Song, keep moving

When there is quiet inside,

there is a song 

that has always played.

For the little one,

for the one in between.

For you, right now.

Write the words,

hear the spaces.

Music is in your blood,

bones and shadow.

When there is quiet,

free from the fear

of what hides in you,

there is a song 

that you wrote,

long ago – and a song

you are writing now.

The bridge, that is this.

Song, keep moving.

Sharada Devi 

2 thoughts on “Song, keep moving”

  1. was sitting, quietly alone, the other night.
    at my brother’s house, while he was lying in the ICU.
    was moved to open up the front door,
    Shiva πŸŒ™ poured in and sang to my heart β™₯️
    taken with the beauty of the moment, I wrote down this poem

    cross flow breeze let in waxing
    golden flame πŸ”₯ crescent πŸŒ™
    thru open Dutch door portal

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