Spiritual Crisis

When spiritual crisis occurs you can feel blessed by the calling to rise.

This is your life, not anybody elseโ€™s.

You have to cut cords and ties. You have to free the parts of you that are imprisoned from their bonds. Destruction is necessary for transformation. Death is a necessary part of life.

My friend, do not fear the worst. Embrace the darkest you can find within you with the light that you are generating, because of awareness.
Because of progress. Pain and suffering precede the soft morning of the dove.
Fake surrounds you. Donโ€™t let it get inside. Listen and donโ€™t be fake.
Itโ€™s just a waste of heart.
Sharada Devi

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Crisis”

  1. beautiful how it falls, around you, because you are too fucking cool, to hold on, to a world that doesn’t care,
    i will rise because I love you, like it falls to me… I want to hold it, to lift it up, but as it comes to your face, it falls away… and my invisible heart stays. that is the steel you require. your demands forging it, effortlessly like fire… i want you, I say silently, as I recede to the flame

  2. she stood in the doorway
    looking out
    nothing to do
    nothing to say

    it was all too simple,
    she thought

    she let go of everything
    and it was all

    she stopped being so
    she just stopped,
    one day

    she just … let go


    she does what fills her soul
    she says ‘yes’
    only when it feels right

    she asks for nothing
    tending to her life


    with nothing
    to figure out

    she stands

    Her cat is happy

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