someday, someway, my sweetheart


When we allow our minds to be subject to time, we stay stuck in Time’s tangle of wandering, remembering, grasping and abhorring. When, through mind training, we finally realize that really- we are not with a past and we have no future at long last- and this -in body- discovery brings us into Her clear moment of Maha Mudra.


Maha Mudra is the perfect asana, the position that all movement leads to, to rest in you, the only Word. The madness of enlightening Union. The unheard, soundless word that is sheer being-ness- came from the brightness of the flower that the Buddha held as his life’s teaching. Wordless, you are the word. The one truth is you, you are truth in a stance. Truth in the simple presence of this, now. “I am beautiful.” said the light to itself and I heard this inside- as myself- where the flower stays- lit by the sun fire of soulful depth called wisdom, where the flower stays- fed by the moon tears of mindless memory called compassion.


This is the movement of the entire globe of consciousness- and how all that manifests is due to our own spinning self. Giving. This is the realm of desire, where we get what we want, really deeply. Deeper than what you think you want, like the song goes- “You get what you need.” This creates the experience of segments – called time and space. The mind has the power to move on this segmented line between then, now and possibility- which cause all sorts of extreme reactions along the chain of events. Our perfection now broken in pieces- this creation of a new expanded peace, why we came here at all- relies on harnessing that ability of timeless presence held in the space of the Time Line, here on earth. We bring down the truth in this posture and we hold it fearlessly until everything stops moving -as it moves- so that this profound earth experience ceases to debilitate us and instead we are liberated from the pain of sentimentality, nostalgia and fear. We finally “Get it.”


The strangeness here is that we seem to need the crutch of the past to know the now, the history of “now” is because of before. This is the weakness of the mind to rest on it’s evidence and clues of the inevitable calculation of cause, effect and our interpretive experience. And so our feelings guide us due to the projection of extremes and preferences. Who you are, what I see and experience- is read in the aura, the voice, the eyes- all those places where the line can be traced- back and forward- so that I can know you, find out how to trust you or defeat you due to my experience of time and how it’s drawn on your face. Like a clock, we’re all looking, reading the moments left and right. Acting out based on impressions. Residual energies made manifest in this moment as energetic chaos. And this confusion is samsara.


The acting out of how time consistently confuses us, conquers us. Destroys us from within. Outside the world follows in this sequence and we are a slave to the game. A victim unto ourselves. The mind needs to stay on track. On point- in the extreme exhilaration of now- falling back on nothing, reaching for nothing. On the edge of the blade resting still. Awareness and equanimity. Maha Mudra is not reaching backward or forward or even desperately holding to now. It’s not trying to change anything, figure anything out. It’s doing nothing at all but simply being what is done. Unwinding in clarity. Perfection achieved through acute and active, responsible acceptance of the effect – due to causes catching up. We can ever know only now. Memories seduce us, fears paralyze us. The moment births us as perpetual infinity. The time we are in is only this breath. In this breath we are born and we die. In this breath is divine perfection based on alignment with the timeless reality that time is an illusion that our mind creates, sustains exists in and destroys just so that it can perpetuate it’s own reflection for no good reason other that manifestation, the cloning of the thought stream, the holographic prism of endless “nows” clashing into endless beginnings and endings.


It’s all just an edgy folding over of body parts. The same place, time and being is the one and only truth. We must not be pulled into the chasm of becoming any longer. This Maha Mudra awareness is purely a physical phenomena. The body is light, moving through breath. We are in this body moving the world in circles- because we came on this line of time and ended up here and now. Spiraling and commencing- only in this perfect acceptance of what this is, what we’re doing and how we can stop the recycling of chaos- can anything be transformed. Throw off the old, the dream of anything new. Say goodbye and hello to beginnings and endings without grief or anticipation. Stop clinging to even now. Throw off the dull death of numbing fear and rise as the timeless light that never came and that never leaves, that is unborn and is certainly never dying.


Nothing makes sense until then, because we’re still stuck in “figuring it out.” It’s a weird game. A riddle that never moves. Until we harness the great mindless that emerges from the mind power of this ludicrous place- we cannot get anywhere- although we never stop moving, on the line, our little puppet mind. The Time Line- that is where we vacillate between dreams and nightmares, cause and effect, lightness and dark…and the loop is the pain of more pain. Get me out of the tangle of my own weaving. Take time- the distraction- out my head, take time- the clock- out of my heart. How is by embracing the fear of death closer than any lesser lover. This seduction that knows you- is the one and only true lover called Time- who forces you closer to you – sooner or later my love will stop you from hurting. It’s all the same, is the end of the game. Because the Mother Light is the presence of Maha Mudra.


Everything is everything and nothing at all. That is the brightness of Her. An effect with no cause. What she gives is meaningless meaning. What you penetrate is Her holographic body just because all flowers need light and love…

someday, someway my sweetheart.
Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “someday, someway, my sweetheart”

  1. Searching for sanity on a path which balances between relaxation and non-distraction. Grasping that uncomfortable razor’s edge where uncertainty lingers and personality starts to unravel… Identity drops and spiritual overhaul begins.

    Time LINE…shifting into compulsive doing… Tick-Tock… glued to the clock.

    Remembering the past with sentiment…is THAT poison? Nostalgia sets in, by a sound, a scent, a taste, a touch, bringing past to present.

    Time is not evil, being a slave to it is. Being a slave to any THING is evil. Time reminds us not to squander it. It is a gift because without it, there would be no presence.

    May I rest in the Nature of Mind and relax. May I practice finding BALANCE in the MIDDLE WAY. May I make the best use this Life Time, purifying and aligning with the holy trinity of Yantra, Mantra, Tantra.

    Moderation on the Middle Way; exorcising extremes, coloring with clarity, doodling destiny, and drawing until conclusion.

    Forever, Flawed to Perfection in the Rainbow Light of Sun and Moon…

    1. Now now now is when the moon shines brightly,
      remembering nothing but the now now now
      as it shines towards the dawn. With no dawn in mind, I become where I’m headed. The sunlight,
      my love. Open eyes. Seeing it- as it is. Without a face or a form from before, is the truth in full. Moon beyond the prism of memory is the silver shimmer of the Goddess lifting, life from the dead of the past.
      Forgetting nothing, just knowing. It is what it is.
      What is it, who knows? Now I know.

  2. This is extreme. “Exhilarating”, you said. Consuming causes…

    “someday, someway” -words of wisdom
    “my sweetheart” -penetrating.
    And so, my sunlight is yours. Until I can bare it all

    Laying in the dark bed that was made. Eternity passing through, too bright. 🥀,
    Death wants me to wake up. To face it more. To see that there’s nothing to hide but a trap. Death doesn’t want me, it has me
    Done. just for you, ♦️

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