The Mother Light of pure unconquerable love


The essence of who we are is that sound makes light. The brightness of that light depends on the sounds we make. The power of that light depends on how we move our body. The magnetism of our being is determined by the combination of the two. It’s about action. Karma is action. The truth of who you are, these factors- can’t be faked. It takes determined sadhana and the right conditions that you generate by aware decision making, resulting in an environment and association that will yield your highest potential as quickly as possible. As quickly as possible is important as we do not know how long our lives will be. So this is about efficiency and a natural sort of renunciation from the ridiculous snares of samsaric fears and attachments. It’s just a fact, you get out what you put in. Awareness causes pain- a facing down deep of all that lies buried. Those riches as yet undiscovered will need an alchemical overhaul in order to serve us, fuel our further awakening. Until then, they are the demons we serve in bondage to our imagined karmic prisons rather than empowered by our decisive and determined action. You can theorize that you can have it all, stay stuck, deny it. Pretend you are not looping in the demonic realm of the ancestral knots- but you are. You’re all tied up, in servitude to material suffering and nothing will change that until you apply the fearless power of absolute decision and do what you must to create the conditions that will free you from the dense vibration of your familial pit and lift you into the spiritual lineage that as yet lies buried beneath the lies you serve regarding who you are and what you actually owe the world. Which is nothing. You owe nothing to the culture of death. Be reborn. Destroy the box you call home and be bigger. Fill the space of your divine potential. Dedicate yourself to a profound sadhana. Get into a situation where satsang is possible. Do something now, time is not on your side until Saturn is. I mean Saturn the yogi, not Saturn the devil. Two sides of the same coin and it’s all about you, where you’re at. Kali who is also considered a form of Saturn is not black. That’s your problem. Shiva, the supreme yogi is Saturn. The current president is also Saturn- you figure out that vibrational equation. What you’re doing to yourself by justifying the matrix. It’s not like anyone said it would be easy. It’s painful ripping away the veil, being lighter- more sensitive and subtle. It hurts being pure subjected to televisions and noise- it’s your problem. Where you reside and with who. What you’re doing, the excuses you make. The examples you set. The hypocrisy really. We need to be more ruthless with ourselves, more wrathful with this inertia- settling into old age and awful, heavy conditions. These are the truths that must be faced with awareness, equanimity and the urge to destroy the box we are stuck in. You DO NOT have to stay there. Break out of the program, belief systems, lies you live by only half awake. Bring the vitality back to your body heart and mind. Develop the speech that transforms, by being the truth. Being the sound of light. The Being beyond even God. The essence of dharma is fearless, clear and direct activity. Not bound by blood but by the light of the vows we’ve made since the beginning of time. Remember yourself. Get out of your rut. It’s about forming the community of life. Coming to life. You’re not living until you do. Time is running out. You always have a choice. If you want to be worldly and pretend you’re not, that’s up to you. Like I said, she isn’t black. You are. Sound makes light. Vibration doesn’t lie. Everything we do, say, listen to, think…it creates our sound body in the image of what that frequency generates. It’s a formula that has no loopholes. Your potential is beyond samsaric delusion. Remember your essence and align with it’s requirements. Then, only then will you shine who you are. The Mother Light of pure unconquerable love. Sharada Devi


7 thoughts on “The Mother Light of pure unconquerable love”

  1. Mother Nature, takes us as only she can.
    Thunderous sparks have been heard, and they always turn to gentle waves.

    Where I am, all around is your change.
    Distant voice beckons… the sound I make of you recedes.
    Let me recede.
    And then you put me in full frontal- your light, in my face.

    When I am cold I can remember I am with you. Again, let me recede..

    What is this Volcano I have to be. Deep sound, bigger than me.
    Desire is not a dull flame, at first.
    Recede into me.

    Motherlight, True Wisdom, you do it all. Falling over you and no one or nothing else.

    How can I stay. Where you pull me down. Beat me into the heart.
    Willing, to take a beating, I see your shining smile.
    “Let the games begin.”, you said.

    I can’t control the way the clouds move; you win. We all know but mainly forget, because you are such a good sport. Champion. How often I want to give up. If I can just stay on the bottom, you won’t have to pick me up. That suicidal thought, that pops up when my emotional weakness has been tested, just came, but has lost its sincerity. With knowledge of you or a hope of where we go to. As I listen to a song called, “Naked Voice.” Steel light..

    Steel, Stone, Stare of the Indestructible, Glare that I cannot see. I feel, my way into the dark, Om Ah Hum,

    the tumultuous movement, running into Forever. Where there is Space, Receding Light and The Coming Flame, if not resolution.

    1. Brilliant! Silver Gold White Star Moon Sunshine Fire. The first, the last, the greatest words of all. Come from God, made of Garuda☀️❤️🦋

    1. Free rat like free bird. Baby going home
      to Ganesha who waits deep inside the earth.
      Right below the hole you dug. Get inside
      and fly…no more flesh to move. Wrapped in white and prayers. “Run towards the light.”
      You said to his corpse still warm…he heard
      you- he told me he did…and he went right straight towards you free and bright…🌈☀️

  2. I only want to sing the heart of You

    star fire light
    source of soul
    astral shaman

    paint it black
    soul shaker
    love maker

    thank you

    missing still

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