Soma of the Mother Light Retreat with Sharada Devi

You’ve got to get hot to get pure and you’ve got to get cool to get wise. You’ve got to feel your own heart’s pain to ever know compassion and you’ve got to watch your own insanity to ever have clarity. Here we reach the boiling point, here something’s got to give. Here lies all the potential of what it means to be both human and divine. This is the essence of tantra. Tantra which embraces all things simply because all is transformed by that ever clear love. Kirtan is an outpouring of the light from our hearts through our mouths simply because we are here, still alive and aware of our calling. Our heart is the calling, our body is the vortex, our mind is the mantra. It is that weaving of tantra, yantra and mantra that merges the individual with the deity so that something transcendental occurs. A magical transmission between the human and his/her environment and interactions. This is how our life is given as an offering to the divine so that we may be a flower in Buddha’s hand, a sword in Kali’s fist, a flute at Krishna’s lips.

This retreat will be intense and demanding  It will strip you down until nothing is left but your sacred love. This retreat will be a tantric cathartic experience. The body is the vessel of the holy light. The mother kundalini is the sound of devotion. This retreat intends to start at the base and work its way up systematically to enliven the entire being in the purity of that transformation The being is the living embodiment of what is possible once this full body awakening is achieved. The alchemical union of this is what inspiration actually is. The voice, the movement, the words of the goddess as the muse we stir from her slumber at the base of the spine, becomes then the divinity through whose eyes we see and realize ourselves in a new more holistic way. This takes tapas. This takes the raging fire of self acceptance. An acceptance so deep we are able to let go- of the past, of our false identities of any hope of lesser things in this world. We turn our beings towards that intense revival of light and we stay with it until nothing is left but the ash of our love. Born from the fire we rise as a brighter integrated version of ourselves.

This retreat promises to create the space, offer the transmission and the grace for the potential of you to be conjured. This gathering is meant for the dedicated servant of consciousness to stir through the darkness and burn through the flames- to hold onto the love that endures all things and to be transformed by the blessings that such a spiritual death brings. Rejuvenation and recovery from old wounds, a clear heart and mind, and an awakened resolve to embody the deity. The tantric initiations in this life come in many forms and how quickly we recreate ourselves is largely up to us. The choice is yours. We offer the space, the prana and the practices. We offer the ojas and the tejas and the  celebration.

Be born again. Dedicate your life to the holy light. It gets easier the deeper you go. Because the harder it gets the stronger you become. The louder you sing the easier God hears you. Reach for her love. Reach deep and high. That’s what we will do for 10 days and 9 nights. It will be intense full disciplined engagement with the divine. The body speech mind heart and soul will be purified. Purged and filled to the brim with the soma of the mother light.

Retreat with Sharada Devi May 17-26 . Basic accommodations are provided (you can also camp)  as well as all tridoshic, organic Ayurvedic mono meals. email for info *Bring an instrument if you know how to play it❤️


4 thoughts on “Soma of the Mother Light Retreat with Sharada Devi”

  1. Just out of meditation.
    Om Mani Padme Hum
    this big mix bag of visions twisting circling….rolling….finding me cast out seeing the dot of earth from my sun star…..feeling…
    Lightening bolts dagger into my heart, air feeding blood stream, fire melting old karmic waste – discarded through the flames
    dancing for life! Grounded in earth womb, solid muladhara base, strongly rooted, anchored in sunlight, fed by water.
    Spine’s center wrapped in divine love current….spiraling upward … Strong and flexible through forceful gusts. Ice melts as divine life force rises, rises, rises, purifying karmic past..sit and fly, energy channeled to the sky layers connecting me to an ancient herstory. Ancestral angels flocked together who are over 300, 000 years old. Listen, it’s ALL HERE. NOWHERE TO GO BUT WHERE IT IS. HERE. Connect to earth and all the elements – our bodies are ONE, rising, reaching, and gathering with the elder energetic bodies connecting us and directing me back into my own infinite cellular universe.
    I have this thing….I can’t describe here…but it is so real…. I found it. It’s happened before….when a star tapped on my shoulder at around 6am a few weeks back… keeps calling…

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