Spiritual Bypassing

Environmental factors trigger us in more ways than one, influencing our choices, moods, thoughts and habits- effecting therefore our state of consciousness and our astral body. Our aura is effected by the aura of the other thing- whether a person place or set of conditions- vibration does matter because it’s everything. So whether we have a good reason or not, it doesn’t change the fact that a bad marriage- is going to bring us down vibrationally. This isn’t about blame or adjustment, it’s not about being stronger or more compassionate- it’s about the reality that we can barely carry ourselves forward- so stop pretending anything useful can occur between you and your distant partner if you just pray a little harder. Yes your karma got you there and your awareness can get you out- awareness carried by courage and committed intention to do that which is in the “benefit of all” which is bigger than your little family and world- it’s about the frequency you are able to generate in the optimal condition- all yogis knew that- and that’s why they didn’t “hang out” it stops all progression into the light that is not the artificial light of conditioning, circumstance, imagined duty or the other “needing you.” Who needs who? Ask yourself that once you start making your child the reason for your bondage- you are the reason and so was your mother- and it’s a trickling down effect that no amount of buddhist meditation or hindu mantras will change. You’re living in fear, you’re the child, you are the one who needs to hide- and so why blame anyone but yourself? And even then, confession or self flagellation won’t help or change a thing. You set the example in subtle ways- and in not so subtle ways- and this example you set encourages those around you to follow the lead. Make yourself the leader and agent for change. Take the responsibility for rebirth upon yourself and not contingent on a bigger bank account and more self confidence “one day” excuses excuses excuses and in the meanwhile you’re a karmic puppet-  and you now have others you are influencing and so maybe ask yourself, “down deep below the surface appearance of things, what am I really contributing to this person, child, condition or environment?” Well, I already have the answer for you….the main thing you are contributing is fear. No wonder you’re so anxious all the time. Denial is worse than acknowledgement and fear is worse than anything- because it’s the noose of that ancestral demon right around your compliant neck- the implication is, “don’t you dare break out. You’re caught in the karmic chain of command and you’ve got a role to fill and you are as perfectly stuck as those who came before you.” And it doesn’t matter if you do it slightly different or even with a new age, spiritual or alternative flair. You’re in the “karmic deepening groove” and that’s all that counts. Nobody really changes, they only adapt their “knowing that they really need to” to a “better way” of expressing the same karma- more disguised- that makes them feel more “progressive” as a clever way of pretending they aren’t caught like their mother or father or whoever was. But you are- and it’s going to take a “do or die” mentality- a putting all your cards on the table- a sacrifice of your most beloved on the top of the mountain- it’s going to take some proof that you mean it. Stop faking, it doesn’t convince me or your karmic hell that you’re making any leeway at all…it just helps you feel a little less panicked as you tip toe down the dark hallway at night on the way to your room…just another family skeleton passing the closet one more time-pictures of grandma and grandpa hung on the walls in the shadow of “don’t you forget about me.” Feelings don’t lie. Something is wrong in your life that no amount of “do gooder” energy elsewhere will do. You’re living a terrible lie at the expense of not only yourself but all sentient beings caught in the same noose- and there are a lot. And you keep reading this blog and ignoring the truth. You pray to kali or avalokateshwara and yet fail to see that you’re not taking the “compassionate action that cleanses impurity and delusion” at all. You’re hiding behind the hand and face of the deity like you hide behind your child or blame your arrogant husband…the truth is, you’re in the cog- you’re a part of that system-prayer doesn’t separate you, it excuses your awareness you from your negligence- it dulls your consciousness because you’ve masked the truth with a prayer and this isn’t good..it’s called spiritual bypassing and it doesn’t work. It is a hell worse than any- where you become the “one trying,” the “one who can save another,” or the “selfless martyr” -sorry, it’s more like the fearful, selfish and chronically deluded baby. You aren’t doing anything but using spirituality as a numbing agent, using the deity as a way to dull fear, using the do gooder mommy as a way to avoid the deeper responsibility to yourself and your child, as well as your family and creation. You spiritually bypass and then feel sad and pray for all the “women who suffer” but you’re the one putting more helplessness, denial and suffering into the cosmic pot for the future assurance that more women will “suffer helplessly and in denial” why don’t you wake up and stop using god and the divine mother as a bandaid to the life you won’t fix and do something that is actually genuinely compassionate and break out of your lie? Money money money. Fear. Security. More fear. More money. Ok fine. You’re going to die and you won’t get another chance like you have right now- stop eating your anger and rage for breakfast- it only makes you sick and weak willed. Stop putting the answer out there. Stop being defeated daily- it’s not spiritual- it’s a self created, self generated, self fulfilling prophecy and it’s hurting everyone you surround yourself with to keep these dark ancestral walls intact- high walls and silent wails, haunted and hunted and no more tears that even matter- even blood turns to ice eventually. Stop whoring yourself to this god forsaken prison. Stop being a servant to fear while you pray to kali. Stop reciting the vow you don’t really mean. Spiritual bypassing is an addiction and an insidious way to avoid necessary changes. Spiritual bypassing means that you think you can avoid practical transformation by “being spiritual” and yet nothing changes. You don’t act on anything. You must take action and stop using god to stay stuck. It’s a sin that hides even it’s own sinning. These karmas are intent on living through you at whatever the cost. We all must start somewhere and peer into the scariness of genuine spiritual practice- the alchemy required causes great discomfort- which is due to the authentic shedding of old skin and a constant transforming of conditions that no longer apply. The veil needs to be ripped away. There is a tear in the fabric and you can’t hold it together anyway no matter how hard your ego tries. It’s not about holding on to a situation that, through your spiritual aspirations and purification you will overcome and so therefore remain in this worn out situation and uplift your surroundings- nice try again at bypassing- but no- and it’s also not about resisting the call to change and instead “praying” so it’s all ok. No. It’s not about comparing yourself to people worse off than you and so letting yourself off the hook once again. No. It’s not about meditating more, being more “loving” no no no- whatever you say, no- however you twist the situation to make it seem doable- my answer is no. Do what you fear to do- Yes. Be a true yogi and recognize self sabotage and clinging is due to fear and a perverse attachment to the familiar no matter how destructive- and then do what you must do to change the situation to reflect the new, clearer you- starting today- anything less is just perpetuation of the negative karma that got you there in the first place- there is no exhaustion to this karma- and don’t be fooled that you can make it through the transition while bearing upon your back such heavy psychic and emotional weight- the cataclysmic times require a loosening of the demon’s noose, a cutting away of the baggage that causes the energetic reactions that bind you- and no, you cannot dig yourself out by fasting- sorry, that won’t work either- because it’s not about ignoring, numbing, excusing or adapting- it’s about taking
a stand for the sake of all to contribute to freedom, personal responsible and therefore liberation from samsara in the only way possible- by exacting a long needed change- which means a facing of our fears, every one of them, once and for all- and this takes a total surrendering, an absolute trusting and stopping of the useless pretense that you already have surrendered- really, to what? Being an abused housewife or a half ass alcoholic taking it “one day at a time?” Come on, you know better and you don’t fool me. Stop hiding like you’re not invincible- and stand up and roar like a lion and get out of your cage!

I’m with you❤️
Sharada Devi

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Bypassing”

  1. What becomes of the child once the bars of the cage have been broken
    and the captive ‘mother’ set free…
    Is that child left defenseless to be raised by the “arrogant husband” ?
    How does that child fend for it’s self and rise above the karma of the lost mother?
    I remember you saying ” don’t be fooled by a pretty face” – but how does a
    child cope with ( or without ) a mother that flees to be free?
    Isn’t the staying and enduring part of being a bodhisattva?

    1. No it’s not. Everyone is throwing around this bodhisattva word without actually understanding any of it. This is ah illusion and you are not a bodhisattva- you may aspire but have not attained- and so what you are doing now is just entrenching yourself in a karmic cesspoool of unending ancestral karma- you cannot fix if or help anybody because you can’t help yourself because you’re terrified of everything- and realizing maha mudra is only the beginning in becoming a genuine bodhisattva- why do you think all future bodhisattvas left their family, friends and went into isolation?
      Because attainment takes a removal of the karmic triggers- you are in a pit-period. You cannot save anyone- you cannot even save yourself ATM- you are confused and afraid and need to feel like the one in charge- but truly you aren’t- you’re just doing your expected imposed sick role playing and it’s
      IN NO WAY A bodhisattva- leaving family enmeshment is the most basic step-it’s bigger than you and your relatives/progeny-please wake up.
      Read the heart of compassion by dilgo khyentse and a guide to the bodhisattva way of life by Shantideva- you are really deluding yourself- that child can’t be saved by you- you can’t save your own child.
      Can’t you see? Excuses not to grow are all you have- it’s just the same old reoccurring nightmare with new faces for everyone until we rise up ruthlessly against this imprisoning deluded self sabotage- pretending its love or compassion or selflessness-it’s mental sickness and it leads to health problems and a broken heart- so listen.
      PS- no one ever said it would be easy.

      1. Btw- who isn’t your child?
        You are serving the bloodline and
        it’s always the same result.
        Just more karma…

      2. No, I am not a bodhisattva.
        Yes, I agree , being alone is vital to becoming fully realized / awakened.
        What word is right?
        I do not deny my weaknesses. And know that I am incapable of saving anyone else.
        And not easy , not at all.
        I am aware of my shortcomings. Trying to do my best. I know I am no where
        near any level of advanced progress.
        It occurred to me that people in this current birth who have consciously chosen not
        to have children, are more evolved spiritually.
        That they are probably born with less karmic attachment.

        I did not even think that this post was aimed at me.

        Was just moved to ask the question –
        What is supposed to happen to a young child if their mother chooses
        to leave them to pursue their spiritual path?

        1. Dear RADHE,
          Posts are not ever aimed at anyone so be sure not to ever think otherwise-people do sometimes compel me to clarify -but the child/mother thing- you have a young child?
          Or is the question about someone else who is seriously on a spiritual path and cannot see how to integrate their child?
          Nothing wrong with having children-we’ve all got reasons for why we have what we have-or not- and we can’t judge whose more advanced-
          but believe me, this woman with her child,
          if she wants god. She’ll get god. Prayer supplication skillful means and resourceful creativity -anything is possible and we can’t be defeated- only confused that we deserve to be abused by angry men- because we do not- like it’s our responsibility to fix it- but it’s not. ever.

          Faith and aspiration. Devotion devotion devotion and powefui, pure love- god and her angels serve a saintly woman as a mother even if she has never had her own…

          There is always a way to clear the path.
          Always. Don’t give up.

          1. Sharada Devi, thank you for your reply.
            Perhaps I mis-read what you were saying in the blog.
            Hearing – leave the child behind and move on.
            But now reading integrating the child into life on the spiritual path.
            That shines a altogether different light on the subject.
            And yes, I do have a young child who is very much in my life –
            my almost four year old Granddaughter – who I have be taking
            care of since she was born. And sometimes she lives with me for days at a time.
            So I felt drawn to what you were writing about attachment and karma etc…
            She is very bight – and I hope she does not end up cursed with an overthinking
            mind like me , haha!
            She talks about Krishna and Hanuman and has been exposed to my spiritual
            practice- but she is also becoming more indoctrinated into the world of illusion
            through the influence of her parents.
            And so her own karma is being played out and effects me as well – I am very much
            aware of that.
            No judgement of the more advanced – more like envy ( though that is not a good trait ).
            And I see that I am still racking up more karmic debt daily by what I continue to do
            or not do. These are not things that I am unaware of. I try to be alone as often as possible.
            And keep doing the best I can in the moment. Paying attention to my head trips and letting go
            over and over again.
            I have been watching LOST, like you suggested, and found myself in some ways envious of the having no choice in the matter of letting go of the world – they all want to leave – and I saw it as
            a gift of freedom.
            Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. I’m sitting parked at the place where I used to play little league baseball…listening to Mexican radio…and looking at the old fields…and the dugouts…and the bushes and small trees everywhere…the port o potties…and how blue collar it all is…and I had the thought “Rancho Cucamonga”…maybe I should move there…I’ve never lived there before…and I’m not getting any younger…or Santa Fe…it has to have a Spanish name…wherever it is…but I can’t stay here forever…ya know?

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