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Mother Night Retreat with Sharada Devi
Come Back To Mount Shasta!
AUG 5-11, 2020


❤️back to nature, back to soul, back to the body and earth…

❤️ back to the sky,
❤️ back to heart,
❤️ back to the tears and the smiles.
❤️ back to the primal,
❤️ back to the moon,
❤️ back to the wolves and the witches.
❤️ back to the roots,
❤️ back to the seeds,
❤️ back to the tribe and the pack.
❤️ back to the love,
❤️ back to the bliss,
❤️ back to the wild and free!
This retreat will be insane, profane and filled with life! We will forgo all limitations and restraints. We will burn all the rules and regulations. We will smash the clocks and stand between the worlds. We will paint our faces on the sun. We will sign our names in the midnight sky. We will return to our truth immaculate.
Singing dancing and everything you love. Trees rivers lakes and fires and everything you need. Circles spirals and and everything you are!
This is a whole new phase of the journey.
Come back to the place it all began!
❤️ Sharada Devi to sign up using PayPal or with any questions. ⭐️

* $540 total- includes organic meals and sleeping accommodations ⭐️
* $108 deposit to sign up (nonrefundable) ⭐️
* balance due by July 25. (also nonrefundable- but can be applied to future retreats) ⭐️
Return! Reunion! Remember! Rewind!

5 thoughts on “Back to ❤️”

  1. YAY! So funny, I had booked that campground in Shasta 10-15 June…but I had to put it on hold because my tenant back in Rhode Island said he may be leaving this summer, which means I need to go get the property ready for another renter. I am praying he changes his mind (he has before). Please, if you will, pray that he changes his mind and decides to stay. He is the best renter I have ever had and I really do not want to go back. I am letting go and letting God take this one…he/she knows my “desire” and whatever is in my best interest. SO I let it be. I would love to be with you in August. And I do not have any pet sitting gigs until 20 August!! I am so happy about this.

    1. You got it!
      Spread the word!
      This is a whole new era!

      more❤️ more🔥
      and a bigger 🦋

      !!! 🌼

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