the menace of yoga

The christian mythic of jesus walking up the hill with the cross on his back while they beat him is no myth at all, it’s the story of our life. The cross is the matter, the elements we are born into based on the 1st, 7th, 4th and 10th houses of the birth chart – which form the four angles that we are pinned to as the cross we came to bear for the sake of all- our karma that gave us the gravity to feel the heaviness of earth- so that we can experience the immensity of the sacrifice of our weightless spirit into matter that would lead us to the suffering within the wheel of twelve houses which is samsara or the ignorance that results from identification with the mind projection of created matter rather than the soul generating spirit of lightness- this is the binding to the cross that would then lead to search for the cause of the suffering and hence the eventual realization for the need to sacrifice ourselves to a higher power- that would lead to the discriminating wisdom that is the surgical knife of her mercy that would become the cure to our imagined attachments that got us so sick and stuck in this mess in the first place- and that act of her kind generosity would then put an end to the wheel of samara as she teaches us to “give it all up to god” and this is the devotion that would lead to our liberation or the resurrection of christ -which is the attainment of spiritual health- truly being the clear crystal rainbow reflecting body of divinity- and this is the yogic description of the transmigration of the christ so that we might realize that the sun of god is us. It’s no myth, it’s the life we were given- the cross we bear is ourselves for the sake of others who are also ourselves…

the mother light gave birth to the sun who became god- who then sacrificed himself back to the god he left when he entered the realm of time/space as a great bodhisattva to free us all from our unnecessary bondage to false experience disguised as this multi dimensional reality in which we are not in control of anything but are a victim to men who we perceive as more powerful than ourselves and a prisoner of war to our own deluded minds. This is the reason for the cross we bare. Hecate is the goddess ancient grandmother who stands waiting at the crossroads. She is the skull headed mother who watched jesus fall into the snare of satan and she is the skeleton goddess who created the cross that he hung from -so that she could catch him and bind him to his actions- so that she could teach him to focus his mind on the star that she held in her bony hand above his head so that he might remember where he came from and why he was here, since once fallen, we all forget…so she could remind him to die into the arms of her light as god and be born into the higher power dimension of transfiguration in which christ could be who he came here to show us that we were. Leading the way to salvation not that we should worship him but so that we should follow him to the cross and mount ourselves for the sake of all. All you need are your prayers of love through this dark night until tomorrow….hecate is also dhumavati or shall we say kali on the final stretch of the road when all is said and done and all you really need now is a good slap in the face to wake you up. She’s waiting to show you where you are. She is the menace of yoga. She is the curse that you murmur because you just can’t touch your toes, breath and remember god at the same time. You can’t just give it all away to a cause greater than yourself so you cling to your savings account. But your savings account won’t lift you to god, only your devotion will. And what will you sacrifice to her who gives you your real birth, who wakes you up in your dead life and shows you her skull, what will you give of yourself back to others, when will you remember her name as your lover? The gods and goddesses are intertwined wrapped around your spine and you are a clamor for the most holy. If you insist on forgetting the god up above you, the higher power you came to earth to reveal then you will get slapped by her grace until you wake up and remember, om namah shivaya

you are hanging and going to die, you are covered in blood, everyone is spitting on you and calling you a liar, everyone is laughing while you show them what love is, nobody cares, nobody wants it, nobody loves god and you’ve wasted your time…you’re dying, let go and let god. Let go. Let go. Let go and look up. There is nobody but you and you yourself alone are the world that you are saving…

this is a loop, a circle from high in the sky into deep in the earth…around we go, collecting fragments of the mirror as friends and family, holographic prism of repetition, patterns repeating patterns, faces mimicking faces, hearts beating other hearts to death- turn the other cheek and be a dove declaring peace or be the bondage of celled prisoners raging, be the rays of light releasing, or be the darkness biting matter…it’s all up to you and your memory of my love. Yoga is the cessation of the struggle to dominate. Yoga is the surrender to the white light above you- the higher power that we surrender to and that we devote our lives to- that we sacrifice ourselves upon the cross to…

the skull headed mother that falls from the storm clouds as we dangle limp and forgotten by god is the motherly love that eats our bad death for us, the motherly wrath that destroys our karmic skeleton body, our beautiful bony mother who showed us that we are doomed, is also the divine mother who kneels below our cross crying and praying for us through the long dark night of our soul until we wake up into her arms of new light in the morning, the dawning of the sun, who is god. She never leaves no matter how dark she becomes.

Jesus said, “take me back into the arms of the motherlight no matter how I find her or whatever face she shows me. I give my life to the spirit of her compassion that brought me here for the sake of all sentient beings who are her children just as I am her sunlight…”

We just forgot that we are jesus, the yogi supreme, because that’s the catch, that’s all…remembering is the catch- but first the forgetting- because the forgetting is causing the projecting and investing in the mind colors we cast upon people places and things that are creating our karma called samsara and if we don’t get out then we cannot fulfill our destiny as the sun of god, and we’re just going to bleed the ancestral blood out staining this cross and rot on the stump we couldn’t bare as our victory. We do not live for ourselves, we live for god- who is the only memory we actually are…

the self that christ came to show us is the truth of our essence that is eternally merged with god already- and so beyond time and space- this is the rainbow radiating crystal. The idea that we are separate is simply the crystal taking on the colors of the mind creating our version of reality based on our consciousness that is determined by our individual karma. Reality is nothing more, according to the yoga sutras, than the conjunction of purusha and prakriti or, the projection of our consciousness into the matter that we are perceiving- that matter could be a person, a thing or a situation. It is how we see that we create, experience and become. The purification of consciousness is the correction of false perception- which is samsara- which is why we suffer on the cross- the cross of matter. This suffering or “illness” that becomes our life can be seen as a fourfold principal-

1) suffering “samsara”the cycle of suffering itself that we generate and therefore endure until the cessation of breath
2)ignorance “advidya”- the the cause of suffering itself
3)wisdom “viveka khyati”
which is the cure of the suffering itself
4) liberation “kaivalya” which is considered the attainment of clear health without samsaric disease of body/mind effecting the vessel.

The menace of yoga is that we become what we see- and how we see what we see- is what we become. Consciousness alone being the curse because it determines our fate, not anyone or anything “out there” samadhi is the salvation of consciousness from the haphazard mind mesh- finally experiencing it’s true nature free from memory of the experiencer and therefore the crystal shines pure without any attachment to imagining the concept or interpretation coloring the view of that experience. Beyond the mental images generated by samsara that create emotional discharge and residue is the pure light of the self that is the crystal light of awareness itself, or the motherlight. This state of pure and unattached love is samadhi, without a thought and yet knowing that all is Om. Om is the light that shines through the crystal. Shivananda, the great saint of India only said Om for the last few years of his life- he would say nothing else, no other response but Om. No reaction but Om. This might be a good idea for many of us, because our reactions and our harsh words that result are the fateful antithesis to knowing god, it’s the greatness of satan that we would attack verbally as a means of defending our weak position already. A secure being has no defense other than Om. Samadhi is the defenseless, ever omniscient kundalini mother goddess at peace resting in her own beloved self as the pure white light of shiva. She is red fiery passion and he is cool transcendent acceptance of her fury. Her fury is life off track. Her fury is that her sun is wearing a crown of thorns and thistles, her fury is that her daughter is being sold in the sex market, her fury is that men kill other men, her fury is that you aren’t listening, her fury is that her love goes unmet. Shiva reminds even kali to let go and remember god sometimes because even a divine mother can get overly involved in the embrace- and this is the balance of yoga, the two arms of divinity that clarify the godhead and sooth the aching god heart. Nobody suffers like the motherlight does for you. Jesus knew her and he died for her not himself and not for any father he had imagined. He died for her because she was a woman who could do more than a man, she could be raped and yet love the child she bore from the violence of that darkness. This is the higher power, christ the little boy who saved the name of his mother who they were calling a whore. She was not a whore, she was a saint dressed in a rag who devoted her life to him remembering his name. He remembered her as himself who is the mother’s light. This is pure bhakti.

My father I know you are in heaven because she told me all about you. My father who runs this show from heaven, stop the men from raping and beating her and making crosses out of her and starving her children of the light…my father who is watching from everywhere, do you see what I see, it hurts to hurt others…

and so we learn that there really are no men or women outside of ourselves- there are only kind or confused lovers who end up wearing their hearts on their sleeve for each other anyway as “one being” or just as the “other” its all up to how you see yourself as the one on top or on the bottom- and THAT’S the grand plan of immaculate love that we be both the lover and beloved, the raper and the one being raped….and if we’re even a little bit wise we will dedicate daily the merit of our conscious suffering in this state of slivering light- to the enlightenment of all sentient beings as her lost children that never even left home…dreaming the dream of the devil in our bed, and who will I turn to- hurting myself- for the sake of others as myself- while I search for a god as my father that I can’t even remember, is this my religion?

So what I’m saying is that god is not outside of you in any religious pursuit- there is no experience of a person place or thing that is an actual “concrete reality” other than how you color your unique consciousness based on individualized perception due to the specifics of the karmic cross that you bear for the sake of us all…

haha! hang on! you are there hanging now, we all are…what an arrogant joke. But seriously, what does “god” want from us is the question? What to give up, what to cultivate, purify or reveal?

It’s all hidden in how we see the grace or the curse of the cross she nailed us to- to give us a little time to think about what we’ve done- and hopefully, to finally understand the crux of the matter, what actually matters most to us that is…

you know the saying, “out of sight out of mind?” Or how about, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” What have you taken for granted? Who have you betrayed? Jesus’s disciples were not separate from him- the round table they sat around is the wheel, the birthchart, the diciples are the houses, the experience of matter guided by us as free will- that we purify from within. The flesh and blood is the spirit versus the matter- the blood is the light, the flesh is the darkness. Purify the blood and the life force rises as her magical light. Semen is made from blood, refined semen becomes soma and soma is the halo of christ- the elixir of soma bestows our immortality through the attainment of samadhi- and samadhi is attained as easy as it to “listen to your mother.” She is not outside in the kitchen, she is inside cleaning the temple of you, preparing your heart for the resurrection. Clearing the path of her light in your spine. What will you give up in exchange for her selfless love? Will you give yourself to god as the shell of nobody at all? Because if you think that you might, you must know that it’s not on your terms- how you decide, think or determine it should go- what would you know jesus, your life is a mess imagined by you because of your blessed compassion and also because of your curse- the curse of forgetting your mission- which is the price we all pay to remember….and if you think that you might not give yourself to god as the shell of nobody at all, then go ahead and keep being somebody out there in big bad daddy’s world of chicks and fast cars with balls of steel that dangle from pickup trucks spewing black exhaust -and keep getting old and sick- suffering death and attachment to nothing that sticks and go ahead and keep refusing to surrender and roam the streets of dirty cities looking for ways to pass the time…you’re still hanging on the cross and you’re gonna die into god eventually…

but it hurts to keep hanging and so if I were you, I’d rather pass the test. This is a test, this is only a test. Red alert, I’m jesus dreaming of hot rods, hot dogs and hot girls and I need help!

Haha. God is simply the center of the curse, happy to make more fantasies if that’s where you’re at in the dream- but god is still never moving, always there and only blessing and forgiving. God is simply as I see god to be as myself that I die to become. There is a place where four roads meet and it’s her domain and only she knows which way you should go if you want to remember god.

If I were you I’d ask her and not go it alone at this point of the juncture. Remember me as Om and I will be there pointing the way to the holy water…

how to breath under this water is how to be god,

inside the skull of om is samadhi.

Clear light.
Up up up and away.
Sharada Devi

14 thoughts on “the menace of yoga”

  1. She who takes away the darkness, she who is always there for you. She who speaks through your GPS in the robot’s metalic voice and tells you where to go. She who drops bombs on herself and sends radioactive clouds around the skirt of her world. She is the eyes of the world that see you first born, and she is the eyes of big nurse who gives you the morphine to take away the pain and fear of dying. LIFE, LIFE, is the four armed black goddess Kali who rides her mule through the ocean of blood. She is the mistress of the desire realm that we all live in. She is the old beggar bent over woman walking around the buddhist stupa late into the night. And when the great high Lama comes up to her and says “can I help you mother?” she says, “don’t you know who I am? You have been worshiping me all your life and still you don’t know, spinning your god besides me…” She is only here now, where else could she be? Listen to the thunderbolt dakini beating your heart drum and drinking your life blood while you hang from the cross, this is her victory for you. “Christ, look up, its almost over” she whispers as the voice of eternity laughing in your ear. Just let go and know everywhere is the pure land. Don’t doubt the big guy high in the sky. Her sunlight streaming as me,
    bhagavan das OM

  2. Beautiful diamond reflecting so many refractions of light. From all vantage points you shine the one true love
    pointing the way home…sweet deva mother of us all!

      1. didn’t even notice but funny how you said it and it goes either way…❤️Devi☀️Deva
        Ditto⚡️️god is one in all and all for one

      1. Sharada Devi you impart great wonderment. One of the last e-mails my real father sent to us before he went through the rainbow light was for my siblings and I to think about becoming christian

          1. My mom sent me my birth announcement with exact time and i know the place. Would it be possible to do a reading of me`1st, 7th, 4th and 10th houses of the birth chart – which form the four angles that we are pinned to as the cross we came to bear` ?

          2. This is great news! Of course it’s possible-
            The chart forms 4 quadrants which branch off from those houses and it’s all depending on occupied houses and planets that are rooted from those angles. So happy to hear and your mom is smart! Good thinking…let me know.

          3. I tried to send my birth info but email bounced back. Thought maybe i should wait till tomorrow but i cant! What can i do?

  3. From Tara Devi whose beautiful and constant devotion come what may, to the mother fills this dark world with light and so the menace of union with the beloved becomes instead the kiss of god’s fire and the heat of that final death becomes the mother light of spiritual renewal….OM

    Tara Devi writes:

    Thank you for this testimony of the christ within and also for the amazing recent videos, so powerful and alive and filled with such love and fierce grace and watching them makes me so aware of the dharmic heart and I so much so want to curl up like a kitty on your lap — 😻💕

    Forever I am wild about you and all the ways you show me the hidden warty parts of myself and how you continually say “dive deeper go deeper.” You are my all, and I’m forever grateful that our heart songs have reunited.

    You have shown me how I don’t owe anyone anything (meaning family and friends) but Her our beloved Mother Light and you, you who so radiantly abiding in all dharma activities, and thank you for returning me to a small piece or area of my heart and I know that this is only the beginning, as this retreat is mammoth in all areas of the heart and breath and the divine Mother Light who’s endless love brings us to our knees … surrendering all that does not serve and throwing it into the raging Kali fire — thank you for showing how much the true Mother loves is and lives deep within the marrow of our bones. There is a lot opening up as I see how birth mother is/was so wounded that she didn’t know how to love herself let alone the child she birthed or teach her child to live herself. And what a gift and blessing to widen a lens of the heart and see how this endless wound from birth mother is one of those horror gifts of true transmutation for if this longing and wound were not there, how would we ever found each other. You are my heart song and tears of ancient holy waters I offer to you. Thank you hack yiu thank you. “By the waters of Babylon” please take me to the river 🌈💜

    Last night I drifted off to sleep with such graditude for these hollow bones that long to be filled and consumed by the liquid lava of pure Mother Light and this blessing of this life is the pure love manifestation of all that is right and holy.

    Counting down all weeks, days, hours, moments until June when I see your beloved face which is the face that forever shines and loves me as I am,
    bones, blood and guts and all 🔥💀🌈❤
    Love Forever, Tara Devi

  4. Dear Tara Devi,
    Thank You for your tender and touching words. And for the song.
    The first time that i ever heard it, it stirred such an achingly beautiful emotion.
    Reaching to a place of dark longing that held a promise of light and renewal.
    I played it or sang it over and over again, like a mantra.
    So thank you for reminding me of that here today.
    Weeping diamond tears on the journey to the bright glory of Motherlight.
    This is the version that i first experienced…

    1. Dear Radhe:

      Meet you at the river where
      dark waters merge with
      holy Motherlight.

      You are sunshine 🌞

      Drop us in the brackish water
      made of tears of all that is pure
      washing away all that does not serve.💕
      We surrender all to Her — the rainbow eternal
      burning inferno and swim in liquid light leading to essence deep diving into the divine heart as one 🌹


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