There is a wise saying that goes, “Get your head out of your ass.” It always makes me want to cry -laughing to think that a head could get stuck there, because it can -and it does- and it’s a horrible fate- worse than a stick or a sliver that needs pulling – and in some cases desires shoving- but that’s another topics for discussion- for now, this head we’re talking about- it goes up there- gets stuck in the muck and starts thinking – dreaming it’s perversions and calamities away in a haze of excretion and a whiff of something that needs to go- to say it nicely- this is sad when you’re so full of shit- which is bad enough- but then you get so enamored by the scent and discomfort that you take it a step further and stick your head inside? You want to know how I clean the toilets?
Because that’s like palpable entertainment or a REALLY feel good day at the petting zoo -or puppy ballpark -isn’t it? Don’t you want to be clean? I mean for real this time- I could have helped you pull your head out -but like a tick sucking on my dogs neck- I’m afraid you have nothing else to eat -but your own waste and left overs…a night in hell…empty inside -but filled with wasted causes- sitting on a toilet seat- your head fully emerged- your eyes blinded by the obvious…it doesn’t have to be so lonely.

And we all have dreams about bathroom stalls and x rated movie theaters- it’s natural – and yet we still feel bad because we know that dead grandma’s watching- and we wish they would just stop making those
movies that stir all that poison- that make us hurt people -and start our throbbing head pulsating for more. Bombs are created to explode, and it’s bound to occur -and I hope for your sake nobody gets hurt. The shit is about to hit the fan- and I’m not the one whose it’s target-I learned about shit years ago and how to skillfully maneuver my way through its carnal desires- it’s subterranean wasteland- it’s human feeding ground- it’s funny how the tables turn-First we eat something terribly wrong to make this hardcore shit-Β and THEN-we can’t get it out- and THEN it morphs into a SUPER SHIT – which THEN becomes this huge DEVOURING CYBORG- who starts eating us from the inside- it’s possessing black magic body is formed of our disowned waste and our inability to push on through to the other side…in the world of the occult it’s called Shit Posession -the wrathful stopped up -pop off-and only an exorcism with extra strength laxative power will do…

It’s raining fire today because of me. I’ve got a plan to destroy The Shit Head for good. Just so you know, you are no match for me. I’m not afraid of touching the inside of the toilet- I’ll clean it with my hands or my sin seeking tongue- oh, “I’m so gross”- whine whine whine -that’s right I am- Grosser than your mind could EVER go. My creativity and lack of inhibition is an endless shit seeking godhead missile-sucking my way through overflowing sewage and septic tanks- stirring in this endless love at the bottom of fermented outhouses- the leaking body bags left in a hot room are like candy to me- I don’t have a problem with you at all- because I made the black and wild hose that sucks you dry -and I invented the sexy movie that suggests you stick your head in deeper and push just a little harder- high and higher up into your little feel good jerking pumping death-it’s so comical, watching from my side of this purgatory- you lost before you thought- that you thought- of this version of me. (as if I have a form at all) I did you already- so many boring and monotonous times- You jumped my train- and I took you for so many rides into what you were asking for- we should try something different -a new position- don’t you think? In a way though, you’re so brave, albeit stupid, to keep that feces face smiling- brown chunks in your teeth and all- and you know the rules of the slave system so perfectly-and you fit the pieces of your meaningless life into such a thoughtful mix of the modern masturbation handbook and the ancient ass fucking closet gay…I want you to know through thick or thin, you’ve always been here living in my mother light heart…you know that don’t you? I’m a saint living in the bleak -yet striving heart -of every shit eating lover boy. Every head too stuck to see that loves goes a long way Β down the drain…love flushes the love and it always will. Don’t be afraid of your shit- like a frozen shitcicle.

Do you know why?
Because mommy loves you, that’s why.

I think you may suspect something is different now that you’ve arrived at my table. Dinner can be made from as many things as a new street drug can- I’ll feed you whatever I want. You don’t know what you’ve been eating even though your head is stuck and your eyes have nothing to do but examine the dish- you’re too intoxicated by the spell of my ruthless intoxication to even comprehend that I truly am the goddess who created the shit you can’t discard -and the perversions that made you the expert- like the book’s title reads,

“How to successfully get me off before I die”

Like I don’t already know your story. Like you aren’t already dead meat beneath my feet. Hahaha⚑️What a crock of shit. You can’t get off because you’re on -and for now it seems for good…your head is up there TIGHT. What a brown eye socket bookworm. What a bad odor from a hairy graveyard. Even then, I got inside, I made a new mess. Yes, you are my experiment- but without the toilet paper this time -because I’m taking it all away- making things a little more fun, more interesting…I know it’s going to be rough -but I’ve been nice enough- I’ve got smooth moves -it’s true- but I only ever had one thing in mind….

your shit head in the toilet.
Sharada Devi

29 thoughts on “SUPERSHIT”

  1. She bites, she has claws, her teeth are sharp like razors. She cuts into the dead flesh and sucks the blood.
    Your dead body lies on top the mountain, this is the sky dance where all the Vulture Dakinis come to feast on you. This is your last offering to the hungry mother Mahakali. She swoops down and digs in deep to get as much meat as she can before the other big birds get there. Blood all over her mouth as the goddess sweet Tara Devi. The ancient grandmas sit against the wall, the hem of there white saris stained with the blood of all the goat heads. They murmmer the mantra of her wrathful dance and she cuts and slices through all your juicy negativity. Go to black now, otherwise you will get lost in your mind mess dark road to rebirth. You will never find the light in the light, go down deep into the darkness and free the snake. Ride the wind horse into your heart sky with all the energy you’ve got before the vultures come. They are circling above you now.
    dakini das

  2. stuck in the muck
    and all fucked up
    banging heads
    against marble walls
    lining sullen empty halls
    aimlessly mind tripping
    never fully took the fall
    so busy looking for answers
    with too many clues
    late night
    straining to pass it
    to subdue
    to lose those heady blues
    all the while the axe is being sharpened
    even then you go on harping
    your brain in constant carping
    saying β€œ there really must be a better way out of this place”
    stuck like glue into that cranial space
    all that time, it’s really such a waste
    the welcome mat was misleading
    once inside
    slam goes the door
    the parlor is in shambles
    furniture all scrambled
    intricately hand painted china
    is littering the floor
    the sweeping
    up all that you’ve been keeping
    try to hid it under the oriental carpet
    but you still want more more more
    haven’t you had enough my pet
    isn’t the storage locker full enough yet
    malodorous stench wafting like a snail trail
    invoices that keep arriving in the mail
    demanding the money that you don’t have
    you prided yourself that you have been so brave
    out there on the horizon
    the tip of the iceberg is bob bob bob’in
    on a less than benign tsunami wave
    hold your nose and cross your fingers
    say a prayer and hope it lingers
    because you aren’t even close to being saved
    πŸ’©πŸ’¬ πŸšͺ🐌 🌊 😰 😱 πŸ™
    πŸ”Ή πŸ˜‰ πŸ”Ή

  3. Today Dude ripped his finger in half on a saw
    a cross town
    At the same time I tried to quit my job
    Because Jimmy page had to Ram – Bull on

    I believe

    it’s my fault
    I’m not the one
    I didn’t drink half a pint of booze
    I’m not a bull dog

    Giving sermons on morals to a drunkin former baptist minister is a bad idea!

    Not sure who’s luckier
    The bull dog or me

  4. Thank you for the unconditional support and love.

    All the cages
    Coming down
    Her blue hands
    Inside me
    All the lost sages
    Rising up
    Meeting sands
    All of her emblazes
    Weaving through
    The onyx wand
    Controlling the sea
    Inviting the phases
    Of the moon
    Sound the loon
    The heart is stopped
    The door is locked
    Never again
    A boy
    A girl
    From out of this world
    A love burled
    Over time
    Crystals chime
    Singing her song
    A puddle of pantheon
    Electrical phenomenon
    Dissolving into luminosity
    High and cold
    Holy land

    I love you and baba so much. Thank you.

          1. Good morning beautiful!

            It’s the waste that feeds the vegetation.. from dark comes light. From defication comes life.. Sometimes too much poop will hurt the plants. I’ve been in the fire for soo long I’m finally figuring out the proper feeding.. but as soon as I think I know, the game changes on me. So back to forgetting everything to be here now. I’m sure the πŸ’© will catch up and I’m waiting.. ✨

            love love love
            Have the sweetest Saturday.

            All my love..

  5. It’s the wee hours
    where I used to come out to play and ponder
    it’s been a long time since that used to be the way of things.
    I thought I was not as heavy as I used to be…
    tonight is kind of quizzical and may not be the best choice of times to unwind but here it is.
    is that the question or the answer.
    when I say too much
    is it or isn’t it too so ?
    or is Nothing the point?
    should i respond or just sit back and listen or should i interact
    because sometimes what feels like flak
    makes me want to crawl into a hole and ponder again and again
    what did i say wrong this time.
    And maybe that’s a good thing.
    But it sure does not feel like it is.
    Maybe I should
    like others
    just disappear for a while
    and sit and wonder…
    why did that one
    win a smile.
    vague innuendo
    sets me into a spin
    that loses precious time
    precious time
    that could have been spent elsewhere
    like inside
    quiet and calm
    and un*flurried
    but then
    does time exist
    or maybe it’s just me …
    and then again
    it begins
    is this a cruel trick?
    i am slipping into confusion again
    when does it stop
    this spider web spin
    or is this just the beginning
    and when does the feeling of faint end
    and the letting go begin?
    I remain your
    hope*lessly fearless friend
    shape-shifter 4 love of all
    πŸŒ πŸ’•

  6. Just went from 1000 to 1

    If you knew her you would fall in love.
    She is still living in her childhood traumas.

    I am being strong, and honest with her.

    Would you like her email? You and baba always make her cry with your video uploads.. She’s like a lost angel looking for her cloud. A goddess who isn’t sure of her powers. I send her poems and flowers and give her my life, yet she still hurts. She is afraid to get counseling..


    (thought I sent a similar message? I musta hit a wrong button)

    1. Thank you. Why would I want her email?
      We can’t coddle people, and justify their
      weakness- it’s not healthy behavior.
      If she wants to contact me she knows how to.
      And I will help her if and when she’s sincerely ready to grow.
      We all had a bad childhood. It’s no longer
      an excuse. It’s do or die – and the demons
      are hungry for blood and fear…
      and we can’t take it away- she must rise
      on her own – it’s the first step actually.

  7. Beloved Sharada thank you for caring so hard when I had no one.. You barely know me but you’ve loved and cared sincerely when I had no where to turn. Thank you for this space to get lost in the woods and spill my heart and cultivate my soul.
    (Last morning message sorry I should have got this all out at once I’m feeling scattered it’s the fasting I think high energy tapas)
    The heart flutters – its like my heart trying to sync up with another’s

    1. You’re sweet Paul- and I’m here for you and I’ll be here for your wife when she is ready. Ready for LOVE ⚑️❀️⚑️Hahaha!
      I love you🌼

    2. Dear Paul,
      Is it ok for me to glom on to your plight ?
      Because you, Paul have become part of my daily thoughts and prayers.
      for some time now.
      As have others in this holy place.
      I think of you and wonder how things are progressing with you.
      And iI trust that this is not an intrusion.
      But more what this is what one is supposed to do.
      As we here gather here together under the divine Mother light
      other wise, why bother to take the vow… ?
      – God please make me a sanctuary , pure and holy tried and true and with thanksgiving ,
      I will BE a living sanctuary for you –
      My daily mantra and prayer.

  8. why do i come here with all my pathetic BS…
    Because you are the ONLY person on the planet that I know of
    who is WILLING to even listen to this crap.
    It is SO SICK all the stuff that goes on in peoples minds in the “name of love”
    So SICK of what the sweet sweet Children , so pure and innocent are forced to endure as daily acceptable behavior .
    so un-fair!!!!
    I am ready to cal CPS on all the BS neglect and say ” Hey get a grip!!!”
    ” You stupid people!!!”
    so fragile and so sweet
    the days of youth
    and so short
    Why , Why, WHY?????
    and i have NO control.
    IT’S ALL SHIT!!!!

    1. We were all once “sweet sweet children
      so pure and innocent”
      we were just stretching into our karma
      to perfectly fit the glove as her
      intending body of flesh who sucks marrow-
      and new growth isn’t cleaner than rotting
      corpses- it would just look that way to
      us, the prisoners of time.
      the human flesh eating parents of earth.

      1. yes, so true
        and rightly spoken
        perspective in everything
        i was holding my granddaughter in my lap
        the other day
        and we were comparing hands
        and she asked
        about knuckles
        and i showed her how they existed
        in some way
        and in other way did not even show
        and we talked about skin
        young and old
        and she said
        “look Grandma, when i do this my skin is loose
        and when i do this, my skin in tight, and then we are just the same…”

  9. coddle, some times i just want to throttle
    the insane craziness that others inflict on the pure and innocent
    or are children born into this world – again and again and again – just signing up for another dose of
    just what they asked for…
    am at a loss…
    Any Ideas ???

    1. Yes I have an idea:
      We get what we’ve got coming.
      Don’t let a pretty face fool you.
      It’s just the wheel of sharp weapons
      and we’re all getting cut sooner or later-
      sliced chopped and put in the stew…
      this earth isn’t a friendly place after all
      and you’ve first got to see it,
      to believe itβš‘οΈπŸ’€βš‘οΈ

    2. Thank you beloved radhe.
      Your sincerity and passion warms my soul.
      I’m literally shaking with gratitude.
      Thank you.
      Om Radhe Ma!
      Please don’t give up on us, we’re all gonna make it.

  10. Shaking and quaking
    Lighting and thunder
    all things that possess the power to put asunder
    that which binds and confines
    Thank God that we can find a way to let all things go
    Thanks and blessings to You Dearest Sharada Devi
    for providing us with this Holy place of love and light
    in which we can congregate and come together
    seeking guidance, love and wisdom.
    As well as feeling free enough to BE ourselves
    without fear or repercussion.
    ( well maybe harsh truth sometimes feels like judgment ) πŸ˜‡
    But Liberation is the goal
    The ONLY true goal towards
    freedom of the soul
    that is what brings us here
    to BE the collective BEings
    looking for the light that leads us home
    searching for liberation
    for that mukti / moksha
    joining in sangha to aspire
    a hands up hands on lifting up
    to take each other higher and higher
    lofty encouragement
    offered with deepest love
    exaltation that leads us on the
    path of Being bound for glory
    the only story worth listening to
    What else is there to do in this world
    of maya and illusion
    than to perpetually pursue
    the whittling away of ego
    and the decimation of karmic debt
    in humility and heartfelt gratitude.
    Deepest Love,
    πŸ’š πŸ•‰

  11. Do You think
    does it seem right ❔
    that what might seem like clinging
    becomes more the longing to keep in touch
    actually the bond that compels one
    to stay longer
    and BE (T)here to help guide
    is it a calling ❔
    and not so much a falling into the abyss
    but more pure
    and less obscure
    that which we endure
    to Be
    more wholly (in)-formed
    and realized
    I do not want to be lost
    finding the way
    is the way
    not just the sadness of today
    the letting go every day
    to BE the brighter day
    and the more enlightened way
    Stumble not
    but find our lot
    in this life of illusion and confusion
    God bless us
    Each and every one
    Namaste ❃
    πŸ˜‡ πŸ™ πŸ’š

  12. don’t know what is happening
    can’t breathe
    can’t “think” without wanting to …
    what to explode…
    know what…
    my mouth is wide open and
    Iam without words
    panting breathe
    it feels like…
    please help me
    don’t know where I am
    or what is happening
    it feels like salt
    and drowning

  13. When someone has lied to you in the past. And not made amends. Such as stealing or lying….
    or acknowledged the truth of their wrong doings,
    Is it better to let it go or work towards them coming forth and making things real.

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