the black horse is here

I don’t even want to post this. I don’t need to deal with the web anymore. It’s done, he’s here and we couldn’t stop him…

it’s all because we’ve been domesticated, we lost our will to be free, we forgot that it’s our birthright not to be broken, and yet it’s such a losing fight on that level, me and my social security #. I think the saddest thing of all is a horse with a saddle. Not much different than a man in a suit or a woman well shaven with makeup and nylons. Don’t be offended but we’re supposed to be wild, not shacked up in air conditioned buildings breathing carcinogenic indoor air pollution- all pasty skinned and microwaving our breakfast. This is why we are neurotic, sick and confused- filled with a fearful dread because deep inside we know something is terribly wrong. We’ve lost touch with the earth, our inner Mother Divine and our intuition based on animal instinct. You do know which way to go but the man keeps stopping you. The man we can’t have, find or love, the man that whips horses into submission. Ok, so since we are created in the image of God and yet we create our lives and self images around the creations of man, letting the “man” tell us how it’s going to be by taming our wild hearts through enforced subservience, bomb threats, no roof over your head, no food for you- it’s inevitable that our light grows dim and yet we know she’s out there, in here, in me, somewhere- but the loud speaker of the man is drowning out the sound of her voice, who we were intended to be is heard only in her song, not his rules- and don’t misunderstand me, this is not a male female human thing- this is about aggression and dominance versus receptivity and adaptability way beyond the measly human form. We’ve lost our freedom to be free in the worst way, from within- mind control- scrambled cues, evil waves, radioactive fish- we don’t pull the roots of wicked- we instead count coins like they’re real, we listen to false news, we buy into frauds, we eat packaged foods. We don’t understand what’s missing, what’s being sold or even what’s being taken- and so we learn a solacing meditation or two- but instinctively we know we’ve lost something so great we aren’t sure where to retrieve it- and so we feel a sense of grave anxiety as we should, we’ve been domesticated and are being led, like hopeless cows to the slaughter. This grid we live on, these imitation fires, promises that are lies, flowers that are plastic so they won’t ever die- Mother Nature is way too scary because she’s more honest than that- she’ll kill you in a snow storm no problem. She’ll drown you in her ocean without a second thought- yet she’ll also smother you in a bliss of flowers beneath a flowing sky without hesitation as well as feed you from her goddess trees of sweet fruit without discrimination. Her love is free and could mean life or death because we are wildcrafted. When we live pretending that her death threats aren’t also her flawless love we get weak, limp, we lose primal vitality. She, as Mother Nature would keep us guessing walking on the lively edge of annihilation and exhilaration at all forks in the road, peaks of the cliff, eddies in the stream- and so we run on low levels of light, artificial thrills and religious conduct. Who am I to know the rules when there are no rules but hers? This big hard angry man would take over the souls of all creatures and leave himself with nowhere left to go, no one to love him either- because that’s the nature of aggression and dominance- you get so desperate to control the flow of life itself, you become a war mongering lifeless mechanical memory of what used to be you. We are being bombarded by the domestication, the castration of our life force to such a degree that we’ve nearly gone numb without even knowing, programmed to forget we’ve grown deeply cold. Stuck in these buildings, children no longer climb trees, we sit and we plan, analyze and try to figure God out.
We are not meant to be living in cities- sitting in cars all day, shopping in grocery stores, staring at screens- and I know we all do it- but it’s wrong and it’s killing us in the worst way. It’s been made to be nearly impossible to live any other way but to worship money whether through worry or accumulation as if that’s where our security or value lies. But the real problem now is, none of it matters. This system is collapsing, I’ve been warning for years, it’s not imagination it’s reality check- check your fate now because the shits about to hit the fan and if you’re not where you need to be in more ways than one, there’s no telling the wrath to be had.

This life was never up to you like you thought. I am your friend, I’m happy you read this. I don’t really think anyone takes my words seriously but from the depths of my soul I wish you would. Things are going to grow very dark for us all and it’s beyond our control what the man does to himself. We must hide in her heart, under the trees, away from any large cities and out of man’s sight. We must cut our losses and seek the light within at all costs. There will be no world without you so forget about your investments and furniture. I cannot say when or if the sun will rise again over cities, we don’t have many fertile options, we only have each other and her guidance. You are not in a time or place to think you can manage or maintain the level of darkness that is rising. A magic so black and lethal the air itself will die. I’m sorry if I scare you or you think I’m just crazy. I am not crazy, I’ve seen it coming- the black horse is here. In the middle of the night I hear the future and how else can I describe what I’ve seen and heard? I wanted to tell you over a week ago, but I erased my words of warning so as not to sound too ominous- you know, I always hope I’m wrong. I tell Bhagavan Das in the morning what I’ve seen and heard and I always say, “I hope I’m wrong,” but usually I’m not. I can’t tell you word for word for it’s too hard to hear- so I mask in metaphor and simile. But today I’m saying our time has come, it’s up, he’s here and it could be months but probably not. It could be our inner journey I hope so, but I don’t think so. This is the arrival of the antichrist whose minions have been corralling and dying our souls down for years waiting for this moment to arrive. Please don’t depend on the grid and the grocery stores to feed you. LISTEN. Time is up, the end is upon us. Take off your saddle, throw the man with the whip and spurs off your back, gather your essentials, re-evaluate your priorities, take some deep breaths and pray for your soul. Pray for this magnificent earth and to all her subtle deities. We do not know the day or hour that the lights will go out. Retreat, take your child to God.

My words are direct, not poetry or symbolism. I know you probably won’t listen or think it’s possible to heed my warning- but please do whatever you can to get right with God. Find peace in a place from within, trust that although the body dies the mind does not. Realize that the heart’s love and your soul’s power is eternal. Do not fear calamity and do not walk willingly into the cage. We have arrived at the testing of all men. Her earth is aching and her flowers have ears. Prepare for the ending of time like you prepare for bed every night. We are not domesticated clones of regret and allegiance to flags. We are wild like the white horse and we are pure like the ash of this corpse. Trust your heart once you find it beneath the rules that are about to be incinerated. Anarchy fission, smoke and mirrors, bombs and gags, pills and prostitutes, neutrons and protons, bullets and tombs- all useless. Hungry hungry babies go toward the Mother Light no matter how naked you feel. Do not ever fear the chill of her love.

until we meet again,
Sharada Devi

16 thoughts on “the black horse is here”

  1. “me and my social security number”
    that’s what maya reduces me to
    a faceless source of revenue
    taxes to be paid for money that you don’t even have…
    the joke of electronic wealth
    it’s just a click-away…
    twice today i felt stunned by paper trail threats and manipulations.
    but that is not true reality so i keep pulling myself back together
    and begin to breathe in light and breathe out the dark forces
    that are attempting to invade the motherland.
    ” I don’t really think anyone takes my words seriously but from the depths of my soul I wish you would”
    It’s all true.
    it’s all a trap.
    I do take you seriously and that is what keeps me continually
    trying to return back to a place of some hope
    while staring into the face of the marauding black horse.
    Horses have been making themselves visible to me repeatedly this past week.
    It’s a sign
    Tomorrow is a dream
    and Now is a stark stabbing pang of Truth.
    I just said out loud about an hour ago –

    Freedom is the wind horse
    and fear is a heavy stone pressing down on your soul.

    1. I just keep wondering, “where are we?”
      it’s so surreal, no one could have a dream
      as bad as this is about to get…

      people do tend to eat each other after only a few days of no food…and once they start and we don’t they’ll of course become monsters like we’ve never seen and we better
      hone our white magic skills is all I can say- that, and no man is an island.

      P.S. stark stabbing truth. Yes what else could it be unless we’re one of the walking dead…

  2. Just talking about going to Shasta yesterday
    in terms of being elsewhere.
    the conversation melted into a speak of white magic…
    by chance and without hesitation.
    You tend to create that atmosphere within me and for me to go to those places
    when i convey words of you to others…
    You mentioned ‘The Road’ a few posts back
    and lines from it –
    despite the dismal hopelessness of the story
    – rang true to me as allegory…
    “ We have to keep on – keep carrying the fire inside us”
    *** and ***
    “You’re not the one who has to worry about everything”
    “Yes, I am, I am the one ”
    People seem to eat each other daily with vicious words
    let alone lack of food
    depravation of kindness is another form of starvation
    and falling into the insanity of inhumane survival mode
    clawing and clinging to ego survival.
    It feels like we are in some kind of void – a vacuum space
    between worlds
    a holding place
    maintaining a pattern of particulate light
    keeping it together
    like treading water
    waiting for
    the inevitable rescue
    from this plane of existence

    1. I didn’t quote lines from the road-
      not on purpose anyway…it’s bleak,
      couldn’t watch it on first attempt but pulled thru on 2nd- the gray that can’t be turned around…not a good outlook but we should be ready and not be a wishful thinker- I meant real cannibals mostly…
      everyone wants to pretend something is getting better on earth and I wish it was,
      but what isn’t being either sold or stollen?
      Soon flesh is to be eaten and torn from
      the bones of denial. Can’t turn our heads now… IMO🌈🔥

      1. No, not your quotes
        i added that from my remembering of the road, what stuck with me.
        The book was even more bleak.
        i meant real cannibals as well.
        It’s not getting better, “It’s getting closer all the time”.
        Even those that used to be optimistic are becoming weary.
        There is no turning back.
        You have always told me to be diligent and vigilant.
        So what else is there to do?
        No head turned
        eyes on the skies.

  3. god in my head just said
    that we are already
    partially existing in other realms
    beyond this level of fretful consideration
    and are just biding time until
    what’s left of our molecular structure here
    reunites with our of essence there

    1. Not verbatim but in a rather intense moment she said she dont know how many will survive. I wasnt too sure what she was refering to exactly…

        1. just adding my 2-cents worth
          the movie omitted some of the more graphic
          portions of cannibalism – baby wise
          too creepy

  4. Just another 5-cents worth
    if you don’t mind…
    i saw it all – The Road –
    as an allegory to god
    the father and the son
    and his quest to deliver him
    to the promised land of the ocean
    i guess i have a tendency to read god into everything
    it makes all mundane more electric and vital
    anyway – i thought that i heard the old blind man
    say that it was hard being the last god out there on the road.
    and the father always asking people ” Why are you following us?”
    like they were looking for a messiah to lead them out of the futile darkness.
    And the boy always questioning the father’s personal survival mode when
    all the boy wanted to do was help each individual person in their moment of need.

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