The Presence


I do yoga under this tree. I breathe beneath this tree that knows me. I breathe and meditate the morning in, this rising of me made light by the sun. The moment is rich with everything you need, no matter how depleted- you only need to breathe to know its true. Go outside and breathe deeply- find a tree and listen deeply to all the sounds of god. Breathe in the holy moment and know it’s all a prayer, every last drop of every last day. I am so happy the sky has heard my thoughts today so I didn’t have to worry about a thing, only breath, find the sun inside. Love is not anything but attunement to the way things really are, not the show on top, not fast cars and cash but slow snails and piles of leaves going back beneath her to make more. We need mother nature to sustain us. We need to know what we’re made of, fire and light, earth and ashes, breath and wind, water and tears. The river breathes the water in and movement makes this work. The sun throws flames into the earth and flowers grow as gentle spirits. Who gives us food and answers is the ground you stand on- the space you reach into. The simplicity of the flag in the wind is how I know the station.


OM the passive hold of shiva the vibrant corpse of the holy ghost, elixir prana- who bares the white moments that I know as breath and where we find the correct posture is by moving into him, outside, inside under the tree, beneath the surface of the branch covered sky. This moment is yours to make or break yourself and isn’t that a bliss filled riddle?
Everything is in the presence of now, tantra is awareness made mine- the holy and profane and how you see yourself, what you do with your breath and whether or not you notice the tree whose always waiting to listen. Lift your head from the screen and look around because it’s all you, the angry man, the lost child, the young prostitute looking for love. It’s all you.


Breathe in whoever it may be and accept yourself. Relax and transform all into a passionate grace. With awareness of the presence we ourselves can adjust our being to adapt to any dilemma. Should we all change and grow? I think it’s inevitable- the rate, the velocity of your love is up to you. This whole existence rests on the speed of love, how fast your heart is harnessing, understanding, transfixing, transforming and releasing the other. It’s happening to us all right now, awareness is tantra. Not capturing awareness- but sustaining all seeing in unconditional acceptance based on the awareness that love is all knowing, all encompassing, omnipresent composure- how you feel, find and express is the magical uniqueness of you, how much your vessel can hold is based on how strong you have become. It takes fearlessness and strength to spread love, it’s not an easy task yet this purpose and result is the only path of light we know- calling a feeling god when really it’s just a moment of exposure to reality. Love is what it’s made of- and maybe the word has gotten loose because it’s not about romance with a body/mind- sexual attraction- it’s about a romance with the rasa- the essence of life itself- feeling the pull of this love in every breath- pulling you to everything- to love it, to move into it, to merge. Mystical, the bee to the flower.IMG_0118

The yoga is the person with the tree, doing the tree, being IT NOW- and not the separation of me with nature as tree- but the emulation of me into the tree who also breathes in me- and who can show me how rooted, ancient and vast I really am. I breathe long and deep and recognize you are here as the soft cool breeze who remembers me and so sends me butterflies from wherever you are- as symbols of our togetherness always underneath the sun, beneath the tree, flat at home facing the sky. Breathe, stretch open your heart, release your voice in song, be silent, listen to god all around you as every noise conveying blessings. It’s a miracle, it really is. The signs are everywhere that THIS IS IT. I FOUND GOD. I FOUND YOU. I FOUND MYSELF…and no one needed to save us, not even god. We were always ok, we were just caught in our head- the only hell we will ever know is our mind who takes our heart and body to dark places to explore and grow wise. Is this really me? Breathe. Love the one who doesn’t love you back, because it’s not really possible unless you’re mistaken. When you decide to hurt yourself at least remember that there is love even then still hiding under the blankets waiting to warm you with acceptance of the moment. We will grow brighter in time regardless of today and what we do- if we remember behind every act is a Greater Love waiting to be noticed. Breathing is the way, long and deep. Love enters through the inhaling breath and love is sent out through the exhaling breath. Awareness is love, Let go, let it go, relax, breathe, be here now and nowhere else, the presence is you…


it’s all you need to do.
OM Swaha,
Sharada Devi

12 thoughts on “The Presence”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos lately
    Visual enrichment adds to the rapport
    Potent words floating on the wind…

  2. Such beautiful words. My ❤️ is on 🔥.

    The trees know. The plants know. The animals know. The water knows. The earth knows. The wind and the moon and the sun know too. They remind me when I’m present with the breath. Love. We are all one. I wish I would always remember not to forget. 🌬

  3. beautiful breath of spring…You came through the window last night when the trees were still and graced my forehead with your petal fingers. I heard you in the heartbeat of the deer who came to lay next to me, perfectly still, and watch the light coming through the blossoms together…

    None of this is the flowery metaphor of daydreams it may seem. You who know how to let go, also know, these things happen beyond all reason, and it’s almost a relief that there is no way to deny what we are and the ways we know each other.

    How could we not know the presence in your words, these images, and our aching exchange of memories here together in this one love for you?

    1. How could we not know tears that mingle,
      how could we not know the breathe of the deer, how could we not know together forever, what a relief to not know…

      images that felt my memory of you, Beloved.

  4. I’ll long for this memory too and visit it in dreams until I wake up and remember it was only ever now and I’m looking right into your eyes

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