the ever pure lightness of being

This is what I do- I heal astral bodies. I am not simply a singer- I am a healer of the darkest of dark and I can see the “you” that you are “pulling” from that is essentially creating your current reality- and it’s about this energy body and it’s harmonic relationship to the physical body/mind plus the movement of the constellations that makes everything stop or go. I wouldn’t ever even be telling you any of this about myself or even writing this blog unless I hadn’t been commissioned to do so- I was told,  “you must come out” but because I’ve been killed and tortured for such practices in many past lives it’s hard for me because I would rather keep all the knowing, information and messages to myself- but I am going to do my dharma because its a gift from “The Star” who is the embodiment of all compassion- and so come what may I will persevere and spread the truth as I’ve been shown- which is neither religious or new aged based- but rather just a revival and embracing of the ancient truth that is a part of our very essence which is “the ever pure lightness of being.”

You’re blocked by the dread of the open door. Where would I go without shelter? You’re blocked by the dread of an open mouth, how many flies can I swallow? You’re blocked by the dread of a closed heart, how many thoughts will keep her away? You’re blocked by the dread of possibility- which way should I go? You’re blocked by the dread of responsibility, what if I really am the One? You’re blocked by one thing and one thing alone- You- “great little you” -and that’s a big and tiny “nothing” all at once.

How will you lose the dread being circulated by your inefficient self, your looping head and a stubborn 10 pounds that won’t budge?

You start with food and that’s everything.

Food : It’s all about what you’re eating and what you’re not eating- this is of equal importance-  and-  not only that- but, how much you eat, where you eat, who made the food and how you’re feeling while you eat it.  These are factors to consider in the relinquishment of dread. Ganesha will remove the block if you bring him the foods he cherishes, not the poisons of desire without any genuine nourishment- because if you think only calories matter you’re all wrong- and it’s funny because calories are a bit like karma. You’re storing, you’re burning, you’re paying a price- and it’s pretty obvious by now how our body is a barometer for both the good and the bad- karma makes us big in a bad way- and merit reduces us wisely and with nourishment being the outcome. Your body should be beautifully yours and accepted, not compared, rejected or criticized- because it’s the fruits of your efforts made manifest to the looking eye- and yet, let us not stumble on appearances- I mean the fruits of light- because your face and body glows (or not) with the light that fills you.

Everything is made of light- even darkness- and all foods, thoughts, words and emotions resonate at frequencies that create results- I’m sorry if life’s “no good” or you’re “ugly” or you don’t “like” what you have- I’m sorry if you still judge others by their lack of a “perfect figure” or their less than thick hair -and I’m sorry if you can’t hear how the sound of someone’s voice or the light shining from someone’s eyes can make them more beautiful than any false image. I am saying that we are what we eat -and- what we don’t eat- and we take in the light by our choices through all 9 holes- and that light creates our vibration- and we resonate at the frequency we generate- and we magnetize that which we are into our sphere of consciousness. You know that light creates matter- and you know that thoughts are light creating matter – and you know that vibration effects thoughts- and you know that purity of blood is crucial- so yes, diet is important and is the most immediate and profound way that you can change your consciousness -starting today. It is completely in your power to do so. I know some of these “super spiritual people” feel that food is too mundane to really be “concerned” about- and so take whatever is offered or available- and if you’re “really lofty” you won’t bother with any of it- because you’re “aware enough” to know that it’s all just “god” or maybe you can just pray over the “shit” you’re about to eat and it’s all good to go…

NO- it’s not true. It gets stuck and it stinks-  so the quality, frequency and vibration of the food itself is going to change everything for better or worse.  Give it a try if you don’t believe me- the problem is a little thing called ” self discipline” though isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just a case of perverse priorities and you’d rather just use that health insurance plan of yours when the gmo, hormone laden foods don’t only pile up on your ass as toxic fat- but have now given you a inflamitory disease – it’s not worth the trade- whether you’re saving time, money or the trouble of alertly caring- you’re going to make some bad shit go down eventually- and in the meanwhile, chronic inflammation destroys meditation, peace and deep sleep and you end up a mess of frustration, anxiety, anger, fear and confusion. Don’t tell me Chipotle is OK because they don’t “use gmo” it’s toxic, energetic filth that summons the demons to swarm around your genitals and intestines wreaking havoc on your mind because our body effects our mind and the first and second chakras are wastelands, cesspools and torture chambers filled waist high with rancid shit, pus, bad childhood memories, survival fears, sexual perversion, selfishness and the list goes on- you aren’t going anywhere “magical”or pure until you “clean up” the bottom of that dark pool of disease causing karma- where we all store the things we would rather not see and we keep eating to keep the dread concealed- putrifying and multiplying monsters way down deep…

and then when the kundalini is awakened she starts orbiting the region saying to herself, “this is some really bad shit” and she starts to clean, purge and purify and you start to panic and eat and pack on not only the pounds but the poisons. Your organs and your body temple cannot and will not ascend until we deal with the seriousness of the food problem- the fact that the soil is depleted and nutritional deficiency is just the “norm” and the doctors won’t tell you- they tried to force feed me fluorescent orange cheese, corn syrup pudding and rubbery meat from a 9 legged chicken. Take your life into your own hands and stop cutting corners- because you’re only cutting the years- and we need our lives to be as long as possible to have the time we need to cultivate merit and generate the mother light rainbow.

Overeating is a major issue, too much starch, meats and bad fats- processed foods are bad period- organic or not- do not buy them. If you want power and purity you will need to create a “lightness of being” that is harmonized with your higher agenda- and that isn’t bogged down by the need for excessive digestion. You will want to realize that the food you put in your mouth is the basis of all manifestation in your life and it’s magic- food is alive (don’t eat dead food) and food creates you. “Lightness of being” requires that your intestines are clean and not lined by black mucoid plaque- which everyone’s are- and fasting 3- 5 days won’t be enough to exact the kind of changes you’re looking to make. I am talking MAJOR OVERHAUL- this is what I do- and I’m sorry people don’t like it- but I don’t believe in “bandaids or painkillers” because it’s a farce- no such thing as healing without getting to the source of the cause- which I do- which you won’t like- but I won’t stop- and I’ll make it happen if you ever come to me and stay still long enough for the light to rise- deep healing at times can be just awful, scary, aching and plain uncomfortable- but the results of becoming truly vulnerable to her immaculate light is the rebirth of you into the radiant star that you are.

It’s a natural reaction that nobody wants their shit shown to them because it seems way too difficult to face the impossibility of the bumpy road ahead- but, believe me, one day at a time is all it takes- and we go one moment by one moment- one breath at a time -and we get somewhere meaningful and we feel victorious- we nurture our heart garden filled with the fragrant flowers and sweet fruits of our dharmic actions. So as you can see,  it really is the food we start with – which is the food we end with- and it’s always the food we give and take away- we can use “food” as a metaphor as well…

and the process goes like this: first we remove the poison then we fill the vessel with nutritious light. Simply changing what we eat in small ways won’t really accomplish the task before us- we must clean the space before we can fill it with love- we must purge the demons from our vessel. We cannot conduct the divine light without this intervention. It’s like carving God from out of a formless rock- chiseling away the calcified dross and removing the cause of tamasic inertia- because this is really all about inertia isn’t it? Tamas causes inertia and rajas burns and moves the darkness and the results are the peace of sattwa- which relies not on externals for happiness- but rather, is content and able at all times- patient and free from fear.

I know none of this is easy but it’s easier than wasting our lives building poisonous walls around us that don’t ever truly let the light in or out. Food is God and the devil hides in additives and preservatives and these components cause obesity and addiction, you’re eating too much because the devil has ensnared you. Retreat and fasting are the beginning of what you need to do- during this time of solitude your mind and heart will become clear. The demons will struggle and writhe inside your genitals and intestines- but when you don’t feed them they will die and be purged- flushed straight down that “dreaded toilet” where all “truth telling” actually occurs…

there are different approaches to what I am describing depending on your nature but we can do this. The process of transmutation begins with the transformation of the cells of your body. They hold every drop of information about “what you’ve been doing” and your aura doesn’t lie. Your astral body has a big story to tell and you are very important in the stream of upcoming events. It is not enough to go on as you have, maybe not “all bad stuff” maybe “pretty good” and “trying your best” NO,  you have got to value yourself more and rise much higher than a mommy or a slave. You have to want it more for yourself than I want it for you and that is the real motivator, curiosity,” What does she see? Who could I really be?”

The Temple of Silence will be resurrected and you will be the One.

Please consider that I’m right, because I am. The foundation is your body -the purifying and then the rejuvenating. Its a tantric path that get prime results in real time. You can’t beat around the bush in your backyard pretending it’s all cool anymore- you’ve got to do something big and brilliant, you’ve got to talk to your food.

You must realize that food is pure medicine straight from heaven with the blessing of the sun. Food is prana- which is chi- the life force. Food contains intelligence and organizes every cell in your body – sending it in a direction. The direction is towards the manifestation of the thoughts that create it. Growing our own food with mantra is an unstoppable healing prasad that becomes a miracle inducing elixir of life. Who cooks the food is very important- even though it’s usually best to eat mostly uncooked foods like fruits, vegetable, herbs, nuts and seeds- soups cooked and stirred slowly by someone who is pure of heart and with a focused mind can become a magical potion- but, like I said, only when concocted by the right person with the right incantations- otherwise you should be cooking your own food because you’re not only eating the soup, you’re eating the vibration of the one who “applied fire” to the soup – don’t forget, fire creates and transforms- thats what fire gives- constant light and new life- fire who is the activity of the flame as well as the sun- has the power to transform all things into something new and more integrated.

The snake weaves through the central fire and is the kundalini sepent of all alchemical transformation- and this fire snake is wound and agitated by this world’s activities. The kundalini wants only to merge with God. This snake is the motherlight while she’s sleeping- and when she wakes up and God isn’t lying next to her in bed she gets pissed and starts looking for him (this is awakened kundalini) she goes through the lower chakras searching and throwing shit everywhere- looking inside all the filth,” God are you there? Where are you? Where did you go?!” She starts acting out through overeating, engaging addictions, negative emotions, and sexual deviance- yet she cannot find God- all our problems get bigger and bigger because her powerful electrical force is stirring up buried karmic ancestral issues and disowned, buried pain- so many dirty secrets that have been hidden for ages- and so as she searches and exposes these “infected wounds and sore spots” it gets really intense- if you don’t do something wise with her misdirected yearning you only make a tough time much tougher- it’s not worth trying to control her either. Your “better safe than sorry” will leave you sorry- your regrets will form canyons out of grooves- and you’ll eventually get really sick and die -like everyone does- go into the treacherous bardo- and spin out and get spit out into another delusion while she searches for the God you won’t give her one more time.

It’s all within. She is intelligent. She knows everything you’ve done and eaten. Stop getting in her way trying to stop her by hanging her up on your hang ups. Her bite hurts because she stays a snake as long as you do. But there is an answer to this problem, you need to get out of those lower chakras by all the means I’ve described. There is no short cut or easier way- you are not an exception. God is watching you from within your skull and your heart is where God sleeps waiting for her to come home- because you see, she’s confused and thought her name was Maya- she thought she woke up and God had left her but she was only dreaming and the truth is- she left God -but only in the dream. Nobody ever leaves anyone, it’s not possible. Change who you are by waking up and remembering who your heart really loves and who would never leave you- you left the center of God- because of your samsaric delusion-

The DNA is being triggered and reassessed and the veils of forgetfulness are being lifted by the mercy of the Star Beings- they remind us and plug us back in – Yes!  God is here now in the food and in the fragrance of the flowers, in the intention and in the memory. God is in God- of course! Where else?  Food is God and so some things in the construction of our “safe, little, numbing, delusional life” have got to give. You really need to get that roof blown off that poorly man-made house anyway. What about the house that God built? It’s you and it’s your. Claim ownership or perish into a dull, typical mediocrity that is the inevitable destination for us all without the “spiritual warrior” spirit…I can’t tell you or give you a “list” of what you personally should do because it’s all individually based case by case and your physical presence reveals the situation to me in the most optimal way.

It’s a reading and communication that I prefer to do not psychically but in person in order to control the healing environment- which is a type of “food” in and of itself. I hope this is making sense and inspiring you to start peeling back the layers of “you” and uncover the clear mother light divinity. Reveal her phoenix light and feed the God’s back to themselves in the form of all that you are. It is extremely simple- but staying power is the most difficult of all powers to attain…

staying power to stay and feel the nausea, the disgust, the grief- squirm and writhe but do not leave the center of the circle I’ve drawn around you- burn and ache, vomit and grind your teeth- but do not utter a word but the sound of the crystal- om mani padme hum. You are a free fire bird when you swallow the black and embrace “the shine that arises.” You are the sorcerer of the source, the center of forever. Do not walk away -but be born again from these white ashes inside the temple of silence…

this is her magic- she feeds you the shit as long as you’ll eat it- then she rips the shit from your guts -as long as you can handle it- then she superimposes her body over yours- and she reaaranges your astral inferno until youre swept and calculated wisely- and then she wipes your dirty mouth and your bruised butt- until you’re meticulously still- and then she blesses you by touching her hand to your sweaty, tingling forehead- and then finally she bows to the One she found as God…

eating the mantra, eating the light,

more food for thought.
Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “the ever pure lightness of being”

  1. 6 years no alcohol and 3 years vegetarian. Yet, I still have a severe case of psoriasis. Maybe also gluten, no dairy? And of course all the things you have written here are true. The information coming through right now is amazing! I almost gave up on Ayurveda a few months ago, if it was not for HER… SHE has saved me! So grateful for the Divine Mother!

    I need to do the Pachakarma! I need to stop putting myself last! I am listening! Thank you! Om Mani Padme Hum!

    Om Shanthi, Andrew

    1. Yes- quit wheat foods and grains altogether if you can- no dairy- NO.
      Eat lemons- coconut oil- spirulina-(do not buy supplements that come in plastic-Healthforce brand is very good)
      drink freshly made organic vegetable juices and do colon cleansing- this will help you- plus exercise and move lymphatic system through skin brushing and rebounding if possible- sweating through use of sauna
      could be helpful- juice fasting will reset
      your system- but you need to think a longer juice fast/feast with at least a gallon of juices per day- (not too sweet) and try at least 21 or 40 days- no problem!
      You can definetly deal with this- it’s inflammatory condition that is nutritionally based- not enough minerals and too much acidity creates inflammation which leads to conditions such as yours- hope this helps!

      1. Yes, thank you! I did also see an Ayurvedic doctor a year ago, he told me I am Pitta-Kapha. Unfortunately, I did not do everything he told me to do (ignorance, laziness and not believing it would really work). And now I’m really suffering and trying to “catch up” with the current energies and past life clearing. It’s super intense but your words and intentions are very helpful. Blessings to you and Baba. 🙂

        1. Wheatgrsss juice- 4oz a day-2oz am 2oz pm-
          and do it- complacency yields only exasperation of the issue and it takes more work to return to the original health -the longer you wait- the harder it gets!

          1. I will definitely, I have to live the yogi sattvic life or continue to suffer. Unfortunately, I’ve used steroid topicals for years, which has also thinned and weakened my skin. The worst part is I also used these new biological immune suppressants. They are altered animal DNA… it makes me sick that I was so desperate that I used them. It almost killed me… I made a big mistake, I did not know!!! Praying for all of our healing, please God help us! Jai Gurudev!!!

  2. Thank you again. I am doing much better. I have not done every single item everyday but pretty close, with overall a great improvement. I am also doing raw coconut oil massage with turmeric and neem powder. I am taking my ayurveda herbs too. Trying to fast and/or just juice when I can. Raw salads, lots of root veggies. Only one cooked meal per day, if possible. Also, thank you for your newest video. I will try a juice fast with spirulina and my other herbs. Sending lots of love and blessings to you and Baba. Jai Gurudev, Andrew

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