging is ignorant. I see that pulling toward the center and facing the way it is- is paramount to freedom. We can feel helpless, then falsely empowered- it is all due to collapse whenever we look outward rather than inward. It seems to take tremendous reinforcement and self discipline to realize where salvation will only ever lie. As I pour the water, as I take a step, as I turn the knob, as I sing the song, as I take a bite, as I listen. The moment is simply enlightenment itself. It’s fragile, it’s subtle, it’s clearly God’s body. I ask myself, what do I have to offer exactly? Myself- and that’s enough. Myself to myself- and that will have to be the path. Nothing fancy or entertaining. I wrote a song and the only lines I could hear were “A thousand summers ago…where were you? A thousand summers ago, under this night sky. Where were you?” When I just keep going deeper and lower and breaking it all down- the truth is just seen in the emptiness of the heart. The heart desperately wants to help all the pain it sees, “out there.” In this way it is the realm of purifying in process. We are not wrong to care. There is no way we cannot care. Yet, until we follow the tracks we will think it’s some other person, some other time, some other place, some other answer. Rather than ourselves actually being the only solvable problem. We cannot ever totally effect this place outwardly. It will remain in process. The salvation lies in me. Me entering me. Further and further inward and onward down the long forgotten halls…wandering and wandering. Searching for God with all these names and numbers until FLASH! This is it, again and again. Repetition creates perfection. Come back to the sparkle of the love ever present no matter how bad it feels, because it isn’t bad at all. It’s just my imagination because of all those hallways and echoes…searching only for me with all that longing. Humans are very emotional creatures. The power we carry is in those emotions. Our redemption lies only in the fact that the mind will eventually collapse upon itself. And when it does, FLASH! You had it all along. Believe in easy things, focus on the task at hand as if you were serving God as you and everything. Because that’s what I found at the bottom of the belief. Why I do what I do. The only thing left to do is to shine the lens of perception. There is only one action, you. Sharada Devi

17 thoughts on “There is only one action”

  1. Every action, tears. Every drop, pain. Every drying tear, relief- looking up. The light, resting… to rise again. One foot, falling. One. One. It feels like touching your hand.
    good song
    And picture- Simple flower- too quiet for the exclamation that it deserves.

    1. Thank you for always being there.

      If I could combine the power of the sun and a rock- that would be you.

      Thank God for you in my life!


          1. the jewel is in the lotus the jewel is in the lotus the jewel is in the lotus….

            in my dream head I was told to follow it there.

          2. A thousand petals
            Like a thousand waves.
            As you sit at the beach,
            The jewel is the heartbreaking
            Peace that holds it all

          3. the mysterious peace
            that holds us all.

            down by the sea,
            when the shore and the waves
            seem as one.

            up toward the moon,
            where the silvery shadow
            dances all alone…

            there is no crashing, somehow.
            there is no total darkness, yet.

            just the sounds and swooning,
            the mist and the cry of far off
            invisible birds….

            the mysterious charm of daily affairs,
            could be more if we let it-

            the dream scape sweep in,
            the dreary wash away.

            so sit silently,
            hollow. waiting.
            to be filled.

            lifted, given wings.

            this boring day
            is no ordinary day.

            it just can’t be.

            not when these things go on,

            the mystery is inside.
            this echo, this echo has a face.
            and a mind that turns over.

            and a heart that can’t be fooled.

            we are talking about dusk, and shells,
            and the sea returning to itself.

          4. The medicine, as it’s called, that you write, meets my lonely face. I just happen to feel it in my heart.

          5. thank you.
            heart shaman.
            listening to what’s said,
            is different than simply reading.

            this you know and yet you stay.
            it’s a hard road, the peaceful warrior
            road that is strewn with casualties
            and covered in meaning.

            you said I was important a little while ago and I said, “No, I’m not.” But you were right I am important, because you are…and so the road goes on lonelier and lonelier still.

            And yet we have each other, silently and
            mysteriously…like the sun and moon whose face can be seen upon the water….

            like the space and the hum that fills it….

          6. Listening to that song
            That you don’t like, that you posted.
            Because I feel things.
            Like water when you move

  2. Yes! “You had it all along. Believe in easy things..”
    You bet.
    I let go
    Living every day
    in complete harmony with my my heart
    I go WITH the FLOW
    NOT against it
    I live NOW…
    If I get sick. OK.
    If I die. Okay.
    I am OKAY with ALL of it.
    I have NO regrets.
    Om Mani Padme Hum

    1. Well,
      I hope you don’t get sick…or die,
      anytime soon!

      Flow, it’s good to go new places.
      Have fun!

      experiment with life…

  3. Everything I want to hide from the world is what I should be showing TO the world. Let us all show the world our perfect imperfections. Let’s show our flaws, expose ourselves. Let’s be confident to be authentic and vulnerable….Let’s share and not hide ourselves…all of it. Let’s show the world how imperfect we are….and how we are still okay with it.

    I refuse to experience emotion with shame or guilt. Sometimes I feel like a rebel. I always follow my heart. I do what I want. I do not do whatever anyone else thinks I should do.

    I have broken out of the matrix. Broken out of what family thinks I should have done or do….broken out of what friends thought I should do. I venture into the unknown. I venture into unexplored territories. I step outside my comfort zone. If it does not scare me enough….it’s not going to help me grow. I gotta be scared…yes…scared! That means I am stepping out of my comfort zone…..

    I am not going to do things so people will like me. Or do things just to make me feel SECURE. I examine what I FEEL is right for me…and then, god willing, I have the courage to just do it.

    1. Because you’re a real warrior!
      This is what everyone needs to do.

      I heard someone say, “fear and pain precede every breakthrough”

      I say-
      “To avoid that fear and pain is not only to not ever spread your wings, but to be in denial that you were born to fly.”

      The world needs real leaders not blind followers- no matter how noble the cause!

      There are no loopholes either.
      There aren’t many real leaders either.
      Who will show up I wonder?

      Even now?

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