I’m just doing what I do. Life is like surgery- sometimes you’ve just got to do it and hope for the best. Some guy wrote several emails to the website today. He just can’t stop thinking about me, literally- obsessing over me- grinding his dirty, yellow teeth over what a slut, bitch I am- he doesn’t even have the balls to sign his name or leave an email- what a limp dick…sad…He really hates me. He doesn’t even know me, I guess he saw a few videos and read the blog- hahaha! He doesn’t understand anything -and his girlfriend probably just dumped him or thought he was gross and so wouldn’t give him a blow job- or his mom- whose basement he lives in -ran out of his favorite breakfast cereal- like fruit loops- this morning. Bad bad mommy- that’s how these things work- how my day goes…every day-push it into the one whose taking it -even if you’ve never met? It seems so- because you don’t need to know me. You don’t need to be a biter to have sharp teeth. This game gets so boring and predictable- for me anyway…don’t you think? I’m more of a hands on- and all the men who come around prefer to be angry- sky humping- mousy, hiding gimps -angry little cowboys riding atop their choice of a sex toy- and I’m not implying she’s an actual person either- The cowards locked in their bedroom while mommy makes dinner- and the way they bare their baby teeth, it’s a joke -and you know it’s true. This guy was vile and disrespectful – angry rapist prototype- But he shouldn’t choose me to fondle because you know what I’ll do…or maybe you don’t know what I’ll do -and maybe that’s the thrill. After all, we all want a little shake up every now and again don’t we? Anyway, isn’t there anyone out there who is different? How can we play a game if I always know your next move before you do? And you push me out onto the edge- and I’m sweet and caring and then I snap- like an inner automatic 3 strikes you’re out- mechanism. She is bigger than I am, my alter ego -who many of you have formed a love/hate affair with- and it’s amusing because if you find me so blasphemous and disgraceful why do you keep coming back for more? Why do you email me several times a day telling me how much you hate me? I’ll tell you why, it’s called DEVOTION – you prick. And I’ve got yours on a stick and you know you love me – and you’re just jealous of “pussy wiped” BD (yes I know you meant pussy whipped- learn how to spell ok?) because I “treat him like one of my dogs” – and shouldn’t you be so lucky?- my dogs are canine lords and they get kissed a million times a day by me, their beloved. And they eat better and smell better and are cleaner than you are- and I love them- who loves you? You are so spun out because your mommy never potty trained you. I love everyone. I’m not “the evil Kali” I’m not Kali at all. I’m a witch who spanks and consumes. I’m a bitch whose not taking no for an answer you poor little fellow.
I’m a goddess with a hard on -who never gets soft or intimidated by greatness (again, please contain the jealousy) I’m too much for you and I feel sad that you’re so shook up -and I just want to say, life is tough guys- when we can’t deal with our lust for power, prestige and control. And there’s no quick fix for your sexual inadequacies -because they’re all in your stuttering, sputtering mind and your head is loose and your “special hand” is calloused- get it? Stop choking the monkey and get down on that brain trash – that makes you hate people like me who talk out loud- and aren’t passive aggressive -and are honest -and who care enough to write about this dilemma- the dilemma of boy man vs. sexy angry mommy- and yes you did want to fuck her and you know it. Why does everyone lie and hate me because I don’t?
I love you, you know. And that makes you angry also because that’s not how it’s supposed to work right? Because sexy women are vain bitches who only want money and the souls of men- and that makes it easier to manage doesn’t it? So you target me and try to get me back in my place? He’s 30 years older than me- I respect every word he says- and I also respect every word I say. I’m not stupid because I’m not ugly- and because I’m not ugly doesn’t simply make me a dick sucking, soul devouring, gold digging whore- so be nice to mommy or I’ll have to get the belt out. Don’t make mommy beat you ok? Just get down on your knees because we both know what you want…
and then if I want any lip from you, I’ll scrape it off my zipper.

This is a BIG spiritual teaching.
*I’m it.
Sharada Devi

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  1. Dearest Sharada Devi
    So …I’m recovering from surgery, and I’m howling with laughter! You ….my darling , tantalizing Dakini , the one with one hand on the pole and panties hanging on a toe…..are irresistible, and you can’t help it you are stunning. I can just see it too, He could be one of those with a baby fetish, sleeping in a giant crib, with a bottle and a diaper on, begging to be spanked…this time he’s found the one who isn’t afraid to whip him into submission… Whack ! ☠📿🔮💞

    On your right with love and devotion,
    Kamala Devi

    1. I just LOVE YOU! You’ve really got a golden tongue sweet butterfly – take me higher!

          1. what a man!!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️
            still breathing☄🌸☄
            you’re so emotionally
            available…it’s like air.

  2. Hahahahaha !!!
    ⌚️-out ⚡️⚡️ ⚡️ is striking again ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 💥 🔥 ‼️‼️

    1. the lights went out⚡️⚡️⚡️!!!!
      funny you all are!
      So fun to be funny!

      1. “wild thing ⚡️
        you make my heart sing
        you make everything ⚡️ groovy ”
        ⚡️ SHAKTI Zap of the rainbow heart ⚡️
        are the lights back on yet?
        what time is it?
        did we step through a portal between color and black and white?
        Hey, when did that rose turn red?

  3. Motherlight!!!
    I don’t wanna wait for you, I wanna bust through
    To the place
    Silent breath
    Don’t wanna wait
    For you, I wanna bust

  4. It’s so true. Everything you said. I feel terrible about it. And I’m wrong. at least I’m not the only one with these issues and maybe just knowing it isn’t enough. I mean one day I could hope to be half the man Bhagavan Das is. And half or even a quarter of the wisdom

  5. “I can’t help it if I’m lucky” just found the wind blowing in my window, cool breeze must be coming from Tibet. That dakini came in my room again, she is dancing up a storm in my heart cave, but I thought I was all alone. She whispers in my ear….let it go…. let it BE. You will die and I will take you home to the Om zone which is behind the Sun, you know the space, you touched it once when you were young and free and could still see before the demons came to eat you and feast on your juicy flesh. We live in the charnal ground, they are on there way to destroy and tear the building down. If I had my way, we would drink the water from the dust of his lotus feet. She is my Shakti, my life, my more my all and everything inbetween the in and out breath of my soul. Cry and let it bleed all over the bed, never give up. She is the rainbow light beyond the stupid game of sex and power. Come back to the out breath…… go out into space and mix with breath of the dakini. Let Shakti talk to you inside the crystal cave of your heart. My head is on your lotus feet……….. kalibaba das

    1. Oh lucky kali baba! Please illuminate who we should be voting for this year.. Does it even matter, have the shadow governments already taken over? My soul is having a hard time deciphering what to do.. I really don’t care for any politician and have never voted.. The only message I keep receiving is “go vote”. Any decision made does it mean nuclear war? I thought about asking my mom and dad who there gonna vote for, because they’re god right? With all my love and respects. Thank you.

  6. Queen of the goddesses! You are so strong and beautiful. Thank you for being pure light in these days of darkness. It sounds like John Kosswix is up to his old tricks.. what ever happened to that guy anyways?.. I hope you are well. When you get attacked like this it makes me hella angry. Love and prayers to you and the pups. Thank you..

  7. Satin shadow, cave
    I think I’m done

    World can’t hear
    Careless don’t feel
    The Rumble
    But I cry, in a way, because it’s my own

    Satin shadow, lower
    Forever hearing and feeling
    My word.

    1. you’re so bright in the deep together
      as light and soft as a blazing feather
      I hope you never say goodbye
      because I love your song
      shining firefly🔥

          1. I’ve been this age since I
            first let loose behind a guitar and
            that’s what’s happenin: I told you I get swept away
            I only want to hold

  8. Is kind snow falling?
    Mother earth blanketing herself
    with brightly glistening crystalline purity
    exquisite flakes of perfect forever
    drifting and swirling down, down down
    kissing the ground
    bestowing blessings from above
    frozen love
    ❄️❄️🌨💙 🌨❄️❄️

        1. that’s funny -and I was going to say it’s cold burning underground…like a lonely volcano with no hope of ash…

          It’s all white after all.

      1. kind is actually someone else’s word to describe snow.
        I was really just acting on an opportunity to say hello
        connect from afar
        touch your heart
        send a smile
        kindle a thaw
        melt the walls of a lonely house
        what ever it takes
        to be
        in the moment
        reaching out.
        some times that fine line between clever and stupid
        just gets in the way.

          1. aw man!
            I just can’t catch a break.
            no place 2 run no place to hide
            from the FIRE-Light that always points and sez
            GOTTCHA ❗️
            ( ‘cuze me while I light a candle and turn inside )

    1. you’re so bloody hot!!!
      and what a perfect line after
      all we’ve said and done…
      laughing again,
      because I can always
      count on me!
      and you only instigate
      the perfection!

  9. Is there
    a systematic
    going on here
    or am I just
    plain bonkers?
    Ball-peen hammer
    at my

    1. systematic? I like that wording- seems very
      sly and sophisticated…
      plus it seems like there is an objective
      or like a grand purpose to it all- and that really makes me feel very good about myself!
      Thank you! Hahahaha⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️

      1. U R welcome
        dear 1
        but hey,
        what about lil ‘ol me
        the 1
        I ain’t supposed 2 C
        despicable me…
        oh yeah
        in 2 a chasm
        never 2 b scene A-Gain
        good rid-Dance 2 her
        she was gett’in on my last nerve
        did lighting strike
        and send that 1
        well then
        keep on cracking
        expertly swinging that holy mallet
        there might be some space left
        that hasn’t split open yet
        spider webbing
        is such an intricate process
        don’t cha know.
        🔨 🕸 💣💥 = ❤️ ❗️❓❗️

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