the diamond dagger is the guru who cuts god out of earth`s stone

A great Tibetan master said,

“You won’t accomplish both the dharma and the aims of this ordinary life- If that is your wish, no doubt you are fooling yourself.”

He also said, “There is no greater obstacle to dharma practice
then to be obsessed by achievements in this life.”

Milarepa, perhaps the greatest siddha this world has ever known, once gave this advice in the form of a song about the attributes of the devil:

“Relatives demonstrations of affection
Are the devil’s entreaties to keep postponing
your practice: don’t trust them- sever all ties!

Food and wealth are the devil’s spies:
If you become addicted to them,
everything will go wrong-
Give up all such inclinations!

Sense pleasures are the devil’s noose:
There’s no doubt they’ll ensnare you-
Cast all cravings away!

Young companions are the devil’s daughters
They’re sure to bewitch and beguile you-
Beware of them!

Your native land is the devil’s prison:
It’s hard to escape from-
Run away now!

In the end, you will have to go and leave
everything behind-
So leave now! It makes more sense to do so!

If you listen to my words,  and put them into practice,
You will enjoy the fortune of sublime dharma.”

The Supreme Attainment

Our bodies are our temple but they are also our obstacle.
Due to enmeshed DNA, mixed messages and muddy signals
internally- combined with all the outer conditions of life and also what we take into ourselves as “the choices we make.” Ascension, or the attainment of the Maha Siddhi aka The Accomplishment of the Rainbow Body is our ultimate reason for existence. It is the clearing of the earthly mess of ancestral debris and it is gaining clarity in every aspect – know thyself, the jewel is in the lotus, you are a rainbow- om mani padma hum-Don’t you remember me? The bridge is made of the spectrum of white light and we cross over and enter the pure land of crystal perfection. We are embedded with information -and our behaviors and our choices tap us into certain veins of this information- this is the “lesser portion” of the akashic records that we all are accessing without even knowing – and if you don’t know and ” just go” you’re following the path of least resistance and that’s the path that leads to the perpetuation of confusion and suffering because it’s the path of the bloodline and the embedded human/earthly ancestral bloodlines are cloudy and impure. We are currently a chaotic species in a massive state of upheaval both within and without- blood is being shed in the name of God, but who is God? We wouldn’t know because we’re too busy being sticky with dirty blood. Our personal anscestors of earth as well as the other places we have lived are encoded into our blood chemically, astrally, energetically, geometrically and metaphorically- the DNA of our earth embedded ancestors being of dominance due to the fact that it’s their desire realm where they created attachments that led to more illusion that led to more karmic generation- so, for example- blood strengthens and feeds blood and meat eating is feeding our ancestors who are our  “roots” who keep us here embodied to do their “bidding and embedding” in other words, to keep the specific demonic expression that rules upon the throne of our personal bloodline in “generation”- or fed and satisfied- we are confused and don’t realize that we are overtaken by these blood urges- meat eating or not- and a demon is simply one who is ignorant enough to think sense pleasures are the answer and the goal- this striving after lust, ignorance and stupidity in the forms of money, gluttony and sexual pleasure lead straight to the hell realms of existence that are mind created- and so meat eating for one, strengthens that subtle cue to keep that ancestral desire urge going as addiction to any and everything and as grooves of behavior that seem uncontrollable- well, it’s because they are- they’re bigger than your life- and so when we realize what we’ve done and what we’re a part of, Milarepa’ s words may strike a deeper chord.

The surface of earth is a harsh reality and we really can only live so long due to such harsh conditions- and so a lifetime here is very short compared to other places. Attachment and servitude to the earth embedded ancestors will take you into the bardo after death and that’s a scary nightmare that can only lead to another dream like this- if you’re lucky, that is- because it’s like the wheel of fortune – nobody knows…and so to avoid such a horrifying experience, it is urgent that we cultivate a daily sadhana that is proficient and directed toward achieving the various levels of spiritual death consistently -and open the closed box of secrets and find out before it’s too late- then, when we die, we simply walk across our own light body bridge straight into the other side. Well, I know it’s easier said than done-but what else do you want?

To do the great work- it takes guts and grit- dedication, devotion and relentless pursuit of clarity at any cost- renunciation to the useless chasing of desires in this world often takes a “hitting the rock bottom” to “wake one up” to how insane we’ve been thinking that the perpetuation and “generation” of any of this suffering ever mattered at all. It’s got to hurt and humiliate us to the core of our arrogance to such a degree that surrender is the only option left- otherwise we usually just won’t stop any of the pain we cause ourselves and others- knowingly or unknowingly- because we want “this” too much- because we’re “hosts for the ghost” and we’re possessed- some more than others depending on karma and propensity.

The left hand path of tantra isn’t the worship of satan and you can’t “choose” it as a path and start wearing all black with skulls- it’s a form of clarification that chooses only the bravest from within- it forces one deeper into the deepest of all darkest places and fears -it takes purity and discipline and an ascetically prone individual to come out the other end of this with the treasure of light- it’s like putting all your cards on the table -and it’s super sharp and wrathful and she takes no prisoners- it is the rapid unwinding of samsaric delusion and the rectification of the phobias against taboo and sexuality as the pure path of Godhood- it’s not a dark, edgy, blood drinking sex party, it’s not a sensually gratifying orgy- it’s not hedonism or the confusion that satan is, in fact God- No-  It is an untwisting of this conditioned acceptance of “reality” that leads to the most virginal, sattvic and sublime level of being that is without prejudice, fear or judgement. Only the strongest survive and have something to offer- and that’s why books “lie” on the subject of tantra- because you aren’t the one who decides- shakti mother light kundalini decides which way you’re going- so don’t be a power tripper- and what is written of actual truth on these secret teachings is written in confusing poetry based on symbol and metaphor- so that only those who are chosen to know can decipher intuitively and the information is then passed on from one crystal being and into another and hidden within the vault of records which has been protected and preserved for eons-This is what a spiritual lineage is for- protection and preservation.

Yes, earth is a valuable place because light and dark are equal and that also makes it treacherous, imbalanced, dualistic and “torn between two lovers” but because it’s an “imbalanced” realm the levels of light and dark shift, sway and are eclipsed- and the labyrinth of potential is for our discovery -and the reward is great for the pure of heart. The times we are in are darker than they are lighter -all is shifting rapidly and so it’s dangerous and anything is possible- many many bloodlines from many many places are vying for dominance and warring- blood is everywhere and electricity is crackling and the earth is about to split open in more ways than one.

What was between her legs never mattered. Who cares what’s in his head.

This is a time that the earth has never seen and we are the witnesses of the astral quaking. Please be aligned and give up all mediocre causes. Nothing else matters but the rainbow light. This world is artificial and you are the real thing- warm and bright like the star- not cold, sticky, raging or blood thirsty.

So there are immediate things that we need to do – as an ongoing commitment and as a new and permanent way of living our life-and many changes of heart, mind and circumstance need to occur to create the optimal condition within very shaky times for the transferring and rearranging of the DNA – which inevitably must happen if we are to become super conductors for the divine..

and you know I don’t normally write as literally as I am now. I do this because I know you don’t always decipher my messages, but instead read them as abstract and cluttered or as a form of creative self indulgence or confession-so maybe you see only the surface of my words and not the underlying meaning -and so I thank you for always reading anyway and for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I know that most of you don’t even know me- but please believe me and do something now.

Get out of the city. Stop being a slave to the devil’s grid. Detach from your family of blood ties. Go into any form of retreat that you can- even if for an hour or two a day- and the longer the better.

Form spiritual alliances- connect genuinely with an authentic spiritual lineage.

Go to the country and breath and sit in the sun. Feel the love of the plants and eat the fruits of the trees.

Focus on the light within and organize yourself- which means your priorities and life- to create an entirely new structure and totally alternative way of being.

Grow your own food, use solar power, live by a river.

Fast and pray fervently as if your life depended on it- it does.

Aspire to these things -not a new car and more money. The pain is endless and survival fears will never subside by feeding into them through servitude and lack of faith.

Always God gives. Trust like Jesus said because there is ALWAYS a way if you truly want there to be. Don’t waste any more time idling, vacillating, making excuses, being doubtful of your power or afraid of what that would mean- because it’s going to take some responsibility to yourself this time- not the burdens of others that you carry-  but your own inner light calling you home to the Attainment Of The Motherlight.

In Tibet there are monasteries sitting as high as heaven that were built on the edges of steep and ragged, unreachable mountain peaks-  yet the tibetan holy people were able to build these monasteries in such remote and inaccessible locations by using the advanced technology that the benevolent Star Beings came and taught them – using only crystals and sound – they could lift any size boulder. I was there and I remember…

and do you know how the guru and disciples would leave and return to these monasteries? They would fly. It’s true- you could see them streaming through the sky like birds…

we can remember who we are- but we need to set ourselves up situationally to clear the channels -because everything – people, places- virtually everything and everyone we encounter- effect us for better or worse at an energetic level-  mostly resulting in inhibiting our spiritual progress and creating more embedded karmic negativity. We are so much more than scared sheep- we are sacred vessels that have been shut down by the societal conditioning and demonic forces- and we can’t help anyone with anything- but with the transmutation of who we think we are into The Divine Body Of Avalokatesvara’s Compassionate Light- our existence alone can save the world.

We need the purity of blood and intention. We need the absolute faith, devotion, commitment and surrender of the vajra guru which transforms all suffering into boundless compassion and turns us into the rainbow light…

Om ah hum vajra guru padme siddhi hum

The diamond dagger is the guru who cuts God out of earth’s stone.

Sharada Devi

12 thoughts on “the diamond dagger is the guru who cuts god out of earth`s stone”

  1. DON`T BE A FOOL, LISTEN UP NOW AND GO TO GOD. There is a narrow road and a “broad way” New York City is the base of the reptilian empire. I know because I lived there for many years. You think you can help and make a difference but the demons will take you down into the pit of hell. We live in the Dharma ending age, there is not much truth left, only lie after lie. What ever leftovers there are, get to the table of dharma now and eat the sacred teachings- and then put them into practice. You life is very fleeting and the dangers of the end times are upon us. Guns won`t stop the zombies from eating you, after all how many bullets do you have spoiled brat city boy? Go now back to Mother Light Nature before it`s too late. Last call at Kali’s cafe. Like my Living Guru Sri Sharada Devi says, heed her words for they come from the heart blood of the dakinis. Get off the broadway street of making more bad karma that will cloud your view. Find a real path, not a stupid one for all the new age freaks who want it “all in this world right now.” All religions are bad, only the mystic rose rules. The last real country of great yogis and realized Siddhas was destroyed by China. The few that escaped and are scatted around the world, they are the ones left with a pure blood line to the Holy Ghost. They have been able to keep the spiritual blood line pure so as to help the few who really want it. Milarepa still lives in the Karmapa going back unbroken for over 900 years. The great Mahasidda master (who by the way is from another world meaning E.T.) came to land his space ship in a lake in Tibet and started taming the demons of the mountains. He made them Dharma protectors and they are the heavy lifters. They have the last real spiritual power left on earth because of the bloodline- the path is very clear for you to follow. Are you ready for the fire next time in the sky? We live in the burning grounds, it`s all a big mess, with guts being eaten by wild jackels and blood and dead body parts everywhere- sounds like the local hospital emergency room. So what divine being can rule there?- only the thunderbolt lotus rainbow guru who is still alive by the way. When you pray to him and Vajra Dakini they are the ones who will come into your mindstream and bless you. We don`t “worship” the guru, we MERGE with the enlightened mindstream of the Guru’s mind. Get to it while the Sun still shines. The great darkness is upon us and it will get much worse, we are all on the Titanic and it`s not a movie. So get out of Dodge now, the new sheriff can’t save you. There is nothing of value in this world but the Holy Guru and the Dharma. The way is just to walk away from the pleasure palace of this world. You really have no choice, you don’t choose to worship the Great Dark Goddess, she chooses you. The Jewel (your heart mind) is in the Lotus (this body) HUM. Don’t waste this birth chasing after wealth, fame and name- nobody gets enough power and pleasure in the Devil’s Playground. The greatest power that the devil has is that nobody believes in him. But the masters who rule this world with real occult power do and they serve him and imprison you in servitude, fear and unquenchable desires. So get going before the storm comes. Listen to the words of Sri Sharada Devi. Read it over her words many times until you get it and do something about it.
    sri baba bhagavan das

    1. Happy Losar! I saw the Karmapa on the live feed today, so many blessings! Thank you Sri Baba Bhagavan Das for this message, this so much important information!

      Jai Gurudev

  2. Thank’s for saying that.
    So, I am a very new Swami I was given Sannyas on Guru Purnima 2016 July 19. I had the blessing of having a Bishop there as well and he will not be named for clear reasons.I had been playing you & Baba & Krishna Das a lot for about 2 days.I asked my Guru if she would mind if I would play Krishna Das (IT WAS HER HOUSE) she said that I was attached & she wanted me write a list of all my attachments. I stared down at the blank sheet of paper for a few moments then looked up to the Bishop’s eyes, then I turned to MOM (my guru) & said, “I will need a few note books not just 1 sheet of paper.” I then added, “We should call me Swami Attachmentananda.” then we all broke out laughing, I laughed so hard I was sore the next day.

    YOU have given some real insight & things to contemplate about attachment & as a person who has studied, I don’t say that lightly. I will reread what you have said & take It from there.

          1. I have been wanting to ask why you cancelled all your events but I did not want to say the wrong thing. I was really moved by the kirtan workshop in Asheville the last time. I am hoping to see you both again. I hope and wish you and Baba are in good health! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your clarity and insight, this is so well written. Thank you for your continued service. Sending healing love and light to you both, Sri Sharada Devi and Baba Bhagavan Das. May you receive the best and highest.

    Jai Gurudev

  4. Sri Sharada Devi and Baba Bhagavan Das these words break through with the feeling of awe and exhausted relief after being held under by wave after violent, beautiful, thunderous wave from the dark depths of the ocean.

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