the flesh made word

I took Tara out of the box because I realized she was me. She has been locked away since last spring, I guess I have too. Garuda watched an interview of the karmapa. He said that the karmapa said that courage is the same as compassion. It made me feel better about my self. Tara is the tear that falls from the karmapa’s eye. That is why he is here. I am here for the same reason, to dispel darkness through heroic action. First we must act upon ourselves and that purification isn’t easy or always clear. It is my experience that we start with the physical body and the rest follows. Of course, we have to want the crystal light, not the glamour and reputation of being known. It seems to create the immaculate heart space, the excess must leave, be purged. All the unnecessary desperate attempts to remain, to save face, must be wiped away. Life does this if we let it. We struggle and we suffer because being bigger inside is a painful process. Who we appear to be is pointless. Time will tell all your secrets right back to you eventually. There is not ever safer ground, or more holy ground, then the ground of devastation. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. True freedom takes courage. The truth about who my real friends are, who really loves me, whose really there when everyone else has moved to the brighter stage…it takes strength to know what you only suspected. Distractions however blissful are not the flame. So I have come to see how powerful life can be in its teachings. I have come to see how others taint and mask the truth. I have come to see that it’s not supposed to be this complicated. Simplicity and bare naked self love is the destination of true courage. A crystal body that circulates rainbows and an inner resolve that is indestructible. When you have courage that’s real you don’t need anyone’s opinion. When you have compassion you must learn to live with an aching heart and endless tears. When you have simplicity you aren’t weighed down by tamas and lethargy. When you have self respect you don’t sell yourself or defend your actions. So I opened the box and my body was blindingly bright. The karmapa sat staring at me thinking the mantra into my eyes. I heard the words only I needed to hear. I write these words to you because if I could give you courage I would. Time of the heart is the meaning of courage. But to leave and be stuck in this world inside and out is typical of humans. To talk and not to act is expected. To take and not to give is a given. But this body can be the receptacle of heaven and this mind can be the anchor of earth. Only if this heart can fly like an eagle on fire. I know it’s always been this way, beings locked in boxes and I’m sorry. I have done and said everything. I should listen to myself, the flesh made word. Sharada Devi

*Anyone who wants to come to the consciousness expanding may retreat, please let me know right away. I need to get an idea of attendance right away.  Please listen to this video below. It’s what I meant to say in this drawing.


3 thoughts on “the flesh made word”

  1. I wish i had my notebook
    to see where the line leads.. your beautiful light, my painful heart
    the dark seed. the beauty never ending and worth holding

    At the beginning of the interview, Karmapa said, “Rather than say things that are pointless, I want to respond to you.”
    I thought that was beautiful and said a lot. We each have our role and it takes courage to be more than that. Like Sharada Devi said, “To talk and not to act is to be expected.” So I will meet you where I am, with pain, surrounded in the unknown. And let Courage’s flame guide me, as I see you in it.

    1. that’s so profound,

      “Rather than say things that are pointless,
      I want to respond to you.”

      So profound.

  2. Hi, I’m absolutely hoping to go. That sounds vague, hesitant and confusing because it is haha. Of course I hope to have everything worked out ASAP.


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