the wobbly process of love

We need true peace. We need the power of that peace to transform the world we find ourselves in, together- and as individuals. There is no time for complacency, the call is urgent and clear. People are angry and afraid, let’s not be one of those people, let us enter the deepest parts of ourselves and heal this world from the inside out. This is a collective effort hinging on the clarity of each person. The consciousness becomes rarified when we turn the light inward, on ourselves. The solutions are there and only there. Never can we solve anything but by reaching the roots. This Mount Shasta Retreat will be different than the others. It’s a guided journey inward, it’s not about any stage on the outside but the stage on the inside. There must be joy and balance. We will enter the silence of the soul and then the ecstasy of that sound, over and over. A transformation will occur. This is a collective calling. When people come together for a cause a great healing power is generated. Yes, people are protesting and yes people are meditating. People are crying and people are singing. Within each person this all is occurring. The Mount Shasta Retreat is about wielding the greatest power for the greatest cure. Love isn’t easy to reach somehow, sometimes. The love I mean is the love that rises inside the dark places like a flame that cannot be extinguished. The love that vanquishes the suffering. The love that soothes and is ever present, once the noise on the outside subsides. That is where the music, the song and the dance are born from. That is the natural state of being the vessel of truth. The truth is, big love is waiting and this big love needs a voice and a body. This love is way bigger than us as individuals- but we can tap into it and we can ride the wave and we can embody it’s grace. This is the path of discipleship, not to a person but to an ideal discipline that you yourself must discover. This is way the jewel begins to turn and cast its rainbow life on the world all around us. To purify the mind and use the voice as if it were the body of Avalokateshvara himself. As if you are Tara, his tear of compassion. The music the song and dance are heard in the celestial silence. We are the receivers, the translators, and the modern day prophets of harmony.

Come to Mount Shasta and begin again in a new way. A way that you can keep going long after the retreat is over. We must keep going if the world is to heal, if we are to be the ones who listen to the calling. We must hear very deeply to harness our full and complete power of grace. We must release the fear to release the full power of our love. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. This retreat is for renewal and growth for all who have touched their personal suffering enough to want to change it from the inside. Through the daily practices we will develop more patience, compassion, empathy and wisdom as we tear down the veils of apathy and aversion. The intention and aspiration is for positive transformational social change at the deepest layers of mind. We must take full responsibility for how powerful our minds are. This is positive and affirmative action!
Your tears are the rain. This earth is your body. Your voice create everything.
Mount Shasta Aug 5-11
$540 includes food and accommodations
$108 deposit required and balance due by 7/25 to sign up
Love, Sharada Devi
this is the song recording💕

2 thoughts on “the wobbly process of love”

    Heading east to clear out my home. My long term renter is leaving. I am giving ALL of my furniture away to my family and auctioneer. Old pieces up to 350 years old. Super hoping my young family members will take all.
    Will spend the month of July, clearing ALL furniture out, sanding floors, cleaning fireplace, painting inside/out, general cleaning, new appliances….and interviewing potential new renters…. Om Mani Padme Hum.
    Hoping to be back on the west coast early August! or not.. Maine may be in my future….and / or Canada.
    Letting go of all my furniture that has been in family for hundreds of years FEELS REALLY GOOD! Some pieces were handcrafted by my great grandfather! My nieces and nephews will inherit beautiful pieces….yes…material objects…but objects made with LOVE! An old piano from 1802 that was my great grandfather’s. It was made into a desk with hand carved floral legs. My father made a grandfather clock for ME….he chose my favorite wood (walnut) and style (mission) to handcraft the perfect piece and my youngest niece is yearning for it. Yes…material OBJECTS that will eventually DISappear. I will keep the lovely violin that has been in the fam for 400 years. It is why I took up violin in 1969. Om Mani Padme Hum.
    A friend has asked me to visit her in Maine…I lived there for four years in the early 80s and loved it ….I will go…and camp on her land. She has 100 acres of unspoiled land. Om Mani Padme Hum. Perhaps I will live there and not return until the fall….or who knows??? II will just GO WITH THE FLOW of GOD. I am the WIND always. THIS is the ONLY thing that is important. I will live IN the moment. A friend will live in my home in CA and care for my senior cat. Om Mani Padme Hum. She is super old and may die and this has me worried that I may not be with her…but what is life? To cling?
    I am ONE with ALL. And will go from moment to moment. This is ALL that I can do…
    I may buy a large vehicle to traverse the country west if I can find what I am looking for…but if not….it is okay….
    My friend in Netherlands calls to me….but I say wait….he says “WHY?” Only the MOMENT holds the truth.
    Today is today….that is the only truth…THIS MOMENT.
    Om Mani Padme Hum

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