The eclipses are coming…

IMG_5683It’s happening again.

It’s pretty clear where things go and how they’re going to end up. It’s obvious that the end is here- and what’s more apparent is that somehow the end doesn’t end, it just grinds itself in, absolutely immune to its own death. But I have seen the reason for this and I can’t counteract it. I am well aware of the portals everywhere like doors opening and closing that nothing will stop, not our skulls, not this roof. We must look through this simulated sky and reach for the light beyond the two eyes that deceive. But it’s not happening, not fast enough. Planes are crashing, guns are going off, hearts are broken, the cries of the soul are smothered with silencing drugs. But none of it is ok. The placid masses scream of gray endings that only continue into more of the same for us all. Do something big, stop hurting the hurting. The collective unconscious of humans is the issue, not the actual circumstances at all. We can do whatever we want and yet we doubt and cower to numbers and taller men. We resign to our fate as if it were an oasis. Since although I am not an island, I might as well be. There is a saying that goes, “what good is a saying if no one is listening?” And it’s not the fault of negligence, it’s the encroaching of the darkness that consumes. I see footprints around me. This shadow holds weight and takes lives as if it’s entitled.  Of course we know, but no we couldn’t know the horror of this and go on investing in outfits for work. There is a flower in us all thirsty and we drown it. Hungry and we starve it, wilting and we throw it away to buy more. We know nothing of our own true loss.

My friend, Durgananda Shivaya just tried to kill himself by taking an entire bottle of sleeping pills. I am on my way to New Mexico right now to see what I can do. He is in the ICU and an it’s extremely serious situation. After Shane, this is a lot to accept as coincidence. There is a dark force that knows me. Please pray extensively for Durgananda and please pray for me. He has an 18 year old daughter whose mother died when she was very young. Durgananda is 39 years old. I will let you know what happens, it could go either way. We lost the retreat center, if fell through I am sorry. The owner wouldn’t go through the bank. Anyway, I will keep going and bringing the light wherever there is the darkness even in me. I take this all very personally. Please take my words to heart. We’ve got a long way to go and we need one another. What more can I say. The picture up top is Durgananda’s alter, the picture below is him.

Durgananda Shivaya, may Neem  Karoli Baba, through the power of Hanuman, who is within you, bring you back to us as bright as the sun and as strong as your love for your mother.

The eclipses are coming….Sharada Devi


14 thoughts on “The eclipses are coming…”

  1. Damn. It’s all happening again here to. I feel it and see warnings from miles away at this point (Durganandas situation is a warning from deep to all sentient beings the time has come to get strong). I can stop myself but find it difficult to stop others. It’s devouring so many friends and family. I know Durgananda from IG. Super cool brethren, very deep soul, powerful being. I’m praying for him and doing hanuman chalisa all day.

    Im sorry the camp fell through. That place is a vision that was needed to be seen by all of us to manifest something similar through our collective consciousness.

    I’m still going to attempt to make my way to Shasta in a week or so.

    Ram Ram

    1. Thank you Paul.
      As far as mount Shasta- a deposit would be required and a payment plan if you can’t pay. This retreat has been filled for a few weeks now but if you send a deposit I’ll fit you in- I say this because I don’t think you really mean it. I wish you did.
      Love sharada Devi

  2. Om Om Om……Om Mani Padme Hum.
    Love and prayers to Durgananda’s healing and for you as you travel to meet him…..
    May we all see the light within us….May we all remember the star of who we really are, without getting pulled into the hardness of the unconscious human madness. Let there be light within us and upon us as we journey onward and upward.
    Om Mani Padme Hum….Om Mani Padme Hum.
    May well all walk in peace…
    Love, Chandra Ma

  3. It is a difficult time. Wishing for all to be well. May we all find ways to keep us connected to the love within and to be able to move forward for the sake of all, with honesty and a open heart to the greatest degree possible. Being with what is, even the dark and denied aspects of ourselves, in the spirit of acceptance.

  4. Dear Sharada Devi,
    Please give us an idea of what Durgananda Shivaya’s condition is at this time.
    What is the Dr’s prognosis ?
    My heart is also especially concerned for his Daughter’s well being.
    Continuous thoughts and prayers for all three of you.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this. I will pray for strength for him and his daughter. May the winds that carry Hanuman lift heavy hearts and this heavy curtain of darkness falling all around you , them and us. The right retreat center is still out there, and you will find it, I know You will. Eclipses always bring halos of light at the end.

    Deepest love and prayers for you and your friends.
    Om Mani Padme Hum,
    Kamala Devi

  6. Sending Light to you and Durgananda. We are all so connected. Om ~ the burn of the sun on the leaves is so crisp, but this one is strong in roots and reach~ Ir will require water for a few days: water and tlc Om Shanti

  7. Too many people are taking their lives. More and more people are struggling with mental illness. It is IMPERATIVE that we get deeply connected with the HEART of what matters. My prayers go out with all who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts…. OM MANI PADME HUM……..prayers for all sentient beings to see, to be, the SUN…the light that shines…..OM MANI PADME HUM.

  8. Hi Sharada Devi….

    It was a lovely retreat….so moving….so deep. SO much love and joy last week…shared by all. Thank you very much……

    Would you be so kind as to share how Durgananda is doing? I know a few of us having been praying for him and his daughter.

    Thank you!

    Love you….
    ChandraMa Ma Ma Mani Padme Hum……

  9. I am in shock, I am so sorry. I only know Durgananda through Facebook but I could tell he is a specific soul. I am sending prayers. Is there anyway you can keep me updated? Thank you so much. Jai Gurudev, Andrew

      1. I am so glad to hear that! I will chant some Hanuman Chalisas for both of you.
        Take good care. Sita Ram 🙏❤️

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