The next right thing

  1. It’s like climbing a mountain and sliding back down….maybe we can make it a little higher this time.
⭐️closer to the stars….
Where we have stored these visions and dreams.  They are real.
I see as time passes- how tired everyone becomes. The compromises and deals that get made. Like the devil did with Jesus. The devil felt like a friend not an enemy.
I know everyone is hungry and remotely desperate. This feeling is so normal it seems it becomes the natural state. This is not natural, this is the suffering of samsara.
We should not reminisce of the good old days in Mount Shasta and pine for Bhagavan Das. We should make more stars and climb again toward the heavens where we hide.
I’ll sing you a song about how perfectly a flower grows in your heart. And it’s not like the seed isn’t there or anyone needs something more. Everyone needs something less. To strip the lie and purify. This takes effort endurance courage and will.
Strength is acquired. Devotion is the only fuel the heart runs on. The heart is the seat of courage. The heart is the abode of compassion. It’s not for you that you aspire. It’s for everyone who feels the pain and loss exactly as you do. Devotion takes cultivation. Giving to that grace only feels like a sacrifice in a world full of lies. It is the only line we’ve been thrown. Do not give up. Do not let anything stop the rising flame.
 You know we all must become the perfect student and servant before we can be the perfect teacher and master. It is two sides of the same coin.
Do not be convinced it’s ok to lay at the bottom looking up and daydreaming of the past or a life yet to come. Get up and do the next right thing.
Sharada Devi

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  1. nostalgia | näˈstaljə, nəˈstaljə |
    a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations

    From the Greek – The ache from an old wound.
    A painful longing to return
    to the past.

    I’d much prefer to make more stars

    1. it’s about the quality of association.
      it’s about the purity of intention.
      it’s about the spark that lives.
      it’s about being struck.

      It’s about the pure voice singing the pure song. All the voices…all the hearts.

      Not a party, not a stage, not a name.
      A testimony. A proclamation. A portal.

  2. The dog in this picture as seen by the dog’s pure love is doing the right thing, and the included right thing to what has just been said is that it is right to receive the transmission that is found in his or her expression in the photo, and to KNOW that is right! 😄😍

    All the voices and all the hearts (to use Sharada Devi’s words) know this love song. We or one or you or I could call it a romance, much the way Paramahansa Yogananda talks about universal God energy (I’m using words I am not sure he would in talking about his “romance”) in referring to it as s romance. I say this last bit because romance has become equated with addiction. The results alone show this to be true. We are a world of people thrown into the abyss of seemingly automatic addiction. And do what we need to remember here is the Buddhist concept of attractions and aversions. We can see this alternating energy at work and get a little philosophical distance from it WHENEVER we need to. Why? Because deep down in us is this perfectly still calm point from which all the attractions and aversions HAPPEN. All the TIME. It’s not that we need deny that they occur (the attractions and the aversions). No. Far from that. We simply observe and find the awareness that is there already within us. And that awareness leads or can lead to plain old feeling good. (Which usually does not last!). 😂

  3. “Purity of intention” as you have also said here, Sharada Devi, is, I would add, everything. And purity of intention is its OWN phenomenon that stands alone; ie., it does not need my inner ego bent on needing to project my preferred image to the exclusion of my (yes I have them) insecurities to decide whether intention is pure or not, even while there is only relatively little wrong with projecting preferred image in a world based on creating and consuming images. All that is needed is honesty right now with the intention of seeing in retrospect — at some point — whether I was being honest or not with the universe, the latter if which is we the people everywhere. Ok. Lotsa words here and you’d think I was anointed with my PhD, which I don’t have. However, I AM stopping for a stretch because — my goodness — there are other people. Love sharing anyway.

  4. Gotta keep that pure intention and somehow you make it magical that’s why I hang my heart where I can see you✨
    And Sweetheart, my girlfriend

  5. Heart rules without

    It’s non manipulative, non coercive; it’s free and allows for freedom without fooling itself or fooling others that it is somehow doing something social — because THAT would be ego. Heart ain’t calculating. Otherwise it ain’t heart. It just IS.

    I just “channeled” this “brilliance” and DEMAND that it not be taken seriously. While my ego, based in deprivation, is begging for it to be just completely LOVED. Blah blah blah blah. *snore*

  6. Have you used flower essences? I read that they hold the energetic power to heal and transform deep emotional issues on a subtle vibrational level. As alchemy.

    1. To me

      That’s like a person with no eyes asking about sunglasses.

      This isn’t against you. I’d say the same thing to myself asking a question like that when to me it’s so beside the real point or anything remotely realistically solid.

      If you think it works that’s all that matters at this point.

      1. That’s a good response. I keep bumping into these out of the blue situations that lead me to reading about intangible concepts. I wonder if it means something or if I am giving too much attention to esoteric ideas.

        1. It means your body and mind are not in sync.
          It means you’re avoiding the inevitable.
          It means that the mind gets carried away because it refuses to be with the body in the here and now. It chooses to be complicated and ignore what’s right in its face.

          We have to start at the beginning. To get there isn’t easy. Repetition creates perfection and nothing else. Self discipline is the only path to true love. But what allows the power of endurance? What sort of honest self evaluation can be done so that a person can situate themselves for long term success in their efforts? This purification that you are talking about is going to be uncomfortable for a very long time. How can a person feel happy during this process? How can a person not compromise and waiver under the usual environmental pressures that encourage complacency and re-hashing?

          I have already given my opinions on these things and I do so because it’s hard and there’s no getting around how hard it is.
          Hard to uncover the falseness we are so attached to.

          Something needs to replace what’s feels like it’s being lost, it may not come right away.
          Something magical that has its roots within.

          It is a lonely and misunderstood place that is impossible to speak of as the Buddhist masters have said. However, compassion compels one to try.

  7. It is a lonely place. I am just speculating a bit. Perhaps I am people pleasing. But perhaps not, also. Perhaps just relating. In some way. To say “I’m here, I’m ‘part of,’ But I am also tired of selling myself short for old patterns that say in worn out thought patterns “this is all I’m good for.” That my own self-esteem isn’t worth anything. Of course it’s instead EVERYTHING. YOURS is TOO.”

    For the seeker who is going around in circles — circle after circle after circle, beating their heads against the wall in frustration: we seek to be HERE where talk is not cheap and we can start to really feel this actual inner spaciousness that we love because it creates freedom. The free mind. None of us are separate from each other, yet our roads are lonely and only each one of us can travel our own individual roads. Because it has to be one’s own experience while still yet realising we are all connected.

    So you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    It’s all a matter of interest.

    Nobody can do it for you, yet we are here for each other to SAY this to each other, to LISTEN to this; or at least entertain this idea as being way more than just an idea, so that one commits totally to this world which is yours and mine. Even the bad world ie yours and mine, even though even we do what is necessary to not be part of its hellishness…
    Follow the breath. Follow. Talk interferes, breathing in and out starts to clear. Breathe. In out. In out.

    Imagine Trump doing it.

    Nah I just threw that one in to shock you.

  8. The next right thing is based on a strong positive intuition that is rooted in holding that positive space of rightness.

    That’s incredibly wordy but I do not care.

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