the skinless yoga of you

UFO. Alien abduction, seduction…yoga baby, send his love to me…

Bhagavan Das says I was impregnated by an ET in Crestone, Colorado. Not recently, this was a few years back, but I think he’s right. They came to take the baby, hybrid, which is fine, I never wanted kids anyway. They’ve been taking me up, molesting me since I was a baby. I’m used to their white translucent faces, the way they don’t talk or smile -ever- they put words in your head and feelings inside you so that you know where you stand. Before I leave, they always erase me, but I remember little bits and pieces of him, I’m crazy because of it, in case you always wondered what was not so right about me, I’m kind of all wrong, so wrong I know everything, and as a matter of fact, my supernatural powers come from my intercourse with the aliens. It’s cool, they’re neat and spidery strange, I’ve known them so long, it all seems like home. OM, that’s how I hear them coming. So I’ve been trying to cover it all up, playing along, doing the earthling yoga thing, what else? Actually I’ve been doing “yoga” since I was twenty. I’m also a yoga teacher in case you didn’t know. I left that behind because I hate, yes hate, yoga studios. I keep trying to talk myself into teaching a class to be helpful to others but the idea of being a part of that two faced humanoid world, smiling, saying hi, or even worse, namaste, makes me cringe beyond repair. I despise the spiritual materialism world, I would much rather be with a car mechanic or a guy changing tires…even a weight lifter at golds gym. I feel kind of bad, torn, the yoga helps, but I cannot fake anything, it’s too hard to pretend for these sweet, shadow cloned people. Touch your toes, feel the sensual gratification only flexibility can bring…it really does disgust me, the mockery, and it’s not anyone’s fault but mine, no judgement only a display of my extraterrestrial wisdom. I’m just off the earth clock, waiting for the alien undertow, which, while psychically horrifying, is something far more mystical than downward facing dog with an OM sign on my ass…Om for you, I offer the breach from this outer space birth, out of this world for sure and it’s odd…I started writing because they put words in my head, back and forth hearing the messages, in a stream of invisible nearly alien me, by association of course, words jump between my fingers, keyboard groans, you again? Yes, and I’ve got a wild message for my hybrid baby lover who lives inside these words and out of this world. My other world where I keep you whole, me and you, piece by piece, sun and moon, no one knocking, home a lock of witchcraft hair, I’m always waiting for my alien other…half of me, timeless me, I wore a claw, peaking beneath the heart of you, tendrils, oh my home before, the faithless other. Broken shell, gone. They say only the lonely can know me, inside of us both she conspires. I hear you climbing down me, no wings only branches. UFO, I missed you, didn’t know you, felt nothing but sparks. Times passes while you think of me, all the ways of getting high, I am a drug feeding asylum, a perched up paradise for towers like you. Without a second thought, swoop upon the little scurrying madness, he thinks of me, everyday while he watches her fly, over him, me the one carrying a sharp object. Alien, I could feed you, you know, open arms like a canopy, blanket me, it’s always warm beneath secrets. I’ve hidden from you, sparkling midnight, from afar all would seem peaceful. Me on the rim of a broken you, open, and you on the branch forgetting it’s me. Funny, before I thought time could turn us into something else more lucid than this, I would inhale. You, clearly the one who broke the spell open, exhale inside of me, newborn. UFO, I hear the world, down below, above your silent eyes spreading. Inside where it happens, caverns seeping at night, bright beam of my soul through the ocean floor, a craft without walls, spread open to blue heavy space. If stars could tell secrets, if I could move oceans, if every touch grew wings that would let us fly on forever, if you only knew that I can, actually have you, all in black, you wearing my secrets. I wore a beak, you wore a sickle, I wore a claw, you wore a dark mask. Over your face, hiding me behind you, the sacrificial body of moonlight, the soft sweeping lamb. Alien, It doesn’t get any colder than this, you know you love me, there is nothing left but goodbye. Gasping, tearing, climbing down, flapping, ripping, covering every speck of light skin, I am not a beast any more than you are a white figure shrouded in black, tall with no face. Movement, stars a rapid flutter, sequence, withheld, my beloved tunnel of eyes. Softly, cuddling the one at the bottom who fell, broke everything you said…promise me the hot breath of no more me…you said everything counts and seconds seem like minutes when we’re down and out, inside the wound of the other. Me. Yes, he hurt me and I grovel without a home, besides his warm shadow, I have nowhere to go. UFO I hid from you words in these seeds, love dug our graves into the center of the earth, where the first fire formed and we knew we were old flames, yes I remember the haunting of flesh. ‘Tis always the ring seamlessly taking another lover as if the last didn’t count, of course I remember you, a cloud covering me lightless, weightless, only gold. Carrying a concealed weapon, danger takes a turn and moves through the door, leaving the weaving up to me, who could kill the already dead, I, the magical thread, could love you as much as that…wave after wave of me. Spoken as one who kneels at your feet, you see my vessel, worship is surrendering us both to the white sky, where only black is seen as then, unclothed and summoned, as something else where someone else waits, for me. But it’s only you, but I hold you in my pocket, but I know how much you’re worth…as a nothing grinding slowly away at the force. Alien, my treasure in your chest, OM smells like fire and jasmine, blue remains, opal, empty, sounds of your red heart in my ear, my testimony we’re still here, alive on the floor of this shapeless desert house, naked dreamer don’t sell me again…

my love, yes the action, is you spread over me, riches, I was blind and now I see, divine epiphany. Pleasure dome, whip across my back, needles in a jar. Hopeless home, yes the words, loving me away, taking everything I held as you, open arms, the sorrow of loss, betrayal, love struck, lightening the christ load, other heavenly body, these corpses I have many, eaten alive by me myself, don’t you wish I would, touch me, not another word out of you, backlash, back drop, baby doll sweetheart, shoeless. I mean it all as if I’ve snapped, it’s too much to notice why or how, eye contact, skin on skin, only in the ethers, astral kisses, transmigration of the soul. Lost in me, only home as Om, the erotic mind warp, the spreading of sensual germs, sweat, salt and tears, eventually we all must go into bliss, tongue tied or not, I taste every smear of you. UFO, this is about doing the right thing, the fight thing, the bodies toppling down with a crash, high on love, my tender drug, you know I’m not cheap or easy. Poetry gets the heart of me stirring…looking for you in every way this could go, on and on until, timber, I’m over you in a flash. Snapshot, perfect alignment. She meant everything to him in a locket around my neck, nothing left but treading swamp waters blessed with my imagination, you aren’t here, I’m not anywhere. Broken shells who hear each other, fill me with enough. Alien, bend me into…

the skinless yoga of you.
Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “the skinless yoga of you”

  1. ☀️☀️ ☀️☀️☀️☀️ maybe baby, family portrait taken with the camera obscura, did the hybrid get thrown out with the bathwater. earth day always, earthling in subtle haze ,
    birds sing butterfly wings, flutter, head spin speed of light up all night everything’s bright, breathing white seeing green vice grip head electrically sped, thoughts flicker explode and die – POOF -vibration is the name of the game
    am i playing with a full deck? paradigm shift, get my drift? Your’e in my head again writing words that i just said… chop chop chop put it in the pot jalepeno drip fingers lick hot lips salty fingers oily taste of the northern seas – YUM -hum hum hum , seize me please don’t rock the boat or you’ll fall in the moat the castle is crumbling (don’t tell the king) getting used to the sound of a constant ring ears hear what do they say? who knows -I’m really not in today. what the heck a thunderbolt has crash dived into the back of my neck. how high is the sky how high am i? sip and sup drink it all up – yup yup yup in one hole and out the other washing clothes to clothe my brother spin cycle recycle make new be true tried and true who are you? get rid of the excess making due with just these few. a change is in the air it’s the grace of god who brings the turning tide, parting of old ways, breaking the waves, give me oil in my lamp. keep me burning burning burning mantra becomes the method. the mind needs a long vacation, a solitary space ready set go. the race is on and i’m sitting very still, fill the heart cave with endless OM welcome home.

    1. you REALLY DID IT!!! Fast as lightening,
      no second guess. As Chogyam Trungpa said,
      “First thought, best thought.” OM

      Family reunion on star 9. Coming OM.
      Great writing free styling wild open
      winded witches brew, obviously food for you.
      It’s just the time for getting high,
      Hare Krishna 🦋

  2. Have you seen the white dog she asks
    No i havnt im too busy feeding the black one
    For you id feed any dog
    om spider om
    And a boom chicka broom
    Hatched the psychedelic bunny egg
    Of yoga class bhagan
    While i dry my blind sundays best

    1. my dear friend Jesse!
      so creative, happy to talk
      to you and hope you’re doing
      great, all is upheld by faith,
      black dog fed, white dog found.
      Love. Bless the dogs all around!

  3. 😊 ⚡️ 💚 🕉 ☄️ ✨
    ☀️☀️ ☀️☀️☀️☀️ ☀️
    💠 Hare Krishna 💠

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