send your man my name

I’m a man eater. Do you know what that is?
Have you ever heard of a Venus fly trap?
That’s right. It works like a charm. Hungry hungry hippo- did you ever play that game as a child because we did. Do men even eat? I doubt it. Sure they stuff their faces with glue and grime and television shows- sure they fill up really hard and fast when they can- (it’s pathetic really) -when it’s easy- when she’s looking for a place to sit and rock- ride the wild horse, hunt the wolf- so funny though ladies and only we know don’t we- that their aren’t any left! No seats in the house!
Of course we don’t say a word and we pretend and we play- yes, it’s a mind game John, and trust me,
you aren’t winning! Come home to mommy big boy! Home is where the heart is- cereal with milk and everything! Plus we don’t complain when there’s a “little problem” do we?  No, we stay thin to make them feel big and then we slam them against the wall in our own special way-Don’t we? Honestly, I don’t think we’re helping them at all- putting on man clothes and taking you for a kiddy ride -because from what I hear, none of you have eaten in a very long time (some maybe never) and you’re really too skinny and you’re gaunt and you’re hollow-

but he didn’t notice did he? (why are you with him?) And it’s a good thing – because he likes thin women and I just hope your breasts are the right size. Does he love you like you dreamed of. No. Not even close.
I know he does not. And I never told anyone they couldn’t eat me- they just aren’t able to because they still don’t have teeth and they wouldn’t know a piece of meat if you rubbed it in their face. I’m not a man hater. I’m a man eater. Do you know what that is? Have you ever heard of a Venus fly trap? That’s me sexy sister. And next to me is my web where I wrap up the left overs for another time. I never told him he couldn’t
make the cut. I never told him he is rough and can’t ride. I never told him anything to stop him from spinning on the thread he hangs from.

Called Me.

My mom was a spider. I learned everything from Her. What was she supposed to do? Be a soldier? Salute the man? Yea, right.
So many men and so little time.

My flower is big too.

And men, no, not all- because I love men the most-(women can be catty and hen like)-don’t get all ruffled guys -and start fluffing your feathers.
You big, hot, angry peacocks- so bright and SO soft.
Yes soft and I’m stroking..

And I’m still looking for God.

Who wouldn’t want to have sex with God?
Who wouldn’t want to disappear into my face?
Who wouldn’t want to take the plunge?

Angry, angry men. Hot, spinning women. I love men the most- they never get caught in the small talk. I really love men, played with boys all my life. Is it our fault that we learned how to work them?

Paul I love you -and don’t expect me to act spiritual. It doesn’t mean anything, the word without Her joy. She’s coming for you and your mother knew it. I know it too and you’re like my best friend.

It’s hot in the closet and maybe two can fit.
Vacuum cleaner and a man. A man with a BIG broom. (no little brooms allowed-nothing personal)

The point I’m making really is, why don’t you help clean the house? She’s planting her flower everywhere in fantasies that have nothing to do with you. I know she’s a mad women and I told Her She’s a Manson Girl. She sent a picture to me with Her tongue sticking out. So long and red and so pointed-perfectly phallic- bigger than any man could ever show me-(He’s really missing out Megan)
and I said, “She’s got it all figured out” She said to me, “off with their heads!”

When should we start? Which head? Where’s the vacuum?

And He’s not enough for you Tara Devi.

The quickest draw in the west. I too, carry a gun.
So don’t think that two isn’t better than one.

my friends and my foes my beloved pet beast,
don’t get stuck in the glue eating factory.
Don’t get lost in the guest room. Don’t get angry at me. I know you all -and I’m only calling it like I see it. I gave it away- the directions to get here- and maybe you thought that I lived somewhere else. Maybe you think I’m crying for comfort. Maybe you think I’m insane.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for playing this game.

Recipes are boring.

I’m channeling the Gods.

The Gods who want to fuck us.

Calling from the holy land, we’ve come so far to leave this little broom behind …and they gave me the flower and…

trust me, they meant for me to use it.

Get in or get out. I’m a man eater and theirs only one flavor. You.

Hot Ladies for sale,
(and most of us seem to be)

send your Man my face and it won’t be long now.
send your Man my face and He’ll be wetting the bed.

Send your Man my name.
Just do it.

Sharada Devi

25 thoughts on “send your man my name”

  1. Yes Yes Yes she rules and always will because she is the hungry mother, she will push you out of the nest. She will eat you, she will cut out your heart out wilh her crystal dagger. She is your sister, she is the night sky and every star is her body. She spins you silly man in her web and then when she’s done cuts the string. You are a kite man, flying high on the wind, she is your breath. Stuck in the stupid game of money and sex. She will cut you down stupid man, she’s a man eater, she gave birth to you little boy and you go on killing and in the end only mommy knows the truth, you are the fool on the hill. When the head drops and the blood spurts out they bring you into the temple. The floor is tacky with blood and they put your head at her feet. Then they put a butter lamp between your horns and now your the light of the world. she comes in the wind, holy ghost she is, and all the old woman smile and whisper her name. She only eats men, the woman are too busy running the world. listen listen listen she is telling you to stop using her, she will only free the man who really cares for others. Beyond the stars the Guru holds the key to your mind for he has become HER.
    Nothing lasts forever, better get going before NOW, before the dawn. Mommy knows, so the game is over before it starts. All she can do is eat you, for she is the hungry mother. old man bhagavan das

    1. Literally HATE mail from threatened men-to my blog directed at BD for supporting me- these men HATE me and it’s venomous and not just stupid and weird like JK-
      like real evil- BD “is letting his men down for always agreeing with me-” etc- I trashed it all because it serves no purpose- he’s supposed to beat me back into submission or something…
      why are they reading? What do they want?
      it’s bigger than just me you know-

      Baba says I should get even stronger- but the emotions I stir up in men are intense- it’s just something I’m good at- is it my fault?

      These are Weak and fearful men and it makes me really sad that no more brave and divine men who can be strong and adaptive to the need for change and real love and how to be present- it’s so obvious -and for how right they prove me to be over and over again….
      so violent and threatened by the truth.
      EATEN- that’s all (unless they want to)

      1. why don’t you post it then if it’s so horrific…i think you’re the one who’s threatened by the truth…not me…and I love how dramatic you are about it…shows you’ve got your head on straight…

        1. and I love how hard up you are – you’ve got nothing to do but attack a 71 year old man who may not be as obsessed with his dick as you are- or better yet, maybe he can just handle his hose better- the truth?
          I control everything you say you poor poor man who missed the point of everything and I’m sorry nobody loves you- including you.

          1. 1) it’s written to him and not me
            2) you’re just not interesting enough
            3) you aren’t the only one.

            sorry dude. However, if you write to me,
            out of compassion, I will post and do you know why? I love friction and fire and also
            I feel sorry for you.

          2. Also you need a name besides anonymous-
            if you want to be posted-
            otherwise I’ll give you one myself or
            maybe just delete you.

      2. From Tara Devi:

        Dear Sharada Devi
        You’re a Friction Goddess too and I’m learning from the best and oh poor babies that Daddy Baba is letting these men down — there is nothing left for any of us –it’s all a web of karma and endless suffering mixed in with pleasuring seeking bs — and so truth stirs the pot and the grime clouds it all up and what can this poor blaming men do but points fingers to the truth teller — you are light and you are Her and the venoms they spew is all bottled up and now as a truth teller you hold a mirror and what they see is themselves — a portrait much like Dorian Gray and they don’t like it cause they see how dark and full of warts and what crap their lives are and your light brightens the path and you bring them to truth and truth is not always welcomed or liked and so deep inside they hate women — hate is too weak a word and so they hide behind anonymous postings because they are dark snakes scared of their own shadows that are castes in their dark dudgeons by the light you bring — you are the bearer of the light and it’s not an easy task to do but one you must for I need to do the same task and you light my path so I can do this work with you and you shine and in the end and yes women play right along but not you and not me and so it’s a war and She will win not out of hate but out of pure brilliance and Holy Wisdom Mother Light Love that burns it all down — you are a fire starter and so the fires are staring to burn and they hate the heat and you’re the messenger.

        And yeah that bs about the noble four truths, yesterday evening, I later reached out to the dad that was crying earlier that morning to see how he was fairing with the news and since I got a phone message from my step-mom how bizarre her sister’s murder is and how she doesn’t want to talk about it I could tell this might shit him down and it did so much so I started doing the emoting for him because I’m in shock — shock of big wigs who fling their successes and Jungian shadow this and that and psychobabble talents all over the place and play big shot and in the end the very thing they danced with and puffed up their egos with killed them and no one wants to talk about this or ever will and so my dad shuts it down with the four noble truths bs — spiritual bypass in the making and I’m left here doing all the emoting for both my dad and step-mom and so as much as this is a selfish demand you must keep starting the fires at least so this wrecked soul can continue on this path of transmuting this heavy karma you speak of in my chart. These men who hate mean nothing … Nothing … A noisy housefly seeking a crumb and with the heat more will come — it’s summer now and more heat and so burn it burn it all down and off with their heads — (which ever one you choose) and you are strong and these men are so transparent and they know that you see it and it busts their ego and there is nothing left for them cause all the chanting, meditating, yoga, juice cleanse this and that and womanizing still leaves them empty and they hate how they feel and so they point their fingers to the Truth Telling Friction Fire Starter Goddess that is you.

          Can’t wait to see you soon!
          My Tara Devi Forever.

          1. AND we put videos on YouTube for free-
            2 WOMAN- email yesterday / saying they want me gone -and only want to hear BD- that we have a “different message” the video should be edited and we should be separated and have our own channels- that somehow I Am trashing out the message of the great one himself/
            Bhagavan Das-
            I almost think women are worse than men sometimes- and they’re jealous and frigid- and why do you think I write the blog- it’s a HUGE DILEMMA destroying us all.
            Sex holds us down until death comes and takes us…..I’m just trying to help.

    2. he talks all this shit…directed at me…i call him out for being a hypocrite which he is…there’s proof…and i get censored…and you make excuses for him…

      1. This blog isn’t about Bhagavan Das. He doesn’t write it I do. So your post is pointless as it doesn’t pertain-
        but if you’re referring to his lifestyle prior to 2005- who really cares?
        You know, I showed him the light.
        If you stick around maybe I can show you
        the light too.

        1. this is just you bragging about being a prick tease and how much joy you get out of hurting men…cause they deserve it right?

          you think you’re such a prize…

          1. whose prick am I teasing?
            hurting what men?
            sounds like maybe you just can’t get laid?
            why take it out on me?
            I’m not a prize.
            I’m a Man Eater.

          2. * NOONe deserves to get hurt. That’s both the problem and the reason for our new friendship. No hard feelings anonymous.

  2. Dear Sharada Devi:

    You are teaching me to play the game and yes that’s all it really is in the end …

    It’s all irony too and it gets better and better how strange it is that truth is stranger than fiction — friction and fiction and so here’s the breakdown of the last few days and it’s just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger …

    Yeah when I took that picture and sent it to you last night, I was in the middle of a hip yuppie out door dinner where people where doing their thing and flinging their bs all around – it’s like electricity up and running and all the suffering and all the asleep and I could feel Her rising within and I wanted to yell out … “we’re all living a lie and in the end we are going to die …” And I took that picture cause I needed Kali there right there in that moment because the sleep is so strong and it’s all around and I don’t care for anything anymore but you, Her, death, truth and yes someone who really knows how to love me the way you see me as being loved and I get it now and I’m not sure people can love that way and it’s sad sad sad … And so I took that picture in the middle of dinner in a crowded restaurant with beautiful people dressed and with perfect makeup and hair and died hair and expensive clothing … and I’m wearing a dress that is 15 years old and don’t color my hair and haven’t had a hair cut over a year now … and I’m playing the game and yet this isn’t the game I want to play. I want to play with you and with Her and I want to be the light and shine and shine and shine.

    I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by death and when I was in fourth grade I used to draw pictures of people drowning and I’ve flung myself into raging winter waters wanting to end it all cause no one cared for me in the end and I see that I’m a little toddler with my arms stretching up to the sky calling out in wails for Her for God and the wailing doesn’t stop and yet there is nothing happening no shift – it’s such an old story and I can read people like a book – how transparent wounds really are and how suffering so quickly shows itself to me like pages of a book flipping … It’s a game all of it and in the end we all die. And yes the school got scared and sent in someone to observe me cause I was drawing death and so I stopped drawing death cause it scared everyone around me … and I’m not going to keep doing that … I’m picking up right where I left off when in fourth grade …

    My friend’s brother died on my birthday … I told her weeks ago … stop working and go be with your dying brother because the feeling that you have of him being your best friend is because you were his mother in your last life time and what does she do … she keeps working and now her wound is as huge as mt Everest and so what do I do … I play the game now … I’m not tied into the story and I’m going to stay the truth and take all the poison and eat it all so that I can be Her.

    And so here’s the biggest thing right now … She ate him up and the irony and what do you do with this … so my step-mom’s sister is married to some big shot Jungian, psychoanalysis professor and theologian who was all tight with the big wigs of that whole world and with Robert Bly and Bill Moyers and on and on and he wrote all these “great books” on the shadow … shadow this and that and google him and you’ll see what a big big guy he was … and when I called my dad today to wish him happy father’s day, my dad sounds down in the pits like really down and he tells me how this relative of his and this relative’s wife did this crazy thing and how my dad feels so sick to daddy stomach … It’s so bazaar and my dad starts crying and this dad of mine opens up and says he’s sorry about what a bad parent he was and he goes onto say that his brother-in-law the one who wrote all the books on shadow who’s the big shot with the big wigs … killed his wife and then himself … and my dad just found out today as the bodies where just discovered after being dead a week … now this is a game I can play and I’m sitting here with how the fuck does this happen someone who writes about all the shadow Jungian books and in the end his shadow rides him and he murders his wife and then takes his own life. Big shot takes a shot in the end and kills his wife and then himself … Oh such a big shot … And so yes, She’s got a big gun and She is truly a sharp shooter … how did you know, Sharada Devi, how did you know?

    My dad is very upset and I know it’s because his ego didn’t tell him the truth … that his brother-in-law was a liar and a con man and that my dad was impressed with the books and the piano playing and the wine this man served him when my dad and his wife would visit this big shot book writing couple that were his relatives in Chicago … the lie and the shadow and She will get you in the end. So yes…

    Bust out the vacuum and clean it all up. There’s a war here and the war is truth and the war is wake the fuck up and the war is here and it’s down in the shadows and you can’t own it or publish big books that make you tons of money and drink the fancy expensive wine and I’m getting all the dust out and smudging and truth is stranger than fiction … and yes off with all our heads.

    And I love you and you are pure truth and light and I’m so so grateful to all of you and yes I’m going to play the game because now is the time and this is real … this is real …

    What is a Manson girl?

    And yes, She’s a sharp shooter and you certainly channeled the Gods on this one and so my head is gone and it hurts and this isn’t a dress rehearsal but where do we go from here? Guess I’ll keep cleaning and run the vacuum and suck it all clean and pure in Her rainbow and eat the poison till it’s transmuted.

    Love love love

    1. Fancy restaurants, fake friends, a useless marriage-
      all the worldly social-
      Isn’t transmuting poison- it just wears you out.

      it takes more -you on you -and less -you on them.

      Be careful thinking Kali isn’t coming to get you next. That’s the program you know.

      We don’t change it when we should so she comes along and it’s bad news- but we get the point
      at least….

      stop wasting your life with these people and places….friends? Really? I doubt it.

      Manson Girl: it’s the irony- the sweet looking -pretty angelic- girls -so serene- and what they were capable of-

      not judging that scene- it’s the concept more like.

      So so angel light and also so so devil dark.
      Can it really be separate?
      no it can’t and that’s the problem and that’s the acting out. And that’s the reason for the pain.

      1. AND with Kali – I speak from experience- and we always think we’re trying and doing our best-
        but it seems (in my case anyway) she really didn’t think so…how deep is her well I wonder?

        1. Megan just asked me how the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS HELP OR FIT INTO THE above conversation-
          My answer:
          I guess you’ll have to figure that out.
          You know the 1000 armed Avalokateshvara has 4 heads- white black red and green-
          pacifying destroying attracting and enriching-
          every situation calls for certain energies to break thru tamasic ruts and very heavy karma- which you have – but you don’t know that because you don’t know anything about karma in your birthchart- and I do-because we can’t always just sit stuck and fermenting -justify sitting stuck with the 4 noble truths in a book- this is life- we’re here to move the energy – that’s it.
          MahaKala and Palden Lhamo are blood thirsty killers and are always having wreckless sex- they’re violent and wrathful and yet they’re fully enlightened. We need them. We are them. Nothing will change what we came here to do.

  3. Never mind the haters
    They are just mad
    You and Baba keep going on your journey

    Love to them all

    John Kosswix

    1. Sweet sweet John.
      I wrote this post -about home and where the
      heart is- and all my crazy game playing- just for you…hope you’re feeling better too!

  4. i am getting really confused. These comments that use the name “Baba108″ are they being written by BD?
    or is someone else playing foolish games?
    When the comment ends with”old man Bhagavad Das” is this a sarcasm?
    Or truly BD writing in support of you Sharada Devi?

    This is why i am hesitant to post more personal thoughts and revealings.

  5. The ride of illusions are so mystic. Thank you and I love you sister.
    You can’t fool me – everything is holy.
    From the dirt under our fingernails to the cross that Jesus went home on.., the cat, the crystals, the broom: it’s all god it’s all holy it’s all spiritual.
    om mani padme hum
    We’re all going home!
    Love and light always

    1. You’re sweet. You’re adorable -and you’ve really got the beat. When push comes to shove, isn’t rhythm really what it’s all about anyway? I think so, Paul on drums.

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